Welcome to the Four Around the World family travel blog.

We are the Connors Family – An Aussie adventure-loving family with a passion for family-friendly, affordable travel. Join us as our family of four take on the world, one city at a time, from home-grown favourites to world-wide wonders.

We aim to explore the sites of the world, creating once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences, all while proving travel with kids is not only possible but TOTALLY AWESOME!


Four Around the World - Family travel blog

We are your typical family from near Brisbane, Australia, seeking that elusive work/life balance while juggling the usual demands life throws about, all while making time and opportunity as often as we can to explore the world. Our journey starts at our own doorstep but leads us as far as a passport can take us.

I (Holly) kicked off my post-school years following academic dreams to become a psychologist. My passion of working in the field became a reality around 2007, with a career as a psychologist in the correctional system during that time, right up until 2014 when a change was needed.

Lucky I happened to stumble upon Simon back in 2002, who supported me in my career aspirations right from the beginning, but also awakened a passion for travel through his own love of seeing the world.

We married in 2010, but not before two European adventures, through 11 or so countries together. Travel became a big part of our life and something that was not only important, but also essential to us leading a fulfilling and rewarding life.

As they say, we work to live… not live to work and in our case, work to travel (and pay off the mortgage).

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In 2012, we became a family of 3, welcoming our first daughter Lily into the world. By the age of 2, she had already been on 10 planes, both international and domestic, with a passport of her own.

Come 2015, we added another beautiful daughter to our family, welcoming Violet into the world. Even before her arrival we were already making plans for her first big overseas adventure. And the next… and the next.

So far between the four of us we’ve covered 17 countries – so many more to go!

For us travel is a part of life and the experiences of travel are worth so much more than the money they may cost. You cannot put a price on memories, and there are certain things you get from travel that cannot be learnt any other way. This is a life we want to share with our daughters, as this family of four work our way around the world!

Four Around the World Family travel blog

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We have collaborated with Tourism boards in Australia and overseas, including Gold Coast Tourism and Ipswich Tourism. We have also collaborated with KiwiCo and other travel brands.

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