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40 Deliciously Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas & Recipes

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You’ve got your camping gear all ready to go and planned some meals and snacks, but what about breakfast ideas for camping? Bacon and eggs may be a camp breakfast staple, but let’s add some variety to your morning menu! With these easy camping breakfast recipes, you will have plenty of options for your first meal of the day.

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When it comes to planning meals for camping, the easier the better and there are many ways to make your camp meals simple!

Whether you are adding a few no-cook camp meals to making great use of your pie iron, you can still enjoy great food even when you’re in the middle of the wilderness!

Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

When it comes to planning breakfast ideas for camping, you want something that doesn’t take a long time since you would much rather be out enjoying your planned activities for the day.

But breakfast doesn’t have to be the same boring thing each day of your trip.

There are plenty of quick and easy camping recipe ideas that are perfect for breakfast in the wilderness.

From simple make-ahead camp breakfast recipes that you can prep at home to dutch oven camping recipe feasts that will start your day off with a full and satisfied belly.

We’ve put together plenty of yummy camping breakfast ideas to help you with your camping meal planning so that you can spend your time having fun while you’re there and not worrying because you forgot to plan the most important meal of the day!

Make-Ahead Camping Breakfast Ideas

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These make-ahead camping breakfast recipes and ideas are the perfect camping breakfasts for those who want to get up and go without spending a lot of time prepping breakfast.

For breakfast on the go, make a batch of breakfast muffins before you leave home so you can just grab them on your way to your first adventure for the day.

Here are a few of our favourite muffin recipes that are perfect for camp breakfasts:

  • Applesauce, oat and banana muffinsThese sweet muffins are a lunchbox favourite in our house, but they are also a great grab and go breakfast, making them great for camping trips.
  • Savoury carrot, cheese and ham muffinsThese savoury muffins are a great way to add a little extra veggie into your breakfast menu, making ahead of time so you can have a fuss-free instant breakfast.
  • Mango banana muffinsMango and banana muffins are a sweet fruit muffin that is great for breakfast or snacks while camping. Kid-approved! Our youngest daughter loves these muffins.

For more make-ahead recipes for camping, check out these simple recipes:

  • Breakfast Burritos – Cook up bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes and any other favourite breakfast burrito fillings, wrap them in flour tortillas with your choice of cheese and sauces then wrap them individually in foil. These pre-made breakfast wraps can be eaten cold or place in the hot coals for a little while to reheat for a warm breakfast.
  • Campfire breakfast burger – Make-ahead your breakfast burgers with English muffins or breadrolls with bacon, sausage, egg and sauce. Wrap them in foil and reheat in the camp coals ready for breakfast.
  • Sweet Hawaiian rolls These pizza rolls could not be easier to make, with a 2 ingredient dough using Greek yogurt and flour, with your favourite pizza topics rolled into the centre. Make a batch before you head off on your camping trip.
  • Toasted oats cerealThis warm toasted oats cereal (muesli) is made with rolled oats, chopped nuts, and dried fruit, and is a delicious and hearty breakfast food for camping. Make it ahead of time at home or at the campground!
  • Easy frittata – This simple recipe tastes just as great cold as it does straight out of the oven so you can easily make ahead this cheese, bacon and tomato frittata before you go. Slice it up and store in an airtight container in your cooler for a grab and go breakfast recipe.

Check out more make-ahead camping recipe ideas for dinner, lunch, breakfast and dessert!

Skillet Camping Breakfast Ideas

vegan breakfast skillet

If you’re new to camping, you might not be looking so much for new ideas on what to have for breakfast while camping, but instead looking to plan some classic frying pan breakfast meals that are essential to many camping trips, these are perfect options.

A cast-iron skillet or frying pan is a must-have for every camp kitchen, whether you are cooking over the campfire or using a camping hotplate or camp stove.

You can cook almost anything you cook at home in a skillet while you’re camping so many of your favourite home breakfast ideas can easily become camping favourites.

Here are some skillet breakfast recipe ideas for camping:

