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70 Best Gifts For RV Owners (They Will Love) 2024 Guide

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Are you looking for the best gifts for RV owners and caravan gift ideas? We’ve got you sorted! Choosing the best RV gifts just got a whole lot easier!

Discover the best gift ideas for your friends and family who love to camp, caravan and motorhome, with these perfect solutions – practical RV accessories and fun gifts that they will love!

So how do you choose the perfect gifts for RV owners? This can be especially daunting if you aren’t an RV owner or a camper yourself!

But don’t worry, this gift guide has ideas for everyone, from the occasional tent campers to full-time nomad gift ideas for those living the ultimate RV lifestyle.

Make sure to also check out these unique travel gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Choosing The Best Gifts For RV Owners & Campers

With a rise in local travel, with more people choosing to camp and road trip around their own state or country, knowing the ideal gift ideas for your RV owning friends sure does make this task easier.

And why not gift them something relating to one of their favourite passions!

My parents live full-time in a converted bus, my niece and her husband are doing the Aussie big lap and we have many other family members who either camp and campervan regularly.

This means gift buying has become more practical and compact since there isn’t space for unnecessary clutter.

Choosing Christmas gifts they can use or novelty ideas they will love will help you pick awesome gifts for any occasion for your frequent traveller friends!

In many cases, gifts that help them on the road are a great option, such as these RV essentials, but there are also plenty of fun gift ideas and affordable decor they will love!

Practical Gift Ideas for Full-Time Motorhome Travellers

These are the best RV gifts for your full time travelling friends, campervan owners and RV campers.

Below we have compiled a list of the best practical gifts for life on the road, from travel gadgets to cooking utensils!

Many of these RV gift ideas will be equally appreciated by your part-time travel friends and family as well.

Our gift guide has everything that a camper or RV owner could want this holiday season.

Find the perfect present for your favourite RVer, and enjoy giving them something they will love! Whether you are looking for something practical, fun or a little bit of both – this list has got them covered! 

Here are the gift ideas for full-time RVers:

1. Outdoor Portable Propane Fire Pit

propane fire pit

A CSA approved fire pit is a safe alternative to wood fires (minus the smokey smell that lingers on everything) during campfire bans.

It includes all the amenities of an outdoor fireplace, keeping you warm during winter camping trips or nights by your RV. It includes a cover and carry kit, with a pre-attached 10 ft hose to keep your propane gas cylinder at a safe range.

2. Aeropress

The Aeropress is one of the best ways to make coffee when camping… according to my coffee-loving niece who raves about this clever gadget for their big lap of Australia!

Best of all, it’s a compact and affordable RV camping gift for full-time RVers or for the casual camper owner.

3. Beech Lane Camper Leveller 2 Pack

RV levelers

If you’re looking for motorhome gift ideas that will save them time (and they love you for), these levellers by Beech Lane are a great choice! They make levelling your rig lightning fast and precise.

Easily roll the van up onto it, then slide them to any increment from 1/2 inch up to 4 inches. They are curved which makes rolling much quicker and simpler than the straight-sided models. You chock ’em in place when done – couldn’t be easier!

4. Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant pot duo mini

Instant Pot Duo Mini is the perfect companion for cooking and is compact as well, cooking up to 3 servings. We have the larger version for home and it has been great!

It replaces 7 kitchen appliances – slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, steriliser, and warmer and has 11 smart built-in programs to choose from making cooking easy every time.

5. RV Travel Mat

RV patio mat

These UV-resistant lightweight floor mats are a perfect way to brighten up your outdoor space next to your van and are great in all-weather situations. They are mould and mildew resistant and have stakes to avoid them flying away.

An outdoor patio mat will help keep the outdoor area outside your door from turning into a muddy mess on rainy days too! My parents have one outside their converted bus when parked up.

6. Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RV Trailer

Tymate tyre repair kit

Tyre safety is the most important thing on-the-road, and for good reason. Blowouts can lead to serious accidents. You might think that they are rare occurrences but a lot of them are caused by tyre pressure issues!

The Tymate will help keep your RV friends safe with easy pressure monitoring.

