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40 Fun Camping Gifts For Kids Who Love The Outdoors [2024]

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If you’re looking for the best gifts for kids who love the outdoors or just want to find some last-minute camping gifts for kids, then look no further than this camping gift guide.

These gift ideas are perfect for adventurous kids, from essential camping gear for kids to fun outdoor gifts to bring extra fun to their next camping trip!

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In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks

If you are short on time, we’ve added our top 3 picks for kids camping gifts here:

The Best Camping Gifts For Kids & Teens

Family camping trips can bring some of the best memories and experiences. But, when it comes to preparing for your camping trip, there is so much to consider and you don’t want to forget any of those essential camping items!

Kids love to get in on the planning and preparation for family camping trips, so getting them their own camping gear is a great way to ensure they’re part of the fun.

This also means you have plenty of options for outdoors gift ideas too, especially if you are looking for some non-toy gift ideas for your kids.

At the same time though, getting older means that kids are looking for different things in their gifts.

So if you’ve got an outdoors-loving child or teen on your hands, we have put together some gift suggestions in the following camping gift categories:

  • Essential Camping Gear for Kids – Camping accessories every kid should have for a comfortable and enjoyable stay outdoors.
  • Fun Outdoor Gifts For Kids – Outdoor gear and accessories to enjoy time in nature even more.
  • Camping Gifts For Teenagers (And Tweens) – Gifts for teenagers and pre-teens who appreciate something a little more age-appropriate.
  • Camping Toys & Games To Add Extra Fun To Camping Trips – Toys, games and activities for entertaining kids around the campsite.
  • Camping Presents For Home (To Keep The Fun Going Between Trips) – Gifts kids can enjoy at home that relate to their love of camping without having to leave their own backyard.

Tips For Choosing The Best Kid’s Camping Gifts

girl on a camping trip with her new gifts

When it comes to choosing the perfect camping gift for children, there are a few key points worth considering:

Practical vs fun – Do you want to get them something useful for camping trips or do you want to gift them something fun? Younger kids and toddlers may appreciate fun over practical, but that’s not to say you can’t add a fun twist to useful camp gear!

Age-appropriate – Make sure you choose a gift that is suited to their age or something they will grow into soon. Getting them an adult-sized gift that they can’t use for a few years may get forgotten before they are old enough to use it.

Quality matters – There are plenty of fun gifts you can get your kids that might last a trip or two, but if you want something they can use for many future adventures, quality is important.

Essential Camping Gear for Kids

If you’re looking to buy camping gifts for kids, then one of the best items you can buy them is essential camping gear. There is nothing more exciting than heading off on their next family camping trip with their brand new camping gear.

Kids camping gear makes practical gifts and is sure to get plenty of use in the great outdoors.

Sleeping Bag

A good quality kid’s sleeping bag will keep your child warm and cozy when it’s time to roll out their bed for the night. Make sure you choose one that is suited to your typical camping climate.

You can get some fun patterned and colourful sleeping bags for kids and they will love it so much they may even want to use it at home for a few days first!

Camping Chair

Kids love to have their own special chair and a camping chair is the perfect outdoor gift for kids who enjoy spending time in nature. Choose a camp chair that is comfortable enough so they can sit and relax with you at the campsite.

You can even get chairs specially designed with bright colours and fun patterns or favourite characters. Check out the Colemans Kid’s Quad chair or the super cute unicorn camping chair for kids.

Insulated Water Bottle

Au stainless steel insulated water bottle keeps drinks cold for hours so they don’t have to drink warm water on hot days camping.

There are plenty of designs available, from colourful animal shapes to your child’s favourite superhero such as Captain America or LOL Dolls – think outside the box and make it a fun and functional gift!

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow

Leave the bulky pillows at home and instead gift a compact memory foam pillow that is a great option for camping trips and sleepovers!

