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Like so many Aussies, it’s only natural we have flown Qantas on many occasions. Both domestically and internationally, and even after all these years, they remain one of our favourite airlines for family friendly or any kind of travel. Founded back in 1920 in the Queensland outback, Qantas has become Australia’s largest domestic and international airline. Qantas also own budget Australian airline Jetstar, expanding their airspace dominance, with their main competitor being Virgin within Australia.

On our recent trip to the United States, we booked our flights with Virgin Australia, however the return leg of our flights back to Australia were with operated by Delta Airlines. Having had no previous experience with the airline, we were a tad nervous what they would be like, especially having had such a great experience with each of the Virgin Airlines branches. Thankfully our experience with Delta Airlines was a positive one! delta airlines with kids REVIEW: DELTA AIRLINES WITH KIDS Checking In Our flight with Delta Airlines was from Los Angeles to Sydney, which is around a 7 or 8 hour flight. We arrived at LAX with plenty of time, but the check in process was a bit confusing and chaotic. As we had booked our flights on two separate booking numbers, with mine & our youngest daughter redeemed with frequent flyer points and hubby and our eldest daughter purchased as normal, we were stressed we would end up sitting nowhere near each other on the flight as there had been no option to choose seats during the online booking or check in process, so we waited until we arrived at the airport and headed to the special services desk for assistance. Not being able to choose seats prior to check in is a basic economy restriction, so if you want peace of mind prior to your travel date, you may want to pay a little extra for one of the optional ticket upgrades. The process of getting our seats moved together on our flight was thankfully straightforward. As it turns out, the flight was pretty empty anyway so there were a lot of spare seats. On Board We were on a red eye flight so we were hopeful for sleeping kids for most of the flight home. With a 20 month old and a 4 year old, these things do not always go to plan! But thankfully our onboard experience was a positive one, which made the restless children much easier. The plane itself was a little bit older and not as comfortable as the Virgin Australia aircraft we had on the way to the USA, but it was adequate and well maintained. The entertainment system was also standard for an international flight. We did not utilise it as much on this flight being overnight, but there was enough games and kids movies to entertain the girls when they wanted it. We were served food about an hour in. A little slower than I had hoped, which mean our eldest fell asleep before dinner arrived. Not to matter… sleeping kids are a good thing! The food was fine. Typical airline food and adequate servings. However travelling with a toddler under 2 is always that awkward thing where they aren’t quite ticket holders so most airlines don’t actually serve them a meal. She shared some of mine instead, although later in the flight the flight attendants offered her snacks and extra servings of what they were offering, which was really lovely, knowing this was not necessarily part of the service. In fact, the service and friendliness of the staff on the Delta Airlines flight stood out as the number one thing from the flight. They were always smiling, chatty and made extra effort to interact with the kids too. It was definitely above and beyond as far as service went and made travelling with young kids much easier. With so many empty seats, many passengers were able to have a full row of seats to themselves to stretch out. We did not get so lucky, with me and 2 kids in our seats, but with hubby able to move to the middle row to give us more room. It made some difference… expect for the fact I had a clingy toddler who wanted to nurse or be held all night… not much sleep for me, but at least the rest of the family slept ok! Delta Airlines Review Delta Airlines with kids was a positive experience with adequate services and facilities, onboard entertainment, including wifi on select planes (it was not working during our flight and they apologised for the inconvenience), regular meals and snacks and best of all, friendly and helpful staff. We would be happy to fly Delta Airlines with kids or without them in future. In summary: Great service Onboard wifi and entertainment system on most long haul flights Not the most comfortable seats but adequate Availability of several class types 2 x 23kg checked bags per person for long haul flights between USA & Australia Seats not allocated until after check in for basic economy flights Flying with kids is never an easy thing so having an airline that can take some of the stress out of that part of the trip is always a positive and Delta Airlines does fit the bill! Check out more of our airline reviews here. If you need help planning your USA visit, check out our tips, reviews and articles on North America with kids.


Checking In

Check in with Qantas has always been smooth and easy and typically with few delays. Although our most recent experience did involve a 2 hour delay due to the arriving plane running late. They made up a lot of this time in the air thankfully!!