7. Dutch Oven

Cast iron dutch oven

For traditional campsite cooking, a dutch oven is essential for anyone who loves camping and spending time in the great outdoors. No powered site is needed when you can put your dutch oven right on the camp grill or hang it over the fire for a hot dinner. Plus you can find heaps of delicious dutch oven recipes here.

8. Multi-Utensil Set

Multi utensil kit

These are practical gifts for any RV enthusists who often struggle with space for their kitchen gadgets. A clever device that offers 6 different functions in one – fork, spatula, knife, tongs, corkscrew and bottle opener, which are long enough to get the job done while remaining compact. The sturdy tool is a great choice for any RV kitchen!

9. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

keurig portable coffee maker

A portable coffee maker is a great gift for anyone that loves to travel and has an addiction, or dare I say love affair with caffeine! They can enjoy their favourite brew of tea or coffee while out exploring nature without having to rely on going back into town every morning.

10. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

Portable power station

A portable power station is another great gift idea. They can be charged up ahead of time and then used in the car, on a boat or RV for example.

The Jackery Explorer 240 has a high-quality lithium battery that provides 16 hours of power, allowing you to charge your gadgets and devices during the day, equipped with an AC outlet (110V) for charging equipment such as laptops or phones, plus two USB ports so you can also keep any accessories charged while on the go.

11. Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel for Explorer 240

Travel solar panels

Jackery Solar Saga 100W solar panel pairs perfectly with the Jackery Explorer power station (see above), ideal for outdoor living. They can help make an off the grid lifestyle is as easy, convenient, and connected as possible! These solar panels are perfect for charging devices such as phones and tablets.

12. Solar Power Bank With Torch & Compass

Portable power bank with torch

Make it easier for them to stay connected on the road without worrying about being powered up to charge their devices all the time. The solar-powered phone charger is more than just a portable power bank with the dual function of being a flashlight and compass.

Perfect for camping, hiking or nighttime toilet trips to ensure safety during any outdoor activity due to its handy features!

13. XL Sand-Free Beach Towel

tesalate towel

Tesalate sand-repellant beach towels are a fantastic gift idea for anyone who loves to travel! Not only can you easily shake off the sand, but they are also really compact which makes them a great option for saving space in an RV. And the two-person XL size Tesalate towels double as a picnic blanket, minus the bulkiness!

14. First Aid Kit

First aid kit

This is essential that anyone who travels should have and if they have been on the road for a while. They may be due for a top-up of their existing first aid supplies, so a brand new kit will ensure they have everything they need for unexpected injuries.

15. Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

Road side emergency kit

It’s not always easy to anticipate when your vehicle might break down. That is why it pays off to be prepared for any possible scenario with this handy roadside kit!

Loaded with safety essentials in case of an emergency situation, including a snow shovel, flashlight, reflective warning triangle, advanced Jumper cables, strong tow ropes, safety hammer, seat belt cutter, adhesive tape, raincoat, compass and more!

16. ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Backpack

20L lightweight backpack

For day trips or hikes, having a great quality, waterproof backpack is a useful and practical gift idea. This 20L backpack is lightweight and best of all, it folds down into a tiny storage pocket to keep it compact and save space in the motorhome. Also, check out the best sling bags for travel as well.

17. Portable Camping Shower

camping shower portable

A portable camping shower is perfect for those who want to live off the grid for a few days and still wanting some home comforts. The solar camping shower has a large water capacity (5 gallons) so you’ll be able to have multiple showers before needing to refill.

18. Kizen LED Camping Lanterns – Solar or USB Rechargable

Kizen LED Camping Lanterns - Solar or USB Rechargable

These collapsible lanterns are perfect for camping trips! They are lightweight and fold down to the size of a hockey puck. The solar lanterns can be recharged with either solar power or a USB. This is a simple way of lighting up the outdoors or in the van when off the grid.

19. PeakPlus Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

PeakPlus Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

This bright, hand-held tactical flashlight with a rechargeable battery and charger is perfect for any outdoor activities. With a high powered LED that emits up to 5000 lumens of light at the press of a button, this powerful tool will be their go-to in emergencies or when setting up camp at night.

