Las Caletas Beach Hideaway – Review Of The Best Puerto Vallarta Day Trip

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Looking for an amazing day trip from Puerto Vallarta? Look no further than Las Caletas Beach Hideaway! This gorgeous, secluded beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the incredible views.

This Puerto Vallarta day trip was the highlight of our stay!

Las Caletas Hidden beach.


Our day trip was organised by my work, so we actually didn’t know much about it before the day other than the fact it was a catamaran trip to a private beach with water and land activities.

It sounded great and not too different to one of the days spent on our honeymoon in Fiji on a private island in the Yasawa Islands. Relaxing and tranquil.

However, Las Caletas was so much more than just relaxing on the beach!

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How to Get to Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta 

A visit to Las Caletas Hidden Beach is via a boat, as part of a private day trip experience organised with Vallarta Adventures.

Our day trip began relatively early with hotel pick up and bus to the wharf, where we boarded our catamaran ready to transport us to Las Caletas.

Now I will admit I am not a great boat traveller so I did have my ginger tablets ready to roll as soon as we boarded and am glad I did because about 15 minutes in, I did feel pretty icky! But thankfully that was around when the entertainment kicked off.

Our crew consisted of J.C and his team and they were pretty much the highlight of our entire trip!

On our way to Las Caletas, the boys entertained us with a dance-off, each showing off their signature dance style and then getting down with a bit of playful competition between them. Plenty of laughs to be had! More on that later!!

las caletas beach hideaway.

Las Caletas Beach Puerto Vallarta

When we were almost at the Las Caletas private beach getaway, the staff at the island gave us a fantastic demo of what to expect for the day by showing us exactly what cool stuff was on offer before we even got off the boat!

Down one went on the zip line, another jumped off the giant water pillow and launched yet another staff member into the water and as we moved around to the jetty, there stood a massive line up of staff in their white uniforms waving to us.


Las Caletas hidden beach.

Not to mention the fact that when we got off the boat, we were served a welcome taco.

Yep, a WELCOME TACO! Pretty much life was made in that second. Everywhere should have welcome tacos! And it was so good! You could even watch the tortillas being made right there while you lined up.

So with a taco in one hand and a margarita in the other, let’s talk about the island!

woman making tacos on arrival at Las Caletas Peurto Vallarta.

What to Do on Las Caletas Hideaway

There’s no shortage of things to do at Las Caletas Beach. Take a swim in the water, sunbathe on the sandy beach, or explore the jungle that surrounds the area. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even go zip-lining through the jungle!

No matter how you spend time, you’re sure to have an incredible experience at Las Caletas Beach.

Here are the main things to do at Las Caletas Hidden Beach:

  • Guided nature walk
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  • Clay Modeling Class
  • Wildlife Encounters with birds, monkeys and other animals
  • Mezcal Tasting
  • Cooking Classes
  • Kids’ Adventure Park
  • Teen Adventure Cove
  • Relaxing on the beach or hammocks
  • Swimming
  • Water slide
  • Ziplining
  • Jumping pillow
  • Plus all-inclusive meals and open bar for the duration fo your day trip
hammock on las Caletas Hideaway beach.

There is something for everyone at Las Caletas. The private island has been set up for adventure day trips and has so many incredible facilities and offerings.

There are hammocks scattered everywhere through the trees, along the beach and over the water. There are even a couple floating in the water on little wooden platforms!! So cool.

If you are there to relax for the day, you can simply pull up a beach chair or hammock and enjoy an endless array of food and drink.

Oh, did I mention the open bar??? Like seriously, how awesome is that! And indeed I did make the most of that pure relaxation with an accidental mini nap in a beach hammock before lunch. It had to be done!

So if relaxing is your goal… you are well and truly covered for this! But there is so much more you can do at Las Caletas Beach Puerto Vallarta!


Parrots on Las Caletas beach hideaway.

If you love nature, you are also going to be very happy because not only can you enjoy guided walks through the jungle or just get a little lost exploring all the sights yourself, but you can also get up close and personal with some unique wildlife.

There are macaws and other beautiful parrots that you can pose with for photos if you like, or just admire from a distance.

They otherwise chill out on their perches or enjoy some snacks, completely oblivious to the tourists that come to see them. Very cool!

Woman with monkey on her shoulder.

And you also have the chance to meet a cute little squirrel monkey, just like the ones we took the kids to see in Monkeyland Punta Cana. I had to have a picture with them just so I could show the kids.

They adored the little monkeys so much! Actually, our kids just love all animals really!

Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta.

You can also see flamingos on the island, which was fascinating to me to see them in such beautiful vibrant pinks.

