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The Top Things to do in Bundaberg in 1 Day

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Discover the top things to do in Bundaberg for short stays! Bundaberg in central Queensland is a great family-friendly Australian destination for all ages. Best of all, there are plenty of things to do in Bundaberg all year round. Even if you’re only in Bundaberg for 1 day, like we were!

We visited Bundaberg during a family Easter road trip to visit my parents in Childers, which is around 45 minutes south of Bundaberg. Childers itself is a pretty quiet, especially over the Easter long weekend, but Bundaberg was still a hub of activity and fun family attractions!

While 1 day in Bundaberg is not very long, we sure did cram a lot into that day and found some of the best things to do in Bundaberg with kids… or without them!

If you are visiting the city and wondering what to do in Bundaberg, you will find these suggestions helpful. We detail the best Bundaberg activities for families plus some of their most famous Bundaberg tourist attractions.

Woodgate Beach Bundaberg Queensland


Find our recommendations for the best Bundaberg attractions for kids. We have provided loads of information for each to help make your Bundaberg day trip, or extended break much easier, including locations, opening times and ticket prices.

Please note these prices are subject to change, however, we will endeavour to keep these details up to date.

We have listed the Bundaberg things to do in order we visited them, to give you an idea of how you can spend your Bundaberg day trip, or to help you plan a longer stay.

Bundaberg is a great stop along the way if you are heading north from Brisbane. It’s a perfect road trip stop as part of a Queensland road trip itinerary.

1. Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park Bundaberg

We arrived fairly early on our Bundaberg day trip, wanting to make the most of our day. Not everything was open so early, especially being Easter Saturday, so we kicked off with some fresh air and fun at Alexandra Park.

Alexandra park is situated by the river, making it a great spot for a picnic or outdoor play with the kids.

It has an extensive playground area with play equipment to suit all ages. Best of all, it is an inclusive playground that includes wheelchair friendly play equipment too.

If you wanted to have a picnic or BBQ, there are facilities for both. And there’s plenty of room to kick a football around or throw a frisbee too. It’s a really large park!

We found that there were a lot of fantastic Bundaberg parks around the city, with play equipment, large spaces and water views for many too, however Alexandra Park was by far the stand out because of what else it has…

Location: Quay St, Bundaberg West QLD 4670

Opening Hours: The park is not fenced off from the public therefore there are no restricted times for the main park areas

Price: Free entry

2. Old MacDonald’s Farm

Alexandra Park Old MacDonald's Farm

There is a permanent farm enclosure set up at Alexandra Park where kids can interact with baby farm animals in a safe environment.

This attraction is FREE!

And it is loads of fun for younger kids… or adults! Who doesn’t love baby animals?

You have the option to purchase animal feed for $1 a cup although if you have younger kids, you will want to help them out as the animals get really excited. Our eldest abandoned her cup pretty quick and let dad take over.

There are brushes you can use on the larger animals as another way to help kids to get their confidence up when touching the animals.

Old MacDonalds Travelling Farms Bundaberg opens early in the day and is great free fun for kids.

Location: Within Alexandra Park – Quay St, Bundaberg West QLD 4670

Opening Hours: 9AM to 3PM daily

Price: Free entry

3. Alexandra Park Zoo

Bundaberg Zoo Free Alexandra Park

Just when you thought the farm animals were an exciting addition to the park, there is also a FREE ZOO in Bundaberg Queensland!

The Alexandra Park Zoo is a small wildlife zoo, mostly with native Australian birds, snakes, lizards and animals.

They have a dingo, emus, wallaby, lizards and… monkeys!

There is a pair of super cute  Cotton-Topped Tamarin Monkeys.

The Bundaberg zoo is operated by the Bundaberg council which makes it a pretty impressive addition to their free community activities and attractions.

It may be small but it is still a delight for children and adults alike to see animals up close that they may not normally see.

Location: Within Alexandra Park – Quay St, Bundaberg West QLD 4670

Opening Hours: 8:30AM to 4:45 daily

Price: Free entry

4. Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Tour

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Ginger Beer Distillery

Bundaberg is famous for more than one drink brand, and their Bundaberg Ginger Beer is a favourite in our family.

Make sure you visit The Barrel where you can do a tour of the Bundaberg Brewed Drinks behind the scenes area.

It isn’t an actual factory tour, however it does take you through an interactive self paced walk through area with loads of fun educational activities the kids will love.

Check out our mini Bundaberg Ginger Beer factory tour video below:

The best part of the tour is that you don’t need to wait until certain times of the day to do it as it is a self guided tour. You can start anytime and take as long or as little time as you like exploring the tour exhibits.

There are touch screens, guess the flavour scent tubes, robots and loads of educational opportunities to learn how ginger beer is made.

After that you can join a tasting and have the chance to try all 17 different flavours made at the factory – this includes 16 ginger beer flavours and an organic cola.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Tasting Tour

You can do a tasting without doing a tour, or enjoy both. Every adult tour or tasting ticket comes with a 6 pack of ginger beer bottles of your choice that you choose once your tasting is complete. This is a fun way to enjoy your favourites once you go home!

Location: 147 Bargara Rd, Bundaberg 4670

Opening Hours: 9AM to 4:30PM daily on Monday to Saturday and 10AM to 3PM Sunday and on public holidays.

