10 Fun Things To Do In Warsaw With Kids [2024]

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Are you looking for fun things to do in Warsaw with kids? Visiting Warsaw with kids is an experience you won’t soon forget as you discover some of the best things to do in Poland’s capital as a family. From historic wonders to adventure-filled experiences, Warsaw is a wonderful place to visit with children.

Our favourite place to visit in Warsaw is Łazienki Park

The Best Things To Do In Warsaw With Kids

Warsaw is proof of how Polish citizens appreciate their monuments. In this richly historical capital city of Poland, there is no end to such sites and attractions.

It may have you wondering if it will be a struggle to find things to do in Warsaw with kids so that you can have some quality family time, where even the littlest travellers can have fun.

While your kids may willingly join you during your visit to one of Warsaw’s incredible history museums, such as the Warsaw Uprising Museum, these attractions can sometimes be a little heavy and confronting.

Thankfully there are plenty of Warsaw attractions that kids will love!

We are going to share with you what to do in Warsaw, including some places that your children will love. And ones they can’t wait to brag about when they get back home!

We always spend at least a few days in Warsaw when in Poland and absolutely love the stark contrast between the old and new – a big city with historic significance making it the best of both worlds.

1. Explore Old Town

warsaw old town from lookout with people in town square.
Warsaw Old Town Square

Kick off your Warsaw family trip by immersing yourself in one of the most beautiful Old Town squares in Europe. We love spending time in Warsaw’s old town and our kids do too.

It’s amazing to learn the history of how Warsaw was destroyed during WWII, yet restored into the thriving historic centre it is today.

There is always an abundance of activity around Castle Square, right alongside Warsaw’s Royal Castle. You will often find street performers day and night.

There are also market stalls and delicious Polish food in the Old Town area. Enjoy getting a little lost together and see what you might find.

For a great vantage point of the Old Town Square, The bell tower at St. Anna’s Church stands next to Plac Zamkowy. If the kids can manage the 150 stone steps to the top, it will be well worth it.

2. Warsaw Royal Castle

external view of Royal Castle Warsaw from town square.
Royal Castle

While you are in the Old Town area, don’t miss your chance to explore the Royal Castle – the former home to Polish rulers.

You will enjoy the unique history of the Castle and when you’re looking at unique experiences in Warsaw for kids, it’s a pretty cool place to go.

Older children will likely appreciate hearing the stories and challenges of the structures, while younger children will get joy from pretending they are little princes and princesses exploring their palace homes.

Another beautiful castle to explore is Wilanów, which is a Baroque-style palace turned museum. In Winter it turns into the Royal Garden of Light, making it a memorable stroll you won’t soon forget.

3. Copernicus Science Centre:

Modern building of the Copernicus Science Centre, view from the river.

There is no better way to inspire children than by giving them education with entertainment.

Copernicus Science Centre will help you discover what it was like for Neil Armstrong to take his first step on the moon. Or learn your body’s physiological responses through interactive exhibits.

Younger children will love Buzz! This children’s gallery encourages youngsters to explore and discover.

The Science Centre is loaded with family fun and limited-time displays that the kids will love exploring. Plus, you can do your own little experiments and figure out the mysteries of the senses.

Things not to miss at Copernicus Science Centre:

  • Robotic Theatre
  • The Experiment Zone
  • Thinkatorium
  • High Voltage Theatre
  • Buzz!

If you want to add the cherry on top to your Copernicus visit, don’t miss the Heaven of Copernicus Planetarium. With films, live shows and laser shows to suit different ages, it’s a real treat for science lovers.

4. Royal Łazienki Museum & Park

Royal Łazienki Museum & Park with green lake and front view of museum.
Royal Łazienki Museum & Park – Palace on the Isle

It does not matter how many times we visit, Łazienki Park remains my favourite places to visit in Warsaw, and somewhere we will always make time for.

While children may not be thrilled at the idea of a museum, they will love everything else about your visit.

The Palace on the Isle is a beautiful historical building that now houses the Royal Picture Gallery. In the warm seasons, it overlooks the stunning lake, with ducks swimming around.

In winter, it turns to ice, making it a breathtaking view no matter the season.

Kids will love exploring the gardens with peacocks wandering around and other wildlife. There are lots of squirrels climbing up the trees.

If you are lucky enough to visit in summer, there are often concerts near the Monument of Chopin.

5. Warsaw Zoo

The Warsaw Zoo is not only home to a wide range of animal species but also offers its own unique history. It’s a place where children and adults can delight in an educational wildlife encounter.

The Warsaw Zoo offers the opportunity to see thousands of animal species -elephants, giraffes, and poisonous snakes to name a few.

You will have the chance to see mighty gorillas and the modern hippo habitat.

Plus, the history attached to this Zoo gives you an empathetic look into some of Warsaw’s harder times. The Zoo’s director, Antoni Zabinski, provided shelter to many during World War II and the Nazi occupation.

6. Rope Course Bielany Park

The rope course Bielany Park is an awesome place. Your children will definitely get a kick out of the rope climbing adventures, without special climbing training required.

There is no age limit for Bielany Park, making it an attraction for the whole family if you dare.

Get a huge burst of adrenaline in 5 different safe and exciting adventure zones. With varying difficulty stages, anyone can test their strength and endurance along the rope courses.