Our most recent flight with Qantas Airlines was from Brisbane to Los Angeles with a code share agreement from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, with Alaska Airlines.  This was just the two of us, however our previous trip was flying Qantas to Europe with the kids, plus recent domestic trips to Sydney and Melbourne.

Qantas check in at Brisbane International and Domestic airports is simple and quick. They have a self-check in area which is all electronic and prints off your boarding passes, then you line up to do your bag drop if you have any. These days if you are travelling to the USA, there is a new security measure that involves a brief interview process while you’re lined up. It does not add any extra time to your check in. They will add a sticker to the back of your passport to confirm you have completed the process and this will be checked upon arrival into the USA.

There are attendants available to assist during the self check in process, and can help with any seat change requirements you may have also. We have never had an issue with seating on Qantas, unlike some other airlines where our kids have ended up seated separately to us and we’ve had to go through the process of having our seats changed to be together.

On Board

Qantas planes are always well maintained and fairly modern with technology and facilities. They are upgraded regularly to increase passenger comfort and we have always found them to be more comfortable than some of the other more budget domestic and international airlines travelling the same route.

The onboard entertainment system has lots of new release movies and is updated monthly. There is plenty to watch and keep you entertained with TV shows, radio stations and games also. Some of the planes have different systems, but all easy to use. The earphones can be a bit tricky for the kids though as they tend to slide off their heads a bit. They need some small kid sized versions but I haven’t found any airlines that offer these yet. We managed!

They serve food at regular intervals with two big meals on long haul flights and regular snacks and drinks. The meals are good and the kids enjoyed them too. You can request special meals if needed before the flight via the online management on the website.

The kids were also given activity packs before we took off so they had something fun to do during the flight. This kept them entertained for a little while. It had memory cards, an activity book and pencil inside a cute little case.

Qantas with kids

The previous time we travelled with Qantas long haul, Violet was around 14 months and still small enough for a baby bassinet onboard. These things are fantastic when you travel with infants because it means you don’t have to hold them the entire flight but you do need to reserve them before the flight as they tend to book out pretty quick. The other bonus is when you get a bassinet seat, it is in the bulkhead seating section so you get extra leg room too! Woohoo!!

This was our little cutie snoozing away in the bassinet, which is clear so you can see them. This isn’t the case with all airlines and I love that you don’t have to get up to check on them.

Qantas with kids


One of my favourite things about Qantas flights, and many Virgin flights are also similar, is the friendliness of staff on board. Something we have noticed on our recent few Qantas long haul flights is a large portion of their cabin crew are men, which is awesome to see both men and women in attendant roles and a female pilot too! Gender equality at its best! The staff also seem on average to be older too.

You can tell they love their job! They are full of that much loved Aussie sense of humour and genuine smiles making the flight experience more enjoyable, even when you’re stuck on a plane for 12 hours!


Qantas have their own rewards program – Qantas Frequent Flyer program and there are many ways to earn points if you are Australian, including shopping at Woolworths supermarkets, however for anyone who is not from Australia, they are also members of the Oneworld Alliance which means you can earn Oneworld rewards points instead.

During our 2016 USA family holiday, we used Qantas rewards points to pay for our Anaheim accommodation for 6 nights. We are already on our way to another free flight or stay from rewards points redemption.

Qantas Airline family friendly travel

Qantas Airlines Review

Qantas Airlines with kids was a positive experience with great services and facilities, onboard entertainment, and activity packs for kids, regular meals and snacks and best of all, really friendly, fun and helpful staff appear to enjoy their work. We are always happy to fly Qantas Airlines with kids or without them in future.

In summary:

  • Great service
  • Free onboard entertainment system on long haul flights
  • Relatively comfortable seats
  • Warm woven blankets
  • Availability of several class type upgrades
  • 2 x 23kg checked bags per person for long haul flights between USA & Australia
  • Friendly staff
  • Easy check in
  • Oneworld Alliance member
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer rewards program

Flying with kids is never an easy thing so having an airline that can take some of the stress out of that part of the trip is always a positive and Qantas Airlines does fit the bill! Check out more of our airline reviews here.

If you need help planning your USA visit, check out our tips, reviews and articles on North America with kids.

Ready to book your own Qantas flight? Check out the latest flight deals on Skyscanner.

Qantas Airlines review


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