Best Things To Do In Switzerland With Kids (2024 Update)

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Switzerland is a great destination for the whole family. It’s considered one of the safest countries in the world. It’s also small enough to be explored in a couple of days. With one of the world’s most efficient transport system, hopping from one city to another will never be a problem.

There is also an unending list of activities in Switzerland, and everyone will have something to look forward to.

Whether you’re travelling with toddlers, teens, grandparents, or all of the above, here are some best things to do in Switzerland with kids, that the whole family will enjoy.

Get around Switzerland easily with a Swiss Travel Pass

Getting Around In Switzerland With Children

The best way to travel in Switzerland is by train, which most kids will love. The routes are easy to follow and the trains are always on time. The whole country is postcard-perfect, too, and train rides always give amazing panoramic views.

Travelling by train is a great way to take in great views even if they’re not necessarily your destination.

While Switzerland is beautiful, it’s also a very expensive country, and this applies to train rides, too.

Nevertheless, there are several ways to take advantage of discounts and off-peak fares.

Train getting around switzerland.
Train through the Swiss Alps

Of course, it all depends on your itinerary, but here are some general tips for getting around Switzerland:

  • Swiss Travel Pass – This is great if you’re covering a lot of ground. You get unlimited transportation via rail, bus, or ferry, plus free or discounted passes to attractions such as museums and gardens. Children up to 5 years old get to travel for free as long as there is an adult Swiss Travel Pass holder. For those under 26 years old, there’s the Swiss Travel Youth Pass with the same benefits as the Swiss Travel Pass but at a discounted price
  • Swiss Half Fare Card – As the name suggests, you get half off all transportation. Children under 5 years can still tag along for free. It’s only valid for one month and if you have a short trip, then this might be more cost-efficient than the Swiss Travel Pass
  • Swiss Family Card – This is for children aged 6 to 15 accompanied by parents holding a Swiss Travel Pass or a Swiss Half Fare Card. This is also free of charge

Find current ticket pricing for SWISS TRAVEL PASSES.

There are many different kinds of cards, passes, and discounts you can take advantage of, but most of them depend on your destination or region.

So plan your Switzerland itinerary with kids and look for the best discount options.

Dining Out In Switzerland

What to eat in switzerland.
Enjoying Swiss fondue

One of the best things to do in Switzerland with kids is dining out, since happy tummies make for happy kids!

As with any city, dining out can be very expensive, especially in Switzerland.

An average dish at a sit-down dinner restaurant will cost around EUR 10-20 at small, casual fast-food chains and eateries.

Proper sit-down restaurants will easily set you back at least EUR 30 per dish. Do check out lunch menus as these options tend to be cheaper.

A great alternative is supermarkets. Most Swiss supermarkets and grocery stores are well-stocked with ready-made food and a wide variety of breads and snacks.

For this reason, having self-contained accommodation when visiting Switzerland with kids can be a great way to save money.

Of course, you could always make a meal yourself, but grabbing food from supermarkets and having a picnic in any of the beautiful gardens makes for a perfect day in Switzerland.

Best Places To Visit In Switzerland With Family

Best Things to do in Interlaken with kids.

There are lots to see in this small country, and here are some of the best places that will have something for everyone in the family.

From snow capped mountains to ski resorts and hiking tracks, Switzerland has plenty of options for enjoying the great outdoors!

We have included some of the best things to do with kids in Switzerland:


Interlaken Swiss alps switzerland.

Dubbed the adrenaline capital of Switzerland, Interlaken is a beautiful place surrounded by Alpine peaks.

It is known for outdoor activities like cliff diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, and skydiving, but there are a lot more on offer for families who may not be looking for something too intense.

While it is relatively small, this makes it easy to explore, making Interlaken with kids a great experience.

A popular activity is a visit to the Harder Alpine Game Park to see marmots strolling in the wild.

Nearby is the Harder-Kulm Cableway which brings you up to the Harder-Kulm viewpoint to see Lakes Brienz and Thun from above.

Kids will love taking a ride in the cable car up the top! What child doesn’t love a train ride!

Book your Harder Kulm Funicular tickets

Check out our guide on family-friendly Interlaken activities.


Get up close and personal with Alpine peaks at Jungfraujoch. Also known as “Top of Europe”, it’s the highest train station in the continent and is as scenic as it gets.

Depending on where you’re coming from, the train ride can be long, passing through Grindelwald and Interlaken, and up to Klein Scheidegg before reaching Jungfraujoch.

Once there, however, you get to see 360-degree views of snowy peaks. There are also several stores, museums, and exhibits to visit.

If you are visiting Switzerland with a toddler, there are some great options in the Jungfrau region that even the youngest kids will love!

Here are some of the best things to do in Jungfraujoch with kids:

  • Take the Jungfraujoch mountain railway up to the top of Europe
  • Visit the Ice Palace
  • Explore the 360-degree view from Alpine Sensation Exhibition
  • Marvel at the views from the Sphinx Observatory
  • Hiking and sledging in the snow
  • Taste your way around Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven
  • Have fun ziplining and snow tubing at the Snow Fun Park (Mid May to Mid October)


Basel old town river view

For families with curious kids, Basel is a great place to visit. It may not be surrounded by peaks and mountains, but it’s home to amazing kid-friendly museums.

One of the best museums to visit with children is the Tinguely Museum, filled with work by Jean Tinguely that features kinetic machines. It’s highly interactive and will surely be a great hit with kids.


Bern old town

Bern is a great combination of city and nature. The Old Town is beautifully surrounded by the Aare River, and nearby excursions like Reichenbach Falls and the Aare River Gorge are great trips to be awed by nature.

In the summer, there are safe swimming areas in parts of the Aare River, including the water at the recreation area at Eichholz.



You can’t go to Switzerland and pass up Zurich. As the country’s largest city, there is definitely a lot to do.

Zurich is a great city for families with kids! There are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.

Things to do in Zurich with kids:

  • Take a stroll through the Old Town and explore the historic buildings and narrow streets.
  • Visit the Zoo Zurich, one of the oldest zoos in Europe
  • Ride the Dolderbahn, an antique funicular railway, up to the Dolder Grand Hotel for stunning views over Zurich.
  • Explore the Swiss National Museum and learn about the country’s history and culture.
  • Visit the Spielzeugmuseum (Toy Museum) to see a huge collection of toys from all over the world.
  • Take a boat ride on Lake Zurich and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  • Go on a hike or bike ride in the hills around Zurich.

Plus, when the kids are asleep, Zurich has an amazing nightlife for adults to enjoy.

Family-Friendly Zurich Tours & Attractions

Enjoying Switzerland as a Family

There are so many great experiences and things to do with kids in Switzerland that you won’t want to miss.

Taking the entire family on a trip can be quite stressful, but the effort is always worth it.

However, with careful planning and a bit of room for flexibility, family trips can turn out to be valuable experiences for everyone. With Switzerland as a destination, it’s very hard to go wrong!

A family holiday to Switzerland can be great any time of the year.

FAQs Family Vacations In Switzerland

Is Switzerland kid-friendly?

Yes, Switzerland is a very kid-friendly country. There are plenty of activities and attractions that cater to families with children of all ages.

What language is spoken in Switzerland?

The official languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansh. However, English is also widely spoken, especially in tourist areas.

How many days should you spend in Switzerland?

If you want to visit multiple cities and experience a variety of activities, then a week or more would be ideal. However, if you have limited time, 3-4 days can still give you a taste of what Switzerland has to offer.

If you’re visiting Switzerland in winter, don’t forget to pack these essentials!

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