Young child eating a chocolate ice cream in Poland with a huge grin.
You wouldn’t think she was a grump 5 minutes earlier

Tip: Don’t forget to stop somewhere along the way for a Polish ice cream – Lody. The super tall lody soft serve cones will make every child’s day… especially if they have reached their limit with walking and exploring!

7. Multimedia Fountain Park

multimedia fountain park in warsaw by night with blue lights and decorated trees.

Located on the left bank of the Vistula at the foot of the old town, Multimedia Fountain Park provides you with a colourful experience.

Harmonious displays of water, lights, and sounds will have children enthralled as a story is told. Experience stunning performances while sitting on the grassy slope nearby.

This is the perfect activity if you’re looking for free things to do in Warsaw at night.

The fountain show occurs every Friday and Saturday at 9:30 PM in May, June and July, at 9 PM in August at 9:30 PM in September.

In winter, the main fountain changes into a multicolour animated sculpture of laser lights, with weekend shows accompanied by Christmas music.

There is a playground nearby for children to enjoy a play break and to give mum and dad a chance to sit and rest for a few minutes.

8. Vistula Boulevards

Vistula Boulevards alongside the river in warsaw during the day.

If you are visiting Poland in summer, the Vistula Boulevards are filled with people enjoying the sunshine and fun Warsaw activities that kids will love.

Take a paddleboat out on the river or spend some time at the mini beach area. This urban beach area is certainly a unique experience.

There are food stalls with international cuisine, beach volleyball nets, plus an array of cycling and walking tracks to enjoy.

9. Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and science warsaw from a distance with blue sky and clouds in background.

Easily the most prominent building landmark in Warsaw, the Palace of Culture and Science stands tall along the city’s skyline. The building is a constant hub of activity all year round.

Take the lift to the top and enjoy the observation deck of Warsaw’s tallest building. Kids will love seeing the whole of Warsaw from above, at 114 metres high.

Throughout the year there are concerts, performances and museums, including the somewhat eerie Dollhouse Museum that will take kids on a nostalgic journey into toy history.

You will also find a cinema, restaurants and shops. There is plenty to do in and around the Palace of Culture and Science as a family.

Man and toddler sitting on beach chairs on the observation deck of the Palace of culture and science.
Hanging out on the deck chairs on the observation deck

10. Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Last but not least, book a hop-on hop-off double-decker bus to do the sightseeing of this historically rich beautiful city.

This bus will provide you with the ability to stop at many of the most iconic points around Warsaw and experience these places at your own pace.

With a full day of independence, this is the best option to explore with kids if you don’t have your own transport.

Our kids love any opportunity to ride buses because they know each stop will bring something new to discover. Plus who doesn’t love a double-decker bus?

Book your hop-on hop-off double-decker bus tickets online

Fun Warsaw Tours & Experiences

In case you want even more ideas on what to do in Warsaw with kids, here are some family-friendly Warsaw tours and experiences that are especially great with bigger kids:

Planning your Warsaw Visit

Vistula Boulevards from across the river on a clear day.
Vistula River

Warsaw is one of our favourite places in Poland and somewhere you won’t want to miss. From the high contrast modern, growing city centre, set against old town quaintness. It really does have it all.

It is a family-friendly city that is easy to get around and plenty of things to keep the entire family entertained!

Family with two young kids standing in front of a fountain in warsaw poland during summer, with flowers blooming in gardens.
There are plenty of parks and gardens to explore with kids

Best Accommodation In Warsaw

There is no shortage of accommodation in Warsaw, being such a large city. If you want to stay close to the Old Town area, you can expect to pay a fair bit more.

For budget-friendly family accommodation, these hotels are good options:

Alternatively, book a private apartment or house via AirBnb. This is something we have done on one of our stays, although it was tiny for a family of 4. It can often be a budget way of staying closer to the city centre.

Getting Around Warsaw

Warsaw has an extensive public transport system and is relatively inexpensive to get around. Buses and trams will take you to all the tourist attractions if it’s too far to walk.

You can get tickets at ZTM points, in some newspaper kiosks and from ticket machines in the metro stations.

There is also a public bike hire system if you fancy yourself a bike ride around town. The first 20 minutes are free!

Or if visiting Warsaw with older kids or teens, join a guided bicycle tour as a fun way to see the sights.

Dining out in warsaw with plates of traditional polish food and kids meals on a table at a restaurant.
Enjoying a last day feast in Warsaw’s old town square

Dining Out In Warsaw

Just as accommodation is more in the Old Town Square, food prices are also higher. Walk a few blocks and find much more affordable options if you are keeping your trip to a smaller budget.

A Warsaw foodie tour is a fun option if you are visiting Poland for the first time.

Supermarkets stock plenty of options for easy meals. Fresh bread and cold meats are divine. Bakeries sell freshly made or made to order sandwiches for breakfast and lunch too.

Otherwise, pierogi, Polish sausages, pork knuckle and a sneaky vodka for mum and dad are all highly recommended!

Warsaw, Poland is a great place to take your kids. There are plenty of things for them to see and do, and the city is very child-friendly. From the beautiful parks to the fascinating museums, there’s something for everyone in Warsaw.

Which of these things to do with kids in Warsaw are you most excited to do?

For more inspiration for planning your Poland visit:

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