Price: It is free to enter The Barrel and make purchases from the storefront. To join a tasting, it is $10 for adults and free for children under 18 or $12 for adults and free for children to do both the tour and the tasting.

Adult tickets include a 6 pack of drinks of your choice to take home.

5. Bundaberg Botanic Gardens

Bundaberg Botanic Gardens Lake

The Bundaberg Botanic Gardens are a must visit when you are in Bundy! There is so much to see and do, all while enjoying beautiful gardens and fresh air.

The gardens are quite sprawling and include a large lake in the centre, a restaurant, playground and museum on the grounds.

There is a train that takes you around the gardens if you’d rather not walk the whole distance. This is a great novelty for visiting the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens with kids too.

If you love wildlife, you will have some pretty cool sightings as you walk across the walkways around and over the lake. There are turtles and eels living in the lake. Loads of them!

We have seen turtles in the wild before, but never so many in one spot so it was really cool to see. And since you can feed them and the ducks, they are not even a little bit shy.

Just watch all the little heads pop up above the water when they hear your voices.

It was really hard to capture any good photos of the turtles or eels on camera, however you will have no trouble spotting them when you visit.

And if that wasn’t already enough fun, there is a newly developed playground near the front entrance of the Bundaberg gardens and it’s pretty impressive.

Our kids loved it and could easily have spent hours there if we didn’t have other things to see and do.

Bundaberg Botanic Gardens Playground

Other Things To Do At the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens:

  • Hinkler Museum
  • Japanese Gardens
  •  Ride the Australian Sugarcane Railway
  • Feed bird, turtles and eels
  • Enjoy a meal or snack at Cafe 1928
  • Bundaberg and District Historical Museum
  • Visit Fairymead House
  • Bundaberg Railway Museum

Location: 6 Mount Perry Rd, Bundaberg North QLD 4670

Opening Hours: 5:30AM to 6:45 daily

Price: Free entry into the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens. There is an admission price for Hinkler Museum and Fairymead House, which can be purchased at Hinkler Museum or online. There is also an admission charge to ride the train around the gardens.

6. Visit the Beach

Woodgate Beach Bundaberg

Bundaberg is surrounded by some incredible beaches! Some of them are really popular and can get rather crowded during the good weather (which is most of the year). But they are still worth a visit.

Bargara Beach or Elliot Heads are popular choices for beaches near Bundaberg.

We instead went to a quiet beach a little way outside of Bundaberg – Woodgate Beach.

Woodgate beach is beautiful and stretches a long way up the coast. There is never a lot of people there and it is a great beach to go for a family day out, with swimming or beach activities. A lot of people also come there to dig for bait for fishing.

Low tide is the best time to go as there’s more beach to run around on. Even in the middle of Autumn the water was really warm too. There were a few people swimming but mostly families and couples enjoying the views and good weather.

Plus the corner store over the road from the beach does some good fish and chips too for a quick bite to eat or a lunch by the water.

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Check out our Bundaberg vlog showing the Bundaberg attractions we visited during our stay. Subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss our travel videos:


While we didn’t get the chance to do everything we would have linked during our Bundaberg day trip, we did fit in a lot. There were a few things that we added to our list for next visit though.

Top of that list is definitely seeing Bundaberg turtles hatching, at the famous Mon Repos Conservation Park. 

Mon Repos supports the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on Australia’s eastern mainland and have been a critical factor in the survivor of the endangered loggerhead turtles.

During Bundaberg turtle season, you may be lucky enough to witness this special part of nature.

Turtle hatching Bundaberg typically occurs between November to March, during the warmer weather season. Find out more about Mon Repos turtle season Bundaberg and how you can book a tour via their website.

And of course, the other big famous Bundabergs drinks icon is the Bundaberg Rum Distillery. The Distillery is open daily for tours, which are family-friendly.

While we haven’t visited ourselves, we have heard great reviews and it sounds like it is well worth doing a tour if you have the time. 

What to do in Bundaberg:


It is around 4.5 hours by car from Bundaberg to Brisbane, depending on traffic. There are bus and train services available from Brisbane and other major cities along Queensland’s coast.

If flying to Bundaberg, there is an airport, however, most international and domestic services will fly to Brisbane or Rockhampton. From here you can travel via public transport or hire a car.

> Check the latest flight prices to Bundaberg

> Find the latest rental car prices for Bundaberg


There is a lot of accommodation in Bundaberg, to suit different types of visits and budgets, depending on which part of the city you are staying in and for how long. Here are a few recommendations if you are staying for one night or more:

Alexandra Park Motor Inn – Central location across from Alexandra Park & Zoo

Kelly’s Beach Resort – Eco-certified resort located in Bargara

We loved our time in Bundaberg and can’t wait to visit again on our way further north for a future North Queensland road trip!

Bundaberg is a really family-friendly city with plenty of things to do with kids.

If you love the great outdoors, wildlife and that laid back Queensland atmosphere, Bundaberg is well worth a visit!

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Are you heading to Bundaberg? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to for your visit. We would love to hear it! And share this post to Pinterest via the image below! Be sure to follow us on Facebook or YouTube for more travel inspiration like this!

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