The Ultimate Family Summer Bucket List (Free Printable)

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When you feel a hint of Summer in the air, it’s a great time to start planning some family adventures and creating your own Summer bucket list! Summer is the perfect time for families to bond, create lasting memories, and try new things together. Our ultimate Summer family bucket list has ideas for everyone – including plenty of free Summer activities!

Let’s make it a Summer break to remember with 100 Summer bucket list ideas for families. We’ve even created a free printable bucket list for you to grab too and start checking off the fun!

Download the Summer Bucket List Printable

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It’s such a satisfying feeling to check something off your Summer bucket list so make sure you grab this free printable Family Summer Bucket List so you can do exactly that! It even has space for you to add your own ideas too!

You will find this free printable (along with many others) in our FREE PRINTABLE LIBRARY.

100 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families

There’s no doubt that the Summer is what you make it and while not every day can be filled with adventure and family activities, having your own bucket list will help you add more excitement into the break and hopefully get kids off screens more often too!

Here are 100 Summer bucket list ideas to try while the weather is warm and the days are long:

  1. Visit a National Park
  2. Go Camping
  3. Build a Sandcastle
  4. Have a Water Balloon Fight
  5. Visit an Amusement Park
  6. Go on a Road Trip
  7. Host a BBQ
  8. Have a Picnic in the Park
  9. Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary or Aquarium
  10. Fly a Kite
  11. Go Hiking
  12. Visit a Water Park
  13. Try Geocaching
  14. Have a Movie Night Under the Stars
  15. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  16. Go Berry Picking
  17. Create a Family Scrapbook
  18. Go Fishing
  19. Host a Family Talent Show
  20. Visit a Farmer’s Market
  21. Plant a Garden
  22. Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt
  23. Go Kayaking or Canoeing
  24. Visit a Historical Site
  25. Play Mini Golf
  26. Make Tie-Dye Shirts
  27. Go Stargazing
  28. Attend a Local Festival
  29. Have a Beach Day
  30. Attend an Outdoor Concert
  31. Bake Summer Treats
  32. Go Horseback Riding
  33. Make a Bird Feeder
  34. Visit a Botanical Garden
  35. Go Paddleboarding
  36. Have a Family Game Night
  37. Visit a Science Centre
  38. Go Snorkeling
  39. Make a Documentary Of Your Summer
  40. Go to the Cinema
  41. Host a Potluck Dinner
  42. Go Rock Climbing
  43. Watch Fireworks
  44. Make Homemade Pizza
  45. Go Roller Skating or Rollerblading
  46. Visit an Art Museum
  47. Have a Super Soaker Fight
  48. Go on a Bike Ride
  49. Visit a Farm
  50. Have a Craft Day
  51. Backyard SlipNSlide
  52. Visit the Local Pool
  53. Make a Time Capsule
  54. Go to a Drive-In Theatre
  55. Visit a Children’s Museum
  56. Go to an Art Class
  57. Play Frisbee
  58. Visit a Planetarium
  59. Make S’mores Over a Campfire
  60. Go Ziplining
  61. Visit a Lighthouse
  62. Have a Puppet Show
  63. Attend a Stadium Match
  64. Make Homemade Lemonade
  65. Go Birdwatching
  66. Visit a Butterfly Garden
  67. Have an Ice Cream Sundae Bar
  68. Make Ice Blocks
  69. Try a New Sport
  70. Make a Summer Playlist
  71. Go to an Outdoor Fitness Class
  72. Visit an Indoor Playground
  73. Have a Relay Race
  74. Go Boating
  75. Create a Backyard Obstacle Course
  76. Have a DIY Photo Shoot
  77. Volunteer your time
  78. Go on a Cave Tour
  79. Visit a Waterfall
  80. Have a Chalk Art Contest
  81. Visit a Maze
  82. Visit an Arcade
  83. Try an Escape Room Challenge
  84. Go on a Ferry Ride
  85. Visit a Local Library
  86. Build a Fort
  87. Visit a Local Bakery
  88. Have a Family Karaoke Night
  89. Explore Your Town Like Tourists
  90. Practice Your Nature Photography
  91. Go Ice Skating
  92. Research Your Family Tree
  93. Go to a Local Parade or Fair
  94. Try Archery
  95. Do a Random Act of Kindness
  96. Have a Sleepover
  97. Take a Train Ride
  98. Do a Photo Scavenger Hunt
  99. Visit a Cheese Factory
  100. Learn Something New on YouTube

Why You Should Make A Family Bucket List This Summer

As a parent, you have no doubt felt the passing of time that sometimes feels like lightning speed as you go from one Summer to the next. Kids grow up so fast and I know I’m guilty of putting things off until later or choosing the easiest option sometimes.

But over the last few years, as my kids speed through primary school, the reality of how fast that time passes has really hit home.

Creating a Summer bucket list with your family is a special way of being more intentional with your time together and making those memories that you will all cherish long after they’ve grown up and left home.

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To make your Summer fun even easier, check out this mega Summer Planner too. It’s filled with activity ideas, daily schedules, and ideas to make your Summer memorable.

Make this your best Summer ever with these fun family bucket list ideas for the Summer break! New experiences, old favourites and special ways to spend your time together as a family.

We also have these fun Winter bucket list ideas for when the cold weather arrives!