This micro-suede pillow is both lightweight and compact, making it easy to bring along on any adventure! It compresses down in the waterproof carry bag keeping it protected when not in use too. Plus they are machine washable for added convenience.

Backpack or Duffle Bag

Get them their own bag to pack all their clothing and gear into. Kids will love having their own bag instead of relying on you to pack for them.

Alternatively, get them a kid-size backpack for hiking day trips to carry their essentials such as their water bottle and snacks.

Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

For kids who usually have a nightlight at home, camping trips can be a little nerve-wracking at the thought of sleeping in a dark tent. This glow in the dark throw blanket is a fun way to add a little comforting light to your child’s sleeping setup.

It also adds extra warmth in those colder months when winter camping.

Camping Journal

This camping journal is a great way to help your child document their favourite adventures so they can look back on them someday with nostalgia.

Fun Outdoor Gifts For Kids

These fun outdoor gift ideas for kids are a great way to keep outdoorsy kids off screens and enjoy the fresh air outside.

From sporting equipment to hiking gear, these gifts are both fun and practical and will surely inspire some incredible adventures in the near future.

These are perfect gifts to get your kids outdoors and having fun, even on a rainy day while camping!

Fishing Gear

If you have a fishing lover in the family, then they will be able to enjoy this relaxing hobby if there is water nearby.

Catching your own meal when camping is just another way of getting back to nature and there are plenty of necessities for setting up a successful fishing trip.

There are plenty of fishing accessories you can gift your child – a fishing rod, tackle case, fishing reel, a lure set. Or get an all in one fishing kit so they have everything they need to get started.

Walkie Talkies

Turn the adventure up a notch for little explorers by gifting kids their own set of walkie talkies they can use to communicate around the campsite. This is a perfect sibling gift for camping.

There are models specially made for kids’ small hands and some come with fun designs your little one will adore.

Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock

For older kids who love to spend a little time chilling out, perhaps with a book in their hands or music in their headphones, a hammock is a great way to make that relaxation time extra special. They may even want to sleep under the stars in it.

These sturdy kid’s portable hammocks can also be used in the backyard at home, equipped with 9ft long tree straps and carabiners to make set-up possible almost anywhere.

Head Lamp

A head lamp is really handy when you need a hands-free free while walking around the campsite or setting up your bed for the night.

It can also so much fun for night time adventures with grown ups if kids want to explore in places where there might not be too much ambient light available.

Magnifying Glass

Give your child the gift of adventure with a magnifying glass. This is perfect for little kids who love to explore and are always curious about things around them.

This gift will encourage them to get outside and investigate nature up close, peek into insect nests or play detective in search of clues!

Bug Catcher Kit

Turn catching bugs into a fun and educational family activity with a bug catcher kit.

These kits come with all the essentials: a net, container and magnifying glass so they can see exactly what they catch up close, spend some time studying it before letting it go safely back into the wilderness.

It even has fake bugs so they can use their imagination when they aren’t having any luck finding critters!


Whether they love birds or animals, a good set of binoculars will make the perfect gift for kids who love to explore nature. They come in a variety of different colours too!

Children’s binoculars are made with little hands in mind and there are models specially designed for children that come with an easy-grip handle. Just watch your child’s curiosity grow as they spot things around your campsite.

Nature’s Explorer Kit

Make your child’s outdoor experience even more enriching with this 9-in-1 educational gift set. Inside the sturdy carry case are tools that will allow them to explore nature further, including a magnifying glass, binoculars, and even a fan for keeping cool on hot days.

There is also a flashlight for night adventures or making their way to the bathroom in the dark!

Seckton Kids Camera

Turn your child into a budding nature photographer with this kid’s camera. They come in several fun colours with the ability to take photographs and video.

The camera comes with a 32GB memory card too, for kids to store their cool captures on and share with friends and family when they get back home.

Travel Telescope with Carry Bag

The Gskyer Instruments Infinity 70mm telescope provides high-quality performance, without an overwhelming initial experience. The affordable price makes it easy for first-time stargazers to get started easily and quickly!