Every time I’ve seen one in the past they have been such a pale pink that I thought the pink flamingo thing was an exaggeration. Apparently not! So pretty and great to watch!

Apparently, there are also seals on the island but we didn’t realise this until after we visited the island.

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Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta bridge.

If you are keen on a wild time and love a bit of adventure, there’s plenty to keep the adrenaline pumping too!

There is a small zipline that goes into the water, plus as I mentioned before, the jumping pillow that you can have fun launching each other into the water!

There are water sports like paddle boards, kayaks and more. And just the chance to swim in the water at Hidden beach!

Sea cave at Las Caletas Vallarta Adventures.

Otherwise you can just enjoy exploring the areas of the island where you are able to, with endless pathways, and the rustic beach decor like this random doorway along the path.

There is so much to see and look at. You will have a hard time fitting it all in for the few hours you are on the island.

Las Caletas Hidden Beach.

Teen Adventure Cove 

There is a teen hangout area with plenty of adventure activities just for 12-19-year-olds, including a massive water slide, along with the adult adventure activities and a few more Teen Cove teenager-only activities to make their trip memorable.

Kids Adventure Park

If you are visiting Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta with kids, of course, they are catered to as well, with the animal encounters being pretty cool, but also a Kids Adventure Park for ages 4 to 11.

Kids need to be a minimum height of 1m (3.3 ft) to play in the adventure park, where they can climb and move through the adventure playground area. Lots of fun for sure!!

The smaller kids will enjoy playing on the beach, swimming and joining you for some water sports fun too, like kayaking.

Food and Drinks

Las Caletas Beach Puerto Vallarta lunch.

The Las Caletas Beach Hideaway tour includes a delicious lunch, prepared fresh on the beach. You’ll be able to enjoy all your favourite Mexican dishes while enjoying the incredible views.

Aside from the brunch taco on arrival, you are served up an amazing buffet lunch with plenty of variety to suit different tastes with meat, salad and bread, plus of course, there is dessert too!

The food was great and the best part is there are tables and chairs and buffets scattered all around the beachfront area so you can take a seat at any one and enjoy the scenery and meal.

cocktail in hand with ocean in background.

There is of course an open bar while you’re on the island and this means pretty much any cocktail your heart desires. Ask them to surprise you and try something new.

There are bars scattered all over the island so you never have to line up for a drink or walk too far. So awesome!!

Okay… now let’s talk about the entertainment on the way home!

las caletas beach puerto vallarta.

Onboard Entertainment

The one downfall of the day is the time on Las Caletas Hidden Beach goes far too quickly.

You only get a few hours to spend and there’s so much to do so you need to make the most of your time before it is time to bid the island farewell. Luckily the entertainment on the way home is beyond epic.

Like seriously… it was our favourite part of the entire day, and the day was pretty amazing!!

When you get back on your boat, you expect a somber but relaxing trip back to the mainland. You get handed a drink for the trip and away you go. But then something crazy takes place and you will laugh so hard your face hurts… at least we did!

Our crew put on the best performance on the trip back. J.C and his team kitted up in various costumes and lip-synced their way through the musical ages in the ultimate lip sync battle.

From Beatles wigs to afros, glitter jackets and fake guitars, who would have thought it could be so funny?

But it was one of the biggest laughs we have ever had and it made the entire day one of our favourite day tours we have ever had!

Puerto Vallarta Hidden Beach Las Caletas hideaway.

Seriously… you need to do the Las Caletas trip just for the boat ride!! The rest is just a bonus!

And while there are two catamarans, we are assured that the other crew was pretty hilarious too! We are sure we had the best one though ;)

Do yourself a favour and if you are in Mexico, make your way to the beautiful Puerto Vallarta and book your Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta Adventures trip! You won’t regret it!!

las caletas puerto vallarta.

Review Of Las Caletas Hidden Beach & Details

We absolutely adored our day tour from Puerto Vallarta to Hidden Beach and highly recommend the experience.

The day tour to this tropical paradise from Puerto Vallarta is through Vallarta Adventures to Las Caletas Hidden Beach.

The total duration of the day trip is 7 hours from pick up through to drop off, so make sure you have with you what you need for the day.

Mostly you want your swimsuit, sun protection, shoes suitable for the beach and any daily essentials you need. Leave the rest at home!

You can also meet at Nuevo Vallarta for the boat transfer.

This day trip will suit any age group as there is something for everyone to do on the island. Check out the website for more up-to-date information and bookings.

The Las Caletas tour leaves from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The Vallarta Adventures Las Caletas Beach Hideaway Puerto Vallarta excursion was by far one of the most memorable day trips we have had on vacation!

What was the best day trip you have ever had and why? Share in the comments!


Las caletas hidden beach.