Disney copycat recipes to make at home (2)

29 Best Disney Copycat Recipes To Make At Home

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Create your own Disney copycat recipes at home to enjoy your favourite treats, drinks and meals, even after your Disney family holiday is over. These copycat recipes of Disney park favourites are sure to delight the whole family!

Disney copycat recipes to make at home

When you visit any of the Disney Parks, resorts or stay onboard a Disney cruise, one of the experiences that really stands out is the attention to detail. Right down to the food!

These experiences don’t come cheap though!

Each of the Disney theme parks holds annual festivals that come with their own specialities, making some of these foods and drinks even more of an exclusive experience.

For more wanderlust inspired recipes, try these recipes from around the world, these international drink recipes and the best desserts from around the world at home too.

Making The Most of Your Disney Park Food & Drink

We were lucky enough to visit California Adventure Park during their annual Food & Wine Festival and it was everything plus more! We sampled some of the most delicious foods and made the most of the timing of our visit.

Simon made the most of his time with sampling beers and then there was those giant turkey drumsticks. You can get a copycat recipe for them below!

And of course, there are the favourite treats that the kids couldn’t get enough of!

Funny enough, it was the simple churros that had our eldest most excited, asking for one almost as soon as we arrived at either Disneyland park for the day.

She referred to them as ‘those long things that you eat’.

They aren’t just a Disneyland thing though. She loves them at our local Gold Coast theme parks as well!

Churro time

Thankfully some of the treats are easy to recreate at home without a recipe. Such as these chocolate-dipped and sprinkle covered ice cream cones from Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream.

The Food Of Disney

The themed food at any Disney venue is an experience all on its own and one that is sure to stay with you!

The only problem is, once you head home, you say farewell to your favourite Disney foods and drinks. Or do you?

These Disney copycat recipes mean you can create your favourites from home, whenever you like!

From Disneyland to Walt Disney World Recipes, resorts and more – there is a recipe for every occasion!

Turn it into your very own home staycation – Disney themed! No more waiting until your next Disney holiday!

The Best Disney Copycat Recipes

Recreate your favourite Disney park treats, drinks and restaurant meals with these delicious and easy Disney copycat recipes for home! From Walt Disney World to Disneyland, Dole Whip to Churros, these yummy copycat recipes will have you reliving your Disney fun at home!

Disney Copycat Drink Recipes

Enjoy these refreshing copycat Disney beverages at home. Some of these are seasonal specialities from Disney festivals. Others you can find in the parks all year round.

Disney Copycat Treats & Desserts

You simply cannot go to a Disney park or resort without enjoying some of the sweet treats on offer. With fun Disney themed treats galore, you will have a load of fun recreating some of your favourites at home!

Disney Copycat Savoury Snacks & Mains

These savoury snacks and main meal recipes you can make at home will have you thinking of all the fun memories you created during your family Disney holiday!

Disney Copycat Salad Recipes

Even the salads are Disney parks are worth recreating at home!

These Disney themed foods and inspired recipes are sure to bring some of the Disney magic home to your own kitchen as you whip up delicious treats, refreshing beverages and favourite meals from the happiest place on earth!

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