20. THILY 4 pack Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

Enjoy chilled beverages in these insulated stainless steel wine tumblers. The double-wall vacuum-insulated thermal design is perfect for keeping drinks warm or cold longer, so they aren’t just for wine.

Use them for hot drinks in winter and cold drinks in summer. They even have stainless steel straws so you can enjoy your drink without worrying about bugs landing in there.

21. YETI Insulated Tumbler

The YETI range of insulated tumblers and mugs is always a popular gift, with this highly-rated and popular range of options. The Rambler tumbler is a great option for most gift recipients. Plus they come in loads of fun colours!

22. Gift Card To A Camping Store

Gift cards to their favourite camping or motorhome store make perfect RV gifts, so they can pick up some new equipment that they need in case you’re not too sure what they need or want.

Another option is an Amazon gift card since there is a huge range of camping and motorhome essentials available.

23. Cheese Board With Ceramic Bowls & Tools

Cheese Board With Ceramic Bowls & Tools

This all-in-one cheese board with cheese knives and serving bowls stores in a compact way, with 4 built-in drawers. This is a stylish and convenient way to enjoy cheese and charcuterie by your motorhome as an easy no-cook meal option. It’s a perfect gift idea for entertaining at home too!

24. YETI Hopper M Series Backpack

Picnics and hikes just went up a level with the YETI Hopper backpack cooler. Made for comfort, a YETI Hopper M20 is a backpack cooler that can carry up to 18 cans of your favourite beverage (or 26 pounds of ice and food).

This gift is on the higher end of the price scale so this is a great combined gift or for someone you really, really like!

25. Bedside Caddy & Organiser

Bedside Caddy & Organiser

A couch organiser or bedside caddy is a great way to give your RV lovers some extra storage in their motorhome. This is a perfect place for books, magazines, reading glasses and mobile phones if there isn’t much room for a proper bedside table.

26. Folding Step Stool

Folding stool step

While it may not be an exciting gift, a folding step stool is a practical and compact item that every RVer needs. These fold down flat for easy storage in the van and can be used for a step at the door when exiting and entering the vehicle or for tasks that require a little extra height.

27. SOG Folding Shovel

SOG Folding Shovel

This compact shovel is perfect for RV and caravan living since it folds down to the size of your hand. It’s a great gift for new RV owners who may not have thought of this type of tool or are looking to save space in their storage compartments.

28. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

This telescopic extension ladder is a total space saver without sacrificing functionality. It has a one-button retraction and extends up to 12.5 feet high, making it possible to get up on top of your vehicle easily or climb trees to secure ropes and a whole range of other useful purposes.

And it folds down around the size of a standard step ladder! It also comes in 2 smaller sizes for a more compact option.

29. Portable Washing Machine

Skip the laundry mat on the road by getting them their own compact 11L portable washing machine. Weighing only 3.6 pounds and folding down into a tiny size, perfect for full-time travellers.

30. Harvest Hosts Membership

A harvest host membership is a perfect gift for RV owners and campers who love to stay in new places that aren’t your typical campgrounds. This is a club annual membership that will allow them to visit and stay at any of the stunning locations partnered with Harvest Hosts with no camping fees!

Outdoor Gifts For RV Campers

There are many different outdoor gifts for RV campers and motorhome owners. From the practical to the fun, these unique ideas will make great presents this holiday season.

These gifts for outdoors lovers are a great way to add extra fun and comfort to their van life adventures!

1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set

inflatable kayak set

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is the perfect kayaking experience for 2, with a sleek design that’s easy to paddle. Bright yellow colour and sporty graphics make it highly visible in the water.

This inflatable kayak is perfect for lakes or mild rivers. It’s compact enough to take anywhere but still sturdy when assembled (with an inflatable I-beam floor), with adjustable seats, this lightweight kayak means any fun of paddling can go along too.

2. Portable Hammock

Portable Hammock for adults

A portable hammock is perfect for helping them to create their own relaxing oasis anywhere they go. With 9ft tree ropes, set up is a breeze with this compact and lightweight travel hammock.

