jucy condo campervan review

Jucy Condo Review: Our Jucy Campervan Rental Experience

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If you are road tripping around Australia, there’s no doubt you will spot the signature green and purple vehicles from Jucy. We decided to try them out and hired a Jucy Condo campervan for a 5-day road trip from Brisbane to Northern New South Wales and share our experience with a Jucy campervan rental for a family of four.

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Jucy Campervan Review: Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Jucy Van In Australia

If you’ve ever done a road trip in Australia or New Zealand, you will know the Jucy vehicles from a mile away. And you will also know they come in a variety of sizes.

Jucy vans are known as being a budget-friendly campervan and car rental option. But are Jucy campervans suitable for family travel?

In our Jucy Condo campervan review, we will share our complete experience with the Jucy van, travelling as a family of four with two adults and two kids for 5 whole days.


Who Are Jucy?

First up, lets go for a brief history of Jucy group. The company was founded in Auckland, New Zealand back in 2001. Hence why they are everywhere… and we mean everywhere, in New Zealand!

They now operate a campervan and rental car agency in both New Zealand and Australia, as well as in the United States.

But it’s not just vehicles these days. You can also stay at Jucy Hotels in Christchurch, Queenstown and Auckland. These budget hotels are located close to the airport and offer basic rooms and essentials.

We have stayed in the Christchurch Jucy Hotel and found the experience pleasant.

Plus they operate a Milford Sound day cruise in New Zealand. Again, we can say from experience, this cruise was fantastic and the price was unbeatable at the time!

So with great experiences in both their hotel and on the Milford Sound cruise, we were more than ready to give the Jucy rentals a try!

The Check-In Experience

The check in and pick up experience at Jucy Brisbane was brief but easy. We finalised paperwork and were given a brief tour of the campervan by a staff member.

Compared to the extensive check-in process provided during our luxury New Zealand campervan hire, it was certainly much quicker and possibly skipped over a few things. Thankfully, with past motorhome hire experience, we felt confident enough to get on the road and work things out along the way.

We loaded up the van and hit the road from Brisbane to Woolgoolga, NSW.

Jucy Condo Campervan Review

We hired the largest Jucy campervan in their Australian fleet, the Jucy Condo. This van is suited to 4 people, with one bed in the roof and a second that folds out across the backseat space.

On first impressions, the van was older and a little worn but not in any concerning ways. It was clean and reasonably comfortable for driving.

It was also a lot smaller than our previous campervan experience, essentially the size of a tall van.

The Basics

Here’s what you get with a Jucy Condo campervan rental:

  • Sleeps 4
  • Fully self-contained (if you opt for the portable toilet)
  • Curtains on all windows
  • Ceramic Cooktop or Portable Gas Cooker
  • Fresh and grey water tanks
  • 80-litre fridge
  • Duvet, pillows, and sheets
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Unlimited kilometres for your road trip
  • Bucket and cleaning equipment
  • Kitchen equipment and utensils
  • All cutlery and dinnerware
  • Towels and tea towel

Van Accessories

You get all the bedding and cookware you need for your trip so you only need to bring your personal belongings. This was a much easier option for us than tent camping.

The 80-litre refrigerator was a good size for our needs. We kept it full without struggling to fit what we needed, making an supermarket stop if needed.

We did not use the portable gas cooker that was included with the van. Instead, since it was only 4 nights, we made no-cook lunches and dined out for dinner the first two nights. Our last 2 nights were spent with extended family with dinner provided.

If you do use your campervan cooktop, there is a pull-out table at the rear of the van to make this easier and so you don’t have to cook inside your van.

Fully Self-Contained

By definition, to be fully self contained, your vehicle requires a toilet. We did not request the portable toilet with our van hire. It was a last minute decision, considering one of our original reasons for booking was to have this option available.

However, we were staying in a holiday park for 2 nights and with friends and family on the last 2 nights and knew we would always have a toilet available.

The portable toilets are available if you want though!


One of the biggest challenges we experienced as a family of four travelling in the Jucy Condo is the lack of storage space. As we opted for the VIP insurance, we were provided complimentary camping chairs and table which took up the large majority of the storage space under the rear bench.

There are pockets around the roof the the RV, but these are quite small and suit food or toiletry items you want quick access to, rather than clothing.

