Star RV Polaris 6 Motorhome Review: What Did We Think?

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It’s no surprise that we love family road trips! Some of our favourite recent trips have been motorhome trips, because it’s simply such a perfect way to really experience a destination, with a home on wheels! So when we had the chance to take the Star RV Polaris 6 on an adventure, of course we were keen!

We spent 8 nights exploring the Queensland coastline between Brisbane and Agnes Water and this is our comprehensive Star RV Polaris 6 motorhome review, sharing what we love and what we didn’t!

StarRV polaris 6 motorhome parked at camping site.

It’s important to note that we were approached by the Star RV and Jucy team, to be featured in their Star Stories series. As such, our motorhome hire (excluding insurance) was complimentary, however, all opinions within this review are our own

Who Are Star RV?

Before we get into the details on the Polaris 6, let’s cover the basics. Star RV is a premium motorhome company located in Australia and New Zealand. They were acquired by budget campervan brand Jucy back in 2022.

We have done a shorter trip in a Jucy Condo campervan in Northern NSW and the price and size is great for short trips. You can read our Jucy review here.

Star RV is a more luxurious brand with spacious motorhomes with all the modern comforts that are great for longer trips, families and anyone who prefers glamping over camping! And this is absolutely us.

Star RV Polaris 6 Motorhome Review

This isn’t the first time we’ve had the chance to travel in a premium motorhome. We did a 2 week New Zealand South Island trip in a similar, but slightly smaller vehicle back in 2019 and it was by far one of our favourite trips.

This meant not only did we have the experience of having travelled in a budget campervan to compare to, but also a smaller luxury vehicle – a 4 berth, compared to the 6 berth Polaris from StarRV.

Quick Stats: Polaris 6 Pros & Cons


  • Spacious with room for up to 6 people
  • Fully self-contained
  • All linen & kitchenware supplied
  • Great for longer trips
  • Plenty of storage


  • Some vehicles are older
  • Large size makes it harder to find parking

Polaris 6 Specifications

One of the things that I found tricky when planning our trip was the fact that some of the information on the Star RV website is a little vague, such as how long the Polaris 6 vehicle is.

Some campsites require you to input size so they can accommodate you on a large enough site. I actually had to seek this information elsewhere. For reference, depending on the exact model Polaris 6, they range between 7.7 and 7.9 metres in length, so as such, they are big vehicles.

The Polaris 6 sleeps up to 6 people and converts into 3 double beds. One above the driver’s cab, and one in each of the dining areas.

What Is Included With Star RV Motorhome Hire?

Being able to plan your trip means knowing what you need to bring and what you can leave behind, especially if you’re not local to Australia or NZ where you pick up your motorhome.

The great thing about Star RV is that they do include most of the essential items you will need for your trip with your motorhome hire. There are a couple of exceptions and I will go into those below.

Here is what is included:

  • Bath towels
  • Kitchenware (plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, cutlery, utensils)
  • Toaster & kettle
  • Microwave, oven, stovetop
  • Bedding & pillows
  • Teatowel (bring a couple of extras… you will need them)
  • GPS
  • Television with DVD player
  • Dustpan & brush, broom and mop
  • Clothes pegs
  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • Roadside assistance & 24-hour support

These items cost extra and can be added to your hire:

  • Camp table
  • Camping chairs
  • Insurance
  • Baby/child car seats
  • Snow chains
  • Gas refills

These items are not included:

  • Food and grocery items
  • Beach towels
  • Dishwashing liquid

Note: There was a bottle of cooking oil included although we aren’t sure if that’s always the case. Just in case, we took a spray oil for convenience.

Was The Polaris 6 Easy To Drive?

man sitting in drivers seat of motorhome.

All the driving for our trip was Simon’s job. As someone who drives a small hatchback, that was a heck no for me! But he had no issue at all adapting to the large size of the van.

He was told to swing wide because of the larger turning circle… this is all way over my head but he did not struggle with this.

The one thing he said was a bit of an adjustment was the fact that you can’t see out the back so there’s a camera at the rear showing you directly what is behind you. It’s not a reversing camera but it ensures you can see the blind spot the side mirrors don’t cover.

How Much Storage Space Does The Polaris 6 Have?

storage space above rear bed in polaris 6 motorhome.

There is plenty of storage space in the Polaris 6. There are cabinets above the dining table where we stored all our non-chilled foods and the road trip activities we brought with us.

In the rear, there were cabinets around the entire rear dining/bed area. This is where we stored our clothing. We always use packing cubes in different colours so we kept these up there, with a different cupboard or two per person, along with space for our beach towels and hats.