3. Jolly Green Products Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Kit

Jolly Green Products Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Kit

This durable, rotating roasting stick kit is perfect for campfire marshmallows or enjoying your favourite S’mores dessert without worrying about broken skewers or uneven roasting!

4. Leedor Pop Up Gazebo – 4-6 Person

Leedor Pop Up Gazebo - 4-6 Person

The Leedor Screen House is perfect for enjoying the outdoors with shade and mosquito-free. It sets up in less than a minute with no assembly required! This lightweight tent comes packed away in its own storage bag so it can be carried around easily.

The frame of this pop-up automatic screen house is made from fibreglass to make the structure much lighter but also durable enough to last years outdoors without rusting.

5. MPOWERD Luci String Lights

MPOWERD Luci String Lights

String lights are a fun and affordable accessory to string around the campsite for extra lighting and atmosphere.

You can even set up some fairy lights above your RV bed for soft lighting, using solar-powered string lights so no power is needed. The best thing about these Luci String Lights is the fact they are solar-powered with a protective and compact storage case for when they’re on the road.

6. New Camping Chairs

New Camping Chairs

If you know their existing camp chairs are in need of an upgrade, this is a great practical gift to help them enjoy their time outdoors and sit comfortably to watch the sunset outside their campervan or caravan each evening.

7. Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch

Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch

Chillbo Shwaggins inflatable loungers and hammocks are perfect for any outdoor relaxing. The Chillbo Shwaggins blow-up couch is available in 13 unique patterns, so there’s a style for everyone. Elastic anchor loops allow these ultralight accessories to stay secure even when it’s windy outdoors, with large side pockets to provide room for books, sunnies or snacks while a top pocket provides space for drinks.

8. National Parks Pass

For someone who lives in the USA, a National Parks Pass can be a huge saving if they love to visit the different parks around the country. This may apply to other parts of the world where a special pass or permit is required as well since these costs do quickly add up and it’s a very thoughtful gift idea.

In the same manner, a gift voucher or paid campsite stay would be equally appreciated by your friends if they are parking up for a few days in one location.

9. Office Star Resin 3-Piece Folding Picnic Table Set

Office Star Resin 3-Piece Folding Picnic Table Set

Now you don’t have to sacrifice your table space for meals! This folding picnic table and bench set is the perfect solution. With its durable construction, this lightweight set contains 2 fold-in-half benches and a 6-foot fold in half table which can be easily stored in compact form when not needed. This versatile design suits any occasion without sacrificing RV storage space as an added bonus!

Techy & Fun Gifts For RVers & Caravan Owners

Give the gift of technology and entertainment to the RV and caravan owners in your life. From electronics to useful gadgets to make their lives easier, these gifts will make a great addition to any motorhome or trailer camper!

1. Smart Wi-Fi Mini Portable Projector

A portable projector is perfect for campers who want to watch movies on their own screen.

They can project it onto the side of the RV if they have a white panel or a drop-down sheet or portable projector screen to allow this to work wherever they happen to be parking their wheels for the night.

2. GoPro Action Camera

GoPro Action Camera

Give the gift of memory keeping with their own waterproof GoPro action camera. They take videos and photographs which heaps of cool effects that your gift recipient will love trying out as they create their own videos and photos from their campervan travels.

3. Cell Phone Signal Booster for RV & Motorhomes

Cell Phone Signal Booster for RV & Motorhomes

Get them a signal booster that is compatible with local carriers so they can enjoy improved connectivity on the road. This is often one of the big frustrations for caravan and motorhome owners so this is a gift that is sure to make them happy!

4. Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are perfect for giving your travelling friend a way to enjoy their audio and give them a little break from the noise of those around them. With advanced noise cancellation technology and dual noise-detecting microphones to filter out up to 95% of low-frequency ambient sound.

5. Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Get them a weather station they can set up at their campsites as a way of monitoring rainfall and temperature during their trip. This wireless weather station calculates the weather forecast for the next 8 hours with 7 to 10 days of calibration to ensure an accurate personal forecast for their current location.

6. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

While a full-size vacuum might not be necessary for a motorhome or caravan, having a compact option to clean up the mess in small carpeted areas or when a bush and pan won’t quite suffice is a great gift.