The whole family will enjoy seeing the night sky in a whole new way with this compact, travel telescope with a handy carry bag for kids.

Waterproof Kid’s Metal Detector

Add a new element of excitement to a child’s exploration with a lightweight kid’s metal detector. They will want to spend their time looking for buried treasure and may even find some cool things left behind by past campers.

This kid’s metal detector has a waterproof detector coil to make it easy to explore a variety of different environments.

Camping Gifts For Teenagers (And Tweens)

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for teenagers, or for boys and girls who are entering their tweens, then this collection of camping gift ideas is perfect.

From gadgets to comfort items for camping, these gifts will help them have the best possible outdoor experience.

Personalised Enamel Camping Mug

personalised camping mug

There will be no way your teen will misplace their hot chocolate now they’ve got their very own personalised camping mug made from enamel. Tough for camping and super cute!

S’mores Kit

Turn your evening campfire time or fire pit into a S’mores making party by creating a kit that includes everything you need to make Smores at your campsite. These marshmallow toasting sticks paired with all the essential ingredients are a great gift basket idea.

These are a fun idea for older kids and teens or as a gift for the entire family to enjoy together.

Swiss Army Knife Camper Pocket Tool

Your teenager is going to need a good utility tool for all the outdoor adventures they embark on and this Swiss Army multi-tool with plenty of attachments will prove invaluable on any trip.

There are versions available with both small and large knives so it’s easy to find one that suits your teenager’s needs.

GoPro Action Camera

Encourage a passion for video and photography by gifting your teen with their own GoPro action camera.

They can capture the trip from their own unique perspective and best of all, the camera is completely waterproof and shockproof, making it the perfect camping gadget!

Compact Hanging Toiletry Bag

This practical gift for kids is ideal for campground bathroom facilities and even for the outdoor nature shower, with the ability to hang those essential hygiene items for easy access.

The hanging toiletry bag comes in a wide range of colours to suit your teen’s preferences.

Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet

This is the ultimate survival tool for teens who love to hike without stuffing their backpacks. The paracord bracelet features 5 survival gear essentials in just one bracelet.

It includes a fire starter, compass, loud emergency whistle, Ferro rod striker and 12 feet of military-grade paracord.

Camping Toys & Games To Add Extra Fun To Camping Trips

There are so many outdoor toys for camping and camping games to make the time spent outside even more fun.

Even though the great outdoors on their own is enough to inspire plenty of fun and imaginative play, sometimes kids need a little chill-out time with an outdoor game or activity they can do at the campsite.

These camping games and toys, plus some fun creative play activities are a great choice to take with you for your family camping trips:

Rock Painting Kit

Give your kids a fun creative activity to do while you’re preparing lunch or dinner with a rock painting kit as a gift for your next camp ground stay.

The colourful rocks can dry overnight and the next day you can go on a mission of placing them around the area surrounding your campsite or on nature walks as a cute surprise to brighten someone’s day who finds them.

Scavenger Hunt For Camping

A great way to bond with your kids, give them each a copy of the scavenger list and let the adventure begin. Kids will love looking for all the items on their list – they can even help one another to complete their lists.

The gofindit scavenger hunt cards make for a fun gift that can be used over and over again each time you go camping, sending kids on a nature treasure hunt in the surrounding area.

Or grab our free printable scavenger hunt lists and get some fun ideas for different types of scavenger hunts for camping.

Camping Themed Activity Book

This camping activity book is perfect to take with you on your next camping trip. With games, puzzles and creative activities, kids will have plenty to keep them busy for hours!

Throw Throw Burrito Game

This hilarious game is a cross between dodgeball and a card game. It involves throwing a soft foam burrito at each other.

We got this for my grown-up niece and her husband for a camping trip and they had the best time running around their campsite throwing the burrito at each other, much to the amusement of the other campers.

