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Surviving a Theme Park With a Toddler

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Theme parks can be a great family day out, offering everything from thrill rides, animal encounters and spectacular shows, however they can also come with a hefty price tag for entry so you want to be sure there is something to appeal to the whole family.

This presents a challenge when considering a theme park trip with toddlers or small children. Thankfully these days, theme parks tend to have plenty on offer to entertain family members of all ages.

Many theme parks have animal attractions and shows, such as Seaworld and their world famous dolphin and sea animal presentations.

Seaworld Gold Coast

There is usually opportunity to get up close and personal with animals for an extra cost, or at the very least, viewing opportunities that will appeal to the younger theme park visitors.

Seeing the animals they would normally only see in their books or on television can be extremely exciting and memorable for children of all ages.

Most theme parks will also cater for young children by incorporating a section of rides and facilities that can be enjoyed by a younger audience.

Many such attractions allow parental involvement for toddlers or youngsters who may be afraid to go alone, and are designed to be gentle fun minus the minimum height restrictions of most rides.

seaworld resort gold coast

The incorporation of characters and shows with lots of singing, dancing and bright colours is also appealing to young visitors. While some may prefer to observe from a safe distance in their parents’ arms, other kids love getting up close and interacting with their favourite character during their theme park visit.

When planning to visit a theme park with a toddler, there are of course extra considerations.

There can be a lot of walking involved, therefore taking along a pram or alternative to preserve little legs can be a huge help, although many theme parks also offer hire services in case you would rather see how you go.

It also helps to pack a few kid-friendly snacks, as all the excitement will likely make them hungry, and the last thing you want is to be standing in lines half your day for typical theme park fare, such as burgers and chips and other foods you may not want your child to be consuming in excess.

Seaworld Gold Coast

Of course the other essentials include sunscreen, a hat and comfortable clothing and shoes, along with any other necessities your child may require.

Plan ahead and you can create a theme park experience that everyone in the family will enjoy, no matter how young or old.

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