INSIDER TIP: Use packing cubes for your clothing and a soft carry bag that can be folded down flat. You can fit packing cubes into the small storage space much easier than suitcases or a large bag.

Jucy condo campervan

We shoved most of our packing cubes down under the bench seat but everything else moved between the top bed storage while driving and the kitchen countertop when parked up, which was a bit of a pain!

We packed relatively light, but four people means more gear than just two!


The Jucy Condo campervan has two double beds. The top bed in the roof pulls out to make an extra long bed. Originally we thought this might be the bed we used, however with a bad back, and no space to lay on his side, this wasn’t an option for Simon.

I did sleep in the top bed on the first night as our eldest was unwell and needed quick access out the door. Just one of those fun parts of travelling with kids…

I think I slept better on the top bed despite the very low roof. It feels like sleeping in a pod and isn’t a great option if you are claustrophobic, however, the kids loved their top bunk.

The bottom bed pulls out from the bench seat behind the front seats. It folds out into a mattress with the passenger seats becoming part of the bed.

This means if you are tall… or a normal-sized adult for that matter, your feet will end up on the passenger seats with a gap in the middle. I didn’t love this idea for cooler weather, but we survived.

The bedding is very warm and comfortable to make up for the basic beds at least.

We slept 4 nights in our Jucy Camper – 2 nights in Woolgoolga and 2 nights in Yamba.

Extra Features

There is a radio and a CD player built into the dashboard with an auxiliary cable. We listed to the local radio stations at times, or used our Blutooth UE Boom speaker instead.

We also discovered that we had a DVD player built into the rear roof. I’m not sure this is in all the vehicles as it was not mentioned anywhere. We of course didn’t have any DVDs, but it would be great if you have small kids to keep them entertained.

We took iPads with downloaded Netflix shows so we could watch without needing wifi.

There are 2 USB ports in the rear for charging and 2 power sockets. The power sockets only work when you are plugged into a powered campsite though.


We had no issues with drivability of the van. It drove the distances without issue. Everything was fairly easy to find, with the exception of the fuel cap switch which.

The instructions provided in the van are very basic, but what tricked us was more that the cap was sticking. When we turned it into a 2 person job, it thankfully opened so we could refuel!

There were no other issues otherwise.

Excess Reduction Cover

We opted for the Stress-Free Plus insurance option, which is the highest level of cover offered. This meant zero excess and pretty much zero stress.

It also came with a few extra perks like free GPS hire (even if it’s a bit outdated and got us lost once), as well as camp chairs and a camp table.

This is not essential but for peace of mind, we usually always do just because you never know.

And we did have a few incidents when doing our New Zealand South Island road trip by motorhome, with a cracked windscreen and a crack in the rear bumper. Sometimes these things happen.

On this trip, we had no incidents at all but even with the extra insurance it was still a really affordable campervan hire! We paid just over $500 AU for 5 days hire.

Is The Jucy Condo Campervan Child-Friendly?

This is our second motorhome trip with kids and it is becoming one of our favourite ways to travel as a family!

We love the fact that you can jump in and drive to where you want to go, stop randomly to explore something that catches your eye and sleep in some pretty amazing spots.

And the kids have been obsessed with Jucy campers since seeing them all over New Zealand! So they were over the moon to have a Jucy road trip experience.

They loved their top bunk and had plenty of space in their chairs while driving. In fact, they had about a metre between their chairs which was probably great for us too… less getting in each other’s personal space and bickering!

They had room beside each of their seats to store their road trip activities and snacks.

While there wasn’t a huge amount of room, we managed fine since the van is really just the means of transport and a place to sleep. The best parts are what happens outside the van!

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The Final Verdict: Our Jucy Condo Review

We had a great time on our NSW North Coast road trip from Brisbane and were extremely happy with the price of hiring the Jucy Australia van.

With the total coming in just over $500 AU with stress-free, zero excess insurance added on, it was a budget campervan option while still providing basic comforts.

The Jucy Condo was suitable for a family of four with smaller kids. If taking a road trip with teenagers or four adults, it would be a bit of a squeeze at times though. But so long as you’re spending most of your time outdoors, it’s totally doable!

The biggest challenge was limited storage space and the beds weren’t overly comfortable.

A Jucy van is the perfect budget campervan rental for a short road trip, especially if you want an easier option than tent camping or if you’re heading to a new destination and want to save on accommodation costs!

Would we hire another Jucy? Absolutely!

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