Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Water Park Australia

Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast Water Park Australia

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Australia’s Gold Coast is famous for it’s beautiful golden beaches, sunshine, and for being home to all the best theme parks in Australia, and that includes Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast Water Park of course! Australia’s biggest and best water park and a fun packed day for the whole family!

Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast is located in Oxenford, right next door to Movieworld, Paradise Country and Australian Outback Spectacular. Pretty much a mega family entertainment precinct in one convenient location!

And best of all, it’s great for all ages! We recently visited with our girls, who are currently aged 5 and 2.5 years old and aren’t strong swimmers just yet, but they thought it was the best day out EVER! Our eldest even asked if we could come back every day!

Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia


Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast is the largest water park in Australia. It opened its doors back in 1984 and has continued to grow over the years into the place it is today. It is set on sprawling parklands, with a fun beach theme throughout, to set the scene for a day of fun in the sun.

I first visited Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast back when I was only 12. It was a super fun day back then and somehow neither of us had been since we were kids, so it had been on the list for a while to go back again. We just never got around to it though.

Then last year we got annual multi-park passes for Wet’n’Wild, Movieworld, Seaworld and Paradise Country, so of course, we had a good reason to make it happen!

We were a little worried how our girls would go. They both love swimming and water but neither likes to put their face under water so it’s all arm floaties for them when we go for a swim.

However, we were happy to see that Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast has a huge section of their water park dedicated to keeping the youngsters happy!

And even more fun in our 2019 visit when both girls were more water confident. Check out our video here:

Both our girls absolutely love visiting Wet N Wild and they find plenty to keep them entertained. Although daddy is looking forward to them being old enough to join him on the big scary slides. For now, they are content watching him in a bit of horror at the thought of such experiences!

Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia


Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast has so many more rides and attractions from what I remember as a kid. Although one thing hasn’t changed. The huge wave pool in the centre that has waves at intervals and just a pool otherwise. Heaps of fun and a great place to chill out!

Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia

The Extreme H2O zone is for the daredevils with lots of more the adrenaline pumping rides and water slides. One that we love is the Tornado, which shoots you down a steep slide into a massive funnel and out the other side. Super fun and you can ride with up to 4 people, which is always a bonus!

There are several other rides in the extreme H20 section, which are suited to older kids or adults, with height restrictions due to their more extreme nature. Super fun if you’re up for a thrill.

Although even more extreme maybe is the Aqualoop. One of the newer attractions at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, it has both a weight and height limit, and requires you to wear a special strap on board. You are propelled down the tunnel and spin up around the loop, which is a bit of gravity defying excitement for a water slide! We haven’t tried it… yet!

And of course, plenty of other water slides and fun!

There are a couple of attractions that do cost extra on top of entry – The FlowRider which is a surfing simulation, and the Skycoaster… a non water themed aerial adventure.

Or if you just want to chill out, there’s places for that too. Of course the wave pool when the waves aren’t running, but otherwise you will love Calypso Bay. Grab a tube and float around the waterways as the current carries you along. Kinda boring for little kids like ours, but very relaxing for parents! LOL

Kid Friendly Water Attractions

Okay so what about the kids?? Well they are well and truly entertained at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast. There is the huge Wet’n’Wild Junior zone that is aimed at toddlers to tweens.

Enjoy the pirate ship themed water wading area with tipping buckets, shallow water, and bridges. There are also some fun water pistols to squirt your friends and family with… or unexpecting strangers.

Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia
Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia

Even more exciting is the huge water playground, which is a lot like a normal playground, but you get saturated! It has slides to suit all ages, a giant tipping bucket, water falls, tunnels and plenty of fun things to entertain kids. Some of the bigger slides in the playground might be better suited to older school aged kids, but there are a couple that will suit even the more timid, younger kids. Our 2 year old loved the mini red slide!

Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia

And of course there’s plenty more slides for the kids too! Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast has a section of water slides replicated on their bigger extreme rides. Our two went on all but one, the mini Tornado, which made them a bit nervous. But they were happy to try out all the others.

Our youngest came face first down on one of them and thought it was hilarious… meanwhile we expected tears! Nope… AGAIN MUM!

The girls could have spent the whole day there, except they also loved the wave pool and lasted one loop around Calypso Bay before lunch.

Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia


There are all the facilities you want for a day out at a water park at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast. Which is so important when visiting with kids! Seriously, there is nothing worse than being at a place like that and not having all the resources to make your day comfortable!

The big one that we found useful was the locker hire. They are only $10 to hire for the day and well worth the cost. You get an armband that you scan so you don’t have to carry around keys.

It’s waterproof so no dramas there! And disposable, so nothing to drop back later when you’re tired and the kids are cranky and you just want to go home! The little things…

There are of course toilets and change blocks in convenient locations throughout the water park, and family rooms which make it easier when you’ve got a few kids in tow and need a bigger space to get ready.

One thing though, you might want to keep your shoes on. I was gonna say thongs… but I mean that in the most Aussie way possible… flip flops! Not sexy undies LOL I mean the shoes!

Simply because on a hot day some of the pathways and even the fake turf near the wave pool get so hot on the feet. They do what they can to keep them cool with sprinklers etc, but sometimes it can’t be totally avoided!

There are several places to eat. Not heaps but enough to give a few choices. There’s a mini Dominos, a burger/chips/nuggets takeaway place and a food hut that has different things on different days. When we visited the special of the day was a German bratwurst hotdog and drink combo. There’s also several snack stalls and stores with ice creams, fairy floss and other sweet treats.

No reason why you can’t bring your own food and snacks along though!

And indeed there is first aid and guest services facilities as well! Not to mention the fact that there are lifeguards on duty everywhere to keep you and your family safe!

Oh and if you want a little extra comfort and luxury on the day, there are cabanas for hire. Perfect for visiting Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast with a big group as you will have a place to keep all your stuff together and a shady place as well. These are located near the wave pool in the centre of the water park.

All the makings of a fun filled day of adventures!

Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia


Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast is open all year around, even in winter! During the colder months, the pools and slides are temperature controlled around 25 degrees Celsius, so you can enjoy the fun anytime. You can purchase tickets at the door, or pre-order online via ThemeParks, where you can get single entry, season passes or annual pass tickets. They often have great deals online!

Wet’n’Wild is suitable for all ages and swimming abilities, with facilities and attractions to suit. It is a great fun day out with the family or with friends, and definitely the best way to spend an Aussie summer day!!

If you visit the Gold Coast, add Wet’n’Wild to your Australian bucket list!

Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia


  • Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap – sunscreen, cover up, hat & sunnies. You will need them!
  • Bring your swimmers and a towel, of course!
  • Hire a locker so you don’t have to worry about carrying around all your valuables all day!
  • Bring arm floaties or similar for your little ones who aren’t confident in water
  • Pack your own lunch to save on food and snacks
  • An annual pass or multipass ticket is often better value than a single entry
  • Wear your slip on shoes around to avoid burning the soles of your feet
Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Waterpark Australia

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