40+ Best Desserts Of The World To Make At Home

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Want to know the best desserts of the world? Tough call! Dessert is the most important course for any meal! Well… it’s an essential one, at least. These international desserts from around the world are sure to delight your taste buds and inspire your wanderlust from home!

Get cooking so that you can enjoy your favourite destinations even when you can’t leave home!

The best desserts of the world recipes to make at home.

Experience The World Through Dessert

There is no better way to bring travel to you than through food. While virtual tours and staycations at home certainly complete the experience, international recipes are a perfect journey from home option.

And who doesn’t love dessert?

Desserts from around the world may differ greatly to those you enjoy at home. Or, perhaps they are the place your favourite dessert originated.

Make sure you also check out these traditional Christmas desserts from around the world too!

One of my personal favourite desserts, when we travel, is Polish gofry. It’s essentially a waffle with chocolate sauce or Nutella, topped with whipped cream. Simple yet delicious!

And you will find them throughout Europe. But Poland is our favourite foodie destination.

Although don’t just stop at dessert! Check out these traditional dishes from around the world for your main course too.

The best desserts of the world recipes to make at home.

Tips For A Family International Desserts Night

If you want to make the most of your travel-at-home experience by cooking delicious desserts from around the world, here are a few quick tips to get you organised:

  • Plan your theme and find complementary dishes to suit
  • If planning a full menu with mains and dessert, find inspiration from these international recipes and drink recipes
  • Decide on your menu
  • Ensure you have all the equipment you need
  • Do your grocery list and go shopping
  • Clear your kitchen space ready to cook
  • Give your kids simple tasks such as stirring and pouring
  • Enjoy your night of desserts!

Love Disney? Try these copycat Disney recipes as part of your travel-inspired cooking plans too!

Get ready to discover the best desserts of the world list by continent and start cooking up a storm:

Desserts Recipes From Around The World

Bring the sweet flavours of the world into your home without having to travel the world with these delicious desserts from around the world! These around the world desserts will take you across continents and will be sure to impress the whole family!


As Australians ourselves, it seemed appropriate to kick off with some classic Aussie dessert recipes. We do dessert well although a few of our signature desserts are equally claimed by our neighbours in New Zealand!


Europe and dessert go hand in hand with some of the world's most loved dessert recipes coming from within the continent. These European dessert recipes will inspire plenty of treats coming out of your kitchen soon.


While the first foods you think of when visiting Asia aren't often dessert, that's not to say they don't still have some delicious sweet treats you need to try! From India to the Philippines, get ready to indulge your sweet tooth.


North America has a huge variety of desserts on offer, from fluffy pancakes and crepes in Canada to rich chocolate flavours in Mexico. Add in some of South America's most popular desserts and you have a winning line up.


Try these traditional South African desserts for a taste explosion you will love.


British desserts are a sweet tooth delight, with butterscotch flavours, scones and loads of delicious specialties.

Need something to pair with the best desserts around the world? Don’t miss these other great recipe ideas too:

Do you have a favourite international dessert recipe? Or perhaps a homegrown favourite? Share it below.