7. Fitbit Luxe Fitness Tracker Watch

A fitness tracker is a fun way of making sure they are staying active while they travel and getting out into the great outdoors to get some exercise. The Fitbit Versa has advanced temperature tracking technology that can also help with early illness detection, along with heart rate monitoring, steps and activity tracking.

Fun Gifts for RV Campers & Motorhome Owners

If you want fun RV gifts, decor or novelty items, these are perfect for your friends who camp, caravan or motorhome. Many of these gifts are cheap and affordable options if you are looking for a small gift for your friend or family member too.

Check out these fun gift ideas for your travelling friends here:

1. The Adventure Challenge

the adventure challenge

Turn every day into a new adventure with The Adventure Challenge. Scratch to reveal an exciting date or family activity, or even go for a solo adventure with these fun mystery activity books. This is a wonderful way to create extra special memories along the way! We have the family version.


2. Theme Park or Attraction Passes

Theme park and attraction passes for the places they will be visiting or local to where they are parked up longer-term is a great way to gift experiences and fun, especially if they are RV campers with kids. You can get an annual pass or day passes to a huge range of fun attractions.

3. Decorative Throw Pillow

Novelty throw cushion

Decorative pillows with funny or inspirational sayings are perfect gift ideas for RVers. Nothing quite compares to having a motorhome decorated to feel like home. There are loads of funny and cute cushion covers and throw pillows to choose from

4. Funny Caravan T-Shirt

funny rig shirt

This funny t-shirt is sure to amuse and is perfect for anyone with a caravan or for travel trailer owners. It’s available in black or navy and in sizes from small to 3XL making it suitable for men or women.

5. Happy Camper T-Shirt

Happy Camper T-Shirt

This cute Happy Camper t-shirt comes in a range of colours for a fun, wearable gift idea for women who love to camp and road trip.

6. Camp Casual 12-Piece Dish Set

Camp Casual 12-Piece Dish Set

This 12-piece heavy melamine dining set is fun for home or in your van with a convenient carry bag for easy storage and packing too. They are dishwasher safe and tough.

7. Lazy One Funny Boxers

Lazy One Funny Boxers

Gift your favourite RV king with these novelty happy camper boxer shorts. There are several other fun designs to choose from as well.

8. Yahtzee Dice Game

Yahtzee Dice Game

The Yahtzee game is the perfect compact RV game for travellers. Take turns rolling the dice while trying to score combinations in order to win 13 rounds of play. An easy to learn and addictive game for those quiet nights in the RV.

9. Scratch Map

World Scratch Map

These novelty gift ideas are a fun way of keeping track of where they have been during their travels with either a scratch-off or sticker to peel as a way of marking off the next state or city on their journey. It also makes a great talking point as a display on the wall of their RV or back home.

You can get global scratch maps or United States state sticker map options.

10. Trekking The National Parks Board Game

Trekking The National Parks Board Game

This award-winning board game is a winner of the Mensa Award and Parent’s Choice award. The game was created by parents who travelled to every single national park, making it a fun and educational way to learn the National Park history.

RELATED >>> The Best Travel-Themed Board Games For Families

11. Camp Hair Don’t Care Cap

Camp Hair Don't Care Cap

This ‘Camp hair, don’t care’ hat is a fun gift that is practical for keeping the sun out of eyes as well. Everyone needs some protective gear when spending so much time outdoors so you might as well make it something they love to wear!

12. Kay Dee Designs Camping Adventures Chambray Tea Towel Set

Kay Dee Designs Camping Adventures Chambray Tea Towel Set

This chambray tea towel set is much more fun than plain kitchen towels, with a burlap look and print design. Each towel measure 18 inches by 28 inches and are made from 100% cotton. A decorative touch to any van kitchen.

13. Dock N Stow Happy Camper Stainless Steel Tumbler

Dock N Stow Happy Camper Stainless Steel Tumbler

This double insulated travel mug works to keep hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. The bright colour will make it easy to spot although it does come in heaps of different colours if yellow isn’t their style!