  • Bacon and eggs – You really can’t go past the classic camping breakfast favourite. Bacon and eggs are great any time of day during a camping trip. Make sure you pack those raw eggs carefully so they don’t crack in transit though!
  • Sausages on bread – You can enjoy sausages and bread or hot dogs any time of the day and breakfast is no exception!
  • Toast (on the frying pan) – Enjoy a simple breakfast of pan-fried toast with your favourite condiments, or topped with a fried egg.
  • Camping breakfast sandwiches – These breakfast bacon and egg sandwiches are awesome hand-held meals to start your day. Check out the secret to making the egg perfectly fit the English muffin!
  • Cowboy breakfast skillet – You’ve gotta love one-pot campfire meals. This Cowboy Breakfast Skillet is a hearty breakfast to provide energy for an entire day! A great option if you just want snacks during the day without needing a big lunch.
  • Camping breakfast skillet – Make this hearty camping breakfast skillet with eggs, potatoes and sausage. It’s so easy to make and you only need one pan.
  • Spring green campfire frittata – Whether you are fueling up for a hike, wrangling small children or just tossing a Frisbee on the beach, this hearty breakfast will keep you fed up well through the morning. It’s a one-pot, no-chop campfire power breakfast that is veggie-laden and contains bacon.
  • French toast skewers – Enjoy your favourite French toast flavours with this simple recipe using skewers to cook your toast pieces on a grill or campfire plate.
  • Campfire apple crisp A vegan fall-inspired camping apple crisp is quick, easy and guaranteed to leave you feeling warm and cosy as you start your day with a sweet and delicous breakfast.
  • Classic French toast There is just something about cooking over the campfire that makes everything taste even more delicious. That holds true for this yummy skillet campfire french toast recipe!
  • Breakfast quesadillas – These sausage and egg breakfast quesadillas are simple to make and sure to be a family favourite morning meal idea.
  • Pancakes – Bring a shake and make pancake mix with you from the store. The type that only needs you to add water or make your own dry ingredients mix at home, and add water on the day to make pancakes fresh in the morning. Don’t forget your maple syrup!
  • Cheese, bacon & potato breakfast casserole – A great recipe to give you enough energy for a big day of adventures! Don’t forget to bring your favourite hot sauce or tomato sauce for the kids.
  • Banana bread pancakes – For a fun and delicious twist on your classic pancake breakfast, these banana bread pancakes are sure to get the whole family excited for breakfast!
  • Vegan cast iron breakfast skillet with tofu – Bring out the grill for this cast iron breakfast skillet. It’s filled with veggie sausage and a hearty tofu scramble. Serve with hash browns to finish.

No-Cook Camping Breakfast Ideas

Not every breakfast needs to be a cooked meal. There are plenty of simple no-cook camp foods that are perfect for breakfast.

These easy breakfasts for camping are perfect for campers who want to enjoy something quick and simple in the morning before heading out into the wilderness.

Here are some easy no-cook camping breakfast ideas:

  • Cold cereal with milk
  • Greek yoghurt and muesli, granola or fresh berries
  • Fresh fruit
  • Breakfast bars or granola bars
  • Crousaints
  • Cheese platter
  • Peanut butter and banana breakfast wraps (or any wrap fillings of your choice)

Find more no-cook camping meal ideas for your trip.

Dutch Oven Camping Recipes For Breakfast

dutch oven french toast

If bacon and eggs aren’t your style then try out one of these delicious dutch oven breakfast recipes instead. These hearty recipes can often be prepped the night before and cooked in the morning for a campfire breakfast feast.

Dutch oven camping recipes can be cooked in your campfire and are perfect for winter camping trips when you want to start the morning with a hot breakfast.

Here’s are some delicious and easy dutch oven camping breakfast recipes:

  • Overnight dutch oven French toastThis overnight dutch oven french toast casserole is delicious, easy to prepare and a hit with the whole family! It’s sure to become one of your favourite camping recipes!
  • Dutch oven breakfast bake – A delicious dutch oven breakfast bake is the perfect recipe to serve the family for brunch. We love to prepare this ahead of time and make this easy breakfast while camping.
  • Lemon blueberry dutch baby – The combination of fresh blueberries and lemon make this easy Campfire Dutch Baby Recipe a keeper!
  • Giant dutch oven cinnamon rolls – Your family will enjoy making and eating a huge cinnamon roll in the Dutch Oven. A sweet start to the day that you can share.

Find loads more delicious dutch oven camping recipe ideas.

Campfire Cooking Breakfast ideas

foil packet breakfast bake

For more easy camping breakfast ideas, these campfire meals and foil packet camping recipe ideas are more delicious ways to start your day during your next camping trip:

  • Foil packet breakfast bake – This foil packet breakfast bake is super easy to make, totally yummy and simple to prepare ahead of time. It’s the best breakfast meal for camping!
  • Campfire bread – Also known as damper or bannock bread, campfire bread on a stick is a simple, non-yeast bread recipe cooked over a campfire.
  • Breakfast in a bag – Cook your delicious breakfast in a bag over the campfire. It is a fun trick that really does work!
  • Pie iron toasted cheese sandwich – Make a campfire toastie with a pie iron. This easy campfire cooking tool is great for making all sorts of hot breakfasts. Not just toasties!
  • Cinnamon foil packet monkey bread packets – These cinnamon monkey bread foil packs are so easy and make cleanup a breeze! Just cut up some cinnamon rolls, toss them in sugar and cinnamon then grill over the campfire or on the barbeque for a flavor sensation.
  • Breakfast potatoes – Boil up a pot of water over your campfire and soften your potatoes then slice them in half, add in bacon, cheese etc and wrap in foil. Bury under the coals to bake and top with sour cream for a yummy breakfast baked potato.

For more ideas, check out these foil packet camping recipes and pie iron camping meal ideas too.

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Don’t Forget These Essentials For Your Camp Cooking

Camp cooking is much easier when you have the right camping cookware and camping utensils to help. These are easy camping breakfast ideas that will be successful with these camping essentials:

Find our complete family camping essentials checklist for packing the rest of your camp gear and winter camping essentials if you’re heading off in the colder months.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or just an occasional weekend adventurer, it can be tough to come up with something new and exciting to have for breakfast.

These easy and quick camping breakfast ideas will not only keep your hunger at bay but also provide the nutrients your body needs for an awesome day of exploring nature. Make sure you save this article for later so you can easily come back and find your next favourite camp breakfast recipe!

What is your favourite camping breakfast food?

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