Throw Throw Burrito is a great game for the young and the young at heart!

Ring Toss Game

This simple ring toss game is fun for kids of all ages and adults too, testing your throwing skills and seeing who will reign supreme.

It comes with a compact carry bag to make it easy to pack with your camping gear for your next family trip.

Kids Against Maturity

Enjoy laugh out loud fun with the Kids Against Maturity card game that will have the whole family entertained around the campsite. The game includes 600 cards and takes seconds to set up, ready for a kid-friendly and adult-approved game session.

Find more ideas for camping toys and activities for families.

Camping Gifts For Home (To Keep The Fun Going Between Trips)

Why should all the fun be for when you’re away from home. If you have a child who loves camping, why not bring some of the experience back home.

These camping-related gifts for home can help them get their fix and share that love for the outdoors with others.

Play Tent

Bring the camping trip to your own backyard with a play tent or a small, easy-to-assemble tent your kids can use for campouts when you’re at home.

There is no reason to wait for the next camping trip to enjoy sleeping under the stars.

Or if you’ve got the room, you may even be able to assemble a small tent indoors. Our kids love doing this at their grandparent’s house during sleepovers. This galaxy play tent or glam play tent would be a fun addition to a playroom at home.

Trampoline With Tent Kit

vuly trampoline tent kit

On its own, a trampoline may not seem like a camping-related gift for home but that’s because you didn’t have a Vuly Trampoline that converts into a backyard tent!

Kids love the idea of camping in their own backyard and you can do it easily with this fun add-on with your trampoline. The tent kit is easy to attach and remove without having to DIY your own version!

Felt Campfire Set

felt campfire play set

This handmade felt campfire set is the ultimate in camping pretend play for home and a totally safe way for your child to enjoy campfire fun at home. This is a beautiful gift idea for younger children as part of their imaginative toy collection.

Lego Camping or Campervan Set

Lego building fans will love to pretend play camping or campervanning from home with one of the many related camp-themed Lego sets. We love the Lego caravan set and the glamping set.

S’more Fun Campfire Pretend Play Set

Gear up for exciting camping adventures in your lounge room with the S’more Fun Campfire role-play set from Fisher-Price!

Preschoolers can “chop wood, tell stories around a campfire and toast some S’mores as they play. With real wooden accents, this is one of many fun imaginary play activities your young kids will love as a Christmas or birthday gift!

Camping Baby Rompers

These adorable baby rompers are the perfect camping gifts for your smallest campers.

Will they be a Happy Camper or is the mantra going to be Crawl Walk Camp? They make a great camping gift for babies.

wall art

Personalised Wall Art

Add a touch of camping fun to their bedroom with a personalised wall art poster for them to display. A great reminder to keep exploring even when they are home.

Scratch Map Poster

Get your child or teen their own travel scratch map so they can start marking off their adventures one destination at a time. This is a great idea for recording a lifetime of places visited.

You can get a world map scratch map or a US National Parks scratch map for anyone who lives in the USA.

KiwiCo Atlas Crate Subscription Box

atlas crate for kids

Bring a sense of adventure into your home with a kid’s travel subscription box to teach them about the world. The KiwiCo subscription boxes feature STEAM learning concepts – science, technology, engineering, art and math.

We love learning new things about a different country each month with the Atlas Crate. While not specifically camping-related, it is still a great way of bringing a love of the great big world into your home.

Conclusion: Gifts For Outdoorsy Kids

These camping gifts are perfect for adventurous kids for the holiday season or birthday gifts, from essential outdoor gear and fun items that bring extra fun to their next trip outside.

Whether you are shopping for a toddler who loves being around family playing in dirt piles, older children who want gear just like the grown-ups or a teenager who is craving more independence on trips with friends, these gifts will help them make the most of their future camping trips.

We hope these camping gift ideas for kids help you plan the perfect gift for someone you know that loves the great outdoors!

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