14. Funny Novelty Crew Socks For Men and Women

Funny Novelty Crew Socks For Men and Women

Who doesn’t love a pair of fun socks? These novelty socks will keep their toes warmer in style with the fun “I’d rather be RVing” words at the bottom. They have several other design options too.

15. RV There Yet? Travel Journal

RV travel journal

Gift them a simple way to keep track of their travel memories with a cute RV travel journal. This simple journal format is great for anyone who struggles to know what to write in a travel journal, with prompts to help them record where they go and what they see along the way.

16. Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights

Camco Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights

These caravan string lights are a fun way to light up a campsite or an outdoor area back at home while still adding a touch of van life wherever they go.

17. Set of 4 Happy Camper Wine Glasses

Set of 4 Happy Camper Wine Glasses

The perfect glassware for RV lovers. This set of 4 stemless glasses each have different camping and RV inspired designs, making it easy for each person to tell their glass apart when enjoying beverages with friends at a campsite.

18. A Tour Or Experience

One of the best gifts for the person who has everything (and is limited in space) is an experience. Book them a unique travel experience such as a tour of local wineries, breweries, a cooking class, or an attraction, or get them a gift voucher to book their own fun experience.

We always use either Get Your Guide or Viator for booking experiences.

Personalised Gifts For Road Trippers 

Personalised RV gifts are a thoughtful idea with a personal touch! Sometimes a novelty gift is exactly what you need and there are some fantastic road trip and RV themed novelty gifts if you want to add a little fun to their motorhome.

Or for life at home for those of us who love to travel but aren’t on the road full time.

1. Personalised RV Door Mat

A personalised RV doormat is a great practical yet fun personalised RV gift idea that will add a little style to their doorstep when they are parked up. There are loads of different designs and personalisation options on Etsy.

2. Personalised Motorhome Sign

personalised rv sign

A motorhome sign personalises any campsite or driveway, and it’s a fun talking point for other RVers are parked up more long term or want a reminder of their travels when at home. This is such a thoughtful and sentimental gift idea for your mobile home loved ones.

3. Novelty Personalised Candle

personalised funny rv candle

You are sure to get a few laughs with a gift like this. Practical yet hilarious and personalised to your gift recipients. This is a great couple gift idea for road trippers who love to laugh! They would also make a great birthday gift idea.

4. Personalised Rv Decal

custom rv decal

This personalised custom RV or caravan decal is a fantastic gift for adding a personal touch to their rig. With a variety of different designs and customised with the wording of your choice, this is a fun decoration for their vehicle.

5. Personalised Metal Sign

personalised rv metal sign

Replace those faded garden flags with this adorable Camping Sign. Customize to make it the perfect decoration for your campsite or camping lover gift. It comes in a range of colours and is great for anyone who is parked up long term or likes to add a personal touch when they set up camp.

6. Custom Chopping Board

personalised chopping board

This personalised chopping board is a beautiful and practice gift idea that makes a wonderful gift for new RV or caravan owners or anyone setting off on their first big trip together. There are a variety of designs available and they can be customised with dates and names for a romantic RV gift for couples.

7. Personalised RV Christmas Decoration

personalised christmas decoration

Gift this adorable custom and personalised Christmas decoration that can have between 2 and 6 family members, with each of their names and a personal message or the year for a sentimental Christmas gift idea. This is a decoration they will hang with pride each year in their van or on their tree.

If you’re creative at making your own gifts, you can use these travel quotes and road trip quotes to create your own t-shirts, hats, mugs and other decors!

Conclusion: RV Camping Gift Ideas

It can be hard to buy perfect gifts for RV campers who have everything because they are adventurers, dreamers, and like to receive practical presents for their lifestyle that fit into their limited space on the road.

This goes for a birthday, Christmas and everything in between!

Our guide has something for every type of camper and motorhome owner – whether they love to camp in their own rig or if they need help outfitting a new one! From stocking stuffers to more expensive gifts, our list is full of great gift ideas that will be sure to please anyone who loves life on wheels.

Don’t forget about yourself either- why not treat yourself with some new gear? Find your perfect RV present from this extensive list.

We hope these camper gift ideas and gifts for rv enthusiasts help you find the perfect gift!


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