There was also storage beneath the rear seating that we did not use.

You will also find external storage with the rear storage area where cleaning supplies are stored – this is where we kept the camping chairs and table.

There is an extra storage space towards the middle of the van for dirty shoes or wet clothes when you’re on the move.

Was It Easy To Set Up The Beds?

As there were only 4 of us, we decided to set up the rear bed on the first night and kept it set up for the duration of the trip, using the main dining area for meals instead.

It was a little tricky to work out how to take the table off, but this video tutorial helped.

Once the table was converted into the bed base, the rest was easy.

The kids slept in the bed above the driver’s cab and this one is set up permanently. You just unclip the ladder and lock it into the notches before bed.

Were The Beds Comfortable?

overhead bed in polaris 6 motorhome.
There is a safety net to prevent anything (anyone) falling out of the over-cab bed

When it comes to motorhome beds, if you’re sleeping on something that’s converted from a dining table, you’re not expecting a luxurious night’s sleep. It wasn’t the best for comfort, but it also wasn’t the worst.

Simon is very tall and he managed to stretch right out, which was something he struggled with when we did our Jucy Condo trip.

The kids slept well and said their bed was comfy. I didn’t climb up to try it!

Was It Easy To Cook In The Motorhome?

Yes, as far as motorhome kitchens go, it has everything you need for most simple camping meals. We stuck with mostly one-pot meals, such as tacos and marinated chicken.

The included pot and pans are tiny. You do need to adapt your portions, potentially cooking in batches if needed. We managed pasta in two smaller batches and it was fine.

What Is The Bathroom Like?

The Star RV Polaris 6 has an ensuite bathroom. This includes a motorhome toilet and a shower. The ensuite is quite spacious for a motorhome and there are lots of hooks to hang wet towels.

We actually didn’t use the ensuite. We stayed at holiday parks for the duration of this trip so we made use of the facilities so we didn’t have to worry about cleaning out the toilet cassette even though we know the process is fairly simple.

The fact that you’ve got them means you’re self-contained and you can go off the grid and do freedom camping in Australia and New Zealand. We didn’t do that this time but having that option is a huge bonus – freedom camping is a lot of fun!

Plus if you’re travelling in winter, having your own shower and toilet means no freezing late-night bathroom trips.

Where Does Star RV Operate?

Star RV motorhomes are available for hire in both Australia and New Zealand. Currently, in Australia there is the option for the Polaris 6, as well as 2 smaller vehicles, a Polaris 2 and a Polaris 2+2 in case you’re looking for a smaller motorhome. New Zealand offers either a Polaris 6 or Polaris 4 option.

You can pick up and drop off your RVs in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown in NZ or Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Darwin in Australia.

And yes, you can do a one-way trip, rather than returning it back to your pick-up point.

What We Liked About the Star RV Polaris 6?

The size was great for us as a family of 4 on a longer trip, with plenty of space and storage. This was especially lucky when we got a run of wet weather. It meant we had space to do activities in our van when we couldn’t enjoy the outdoors.

It was great being able to leave the second bed set up the whole time to save time and effort at bedtime. It also gave us an extra space to chill out.

The kitchen had everything we needed for the length of stay and the fridge was a good size.

While it might not work well in remote areas, you can tune the television for local stations and watch free-to-air or play DVDs. You will need to retune the channels each time you move but it only takes 5-minutes.

What We Didn’t Like About Our Star RV Motorhome?

Overall, the Polaris 6 was a great option for a longer road trip around Australia. We spent 9 days in the van and there was more than enough space.

Our only negative would be that it was an older van and therefore some things were a little worn – one of the light vent covers kept jamming, the cushions on the main dining area (and passenger seats) shifted around a bit as the velcro had lost its stick.

These weren’t things that impacted our trip overall. What impacted our trip far more was the rain that followed us for the 2/3 of the trip. Urgh!

There are some newer vans in the fleet, so you might get one of those instead. We spotted this one in Hervey Bay.

starRV polaris 6 with branded wrapper parked in carpark.

Star RV Review – Would We Travel With Star RV Again?

Absolutely! We love that you get options for different budgets when you travel with Star RV or Jucy.

Since they own both, you’ve got the budget option of Jucy vans for short trips or if you want to bootstrap your trip. Jucy is great for shorter road trips or for 2 people.

For us as a family, a Star RV campervan hire is more comfortable, spacious and definitely better for longer road trips. We are fans of glamping and this is glamping at its best!

starrv polaris 6 review - starrv motorhome review.