52 Delicious Drink Recipes From Around The World

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We all know how important food is to travel, but what about the drinks! These are many of the best international drink recipes from around the world that you can recreate at home. International cocktails, tea and coffee and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages to bring those travel vibes into your home!

Delicious Around The World Drink Recipes

We always talk about the best foods from around the world, but what about the best drinks from around the world?

Just as dessert is an essential part of our international cooking experience, so are the drinks we serve with them.

Whether we are making international cocktails for the adults. Or a non-alcoholic beverage for the whole family, these signature drink recipes from around the world are sure to have you thirsty!

Delicious sangria in a jar glass.

Some of Our Favourite International Drink Memories

Staying at all-inclusive resorts and getting cocktails and freshly squeezed juice delivered, without getting out of the pool, will always be a memorable experience in Punta Cana and Mexico. The kids still talk about their fancy pool juices!

But there are many other delicious drink memories that remind us of places we have been.

Drinking hot spiced Glühwein at the European Christmas markets is one of my earliest travel memories, back in 2009. We still have several souvenir mugs from Germany and Poland.

Enjoying shots in Warsaw Poland.

And there are those endless vodka shots and Mad Dogs that make up every trip to Poland.

Although after a hot day exploring the sights of Vietnam, nothing quite compares to the delicious freshly squeezed fruit juice or sugar cane juice, to cool you down.

Drink Making Essentials

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these are the must-have items for any home bar or drink-making session.

  • Cocktail Shaker: A shaker is essential for making cocktails. It’s used to combine ingredients and create that signature smooth texture.
  • Stirrer: A stirrer is used to mix drinks without creating too many bubbles.
  • Fine Mesh Strainer – This is used to strain out any unwanted bits from your drink.
  • A Variety Of Glasses: Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you have some options to suit your different types of drinks, including some plastic kid-friendly options if making drinks for younger kids!

Planning Your Around The World Food & Drink Menu

When you can’t travel, that’s no reason not to enjoy your favourite around the world drinks from home. Plus these are all such fun drinks to make!

Here are some tips for planning your perfect international cocktail night or family travel themed staycation banquet:

  • Pick a destination or a region for your theme
  • Choose your food menu for your international destination
  • Choose your international dessert recipes
  • Decide on your international drink recipes
  • Go shopping for all your ingredients
  • Get cooking and mixing
  • Enjoy!

International Drinks To Make At Home

Make these around-the-world drink recipes at home with signature cocktails for adults to enjoy and non alcoholic drinks from around the world.

You will have fun mixing up a storm in the kitchen with these international drinks. There are even tea and coffee recipes from your favourite countries for those of you who prefer hot drinks to warm the winter days.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks From Around The World

These non-alcoholic beverages from around the world include signature recipes, refreshing drinks and frozen delights that will make you feel like you've stepped into another country.

International Tea and Coffee Recipes

Enjoy tea and coffee recipes from around the world with these international recipes to try at home - perfect for coffee lovers or anyone who enjoys a relaxing cup of tea with a twist.

Alcoholic Drinks From Around The World

The alcoholic cocktails from around the world and drink recipes for adults only will give you the chance to feel like you are sipping drinks at a swim-up bar in an exotic location or sailing the oceans far away on a luxury cruise - all without leaving home!

And if you want to get the kids involved, many of them would work great as cocktails too. Skip the alcohol and let them enjoy delicious international flavours in a kid-friendly alternative!

We hope you love these international drink recipes and that you try your favourites at home.

For more inspiration for planning your perfect wanderlust-inspired home cooking event:

Allow your food and drink at home to take you back to places you’ve been before or to take you to new places you dream of visiting. It’s amazing how powerful the experience of food is for bringing travel to you!

Check out these virtual tours and live steam wildlife cams for more ideas on bringing travel to you and these fun ways to teach kids about different cultures.

Do you have a favourite drink memory from your travels? Tell us what it is in the comments.

The best international drink recipes from around the world.