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Family-Friendly Things To Do In Seward Alaska

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Discover the best things to do in Seward Alaska with family, from outdoor adventure activities to some of the most beautiful scenery in Alaska. This kid-friendly guide to Seward things to do will help you plan the perfect itinerary for your stay.

Travelling with family and kids can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding which places are a good fit. Certain Alaskan destinations are more kid-friendly than others, and kids just might be bored if you go to the wrong location. Seward Alaska is a great family vacation spot during your time in Alaska. 

Seward in a small fishing town that is actually “big” for Alaskan standards. The town is nestled in resurrection bay and surrounded by huge mountains.

The easiest way to get to Seward is to drive from Anchorage which is only about a 2.5-hour drive.


Seward boat tour

The BEST Things To Do In Seward Alaska

Whether you want to try local Alaskan food, kayak, hike or go on a fishing excursion, Seward has everything to offer for all different types of travellers.

Here are some of the best Seward things to do that are family-friendly if visiting with kids for your Seward itinerary:

Kenai Fjords National Park

The most famous activity to do while in Seward is to join a tour from Kenai Fjords Tour company. They offer so many different tour options to see whales, glaciers, birds, the amazing Fjords and Kenai Fjords National Park in general. 

on seward boat cruise

The Kenai Fjords National Park is what draws the most tourist into the small town of Seward.

The tours range anywhere from 4 hours to 9 hours on the water depending on what you want to see and how brave you are with getting sea sick (we got sick on our tour).

We opted for the 9-hour tour which was incredibly beautiful but became miserable after we got seasick.

I would recommend the 8.5-hour tour which stops at Fox Island for dinner, which means you get a break from being on the boat the entire time!

Heli-Hiking in Seward

An Alaskan vacation is not complete without some sort of airplane or helicopter ride! This is fact… not opinion, so make sure you do some tour option along your vacation in Alaska.

Airplane Ride

Our most memorable activity in Alaska was when we took a flight from Talkeetna to Denali National Park and got to land on a glacier. It truly was an incredible experience and one that we will never forget.

Heli tour seward

This brings me back to Heli-Hiking, which is exactly what it sounds like!

You get to take a helicopter to a glacier and then hike on the glacier for around an hour. No matter what glacier or part of Alaska you end up doing this in, you certainly won’t regret it.

This would be my #1 recommendation before anything else in Alaska.

Glacier on heli tour

Fishing Tour in Seward Alaska

Seward is one of the most popular fishing destinations in all of Alaska, and probably the most visited destination of them all.

There are so many different companies, locals and charters that you can join to go on a fishing excursion that only Alaska can offer.

One of the cheaper family priced options comes from Alaska Northern Outfitters which starts at only $199 in the early offseason.

Regular rates during high reason can range anywhere from $300 to $500 per person. Depending on how big your group or family is, it might make sense to opt for a private charter for $2,000. 

port in seward ALASKA

Best Time To Visit Seward

Depending on what time of year you visit, the 4th of July is the time to visit Seward.

The population goes from around 3,000 people to over 40,000 in Seward during the week of 4th of July.

There is the famous Mt. Marathon Race and plenty of other community events going on. The entire town is blocked off which means there are parades, street vendors, souvenir shops and so much more.

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Amazing Restaurants in Seward

Whether the kids love seafood or not, this is the time to test their taste buds. Alaska in general, and specifically Seward, is famous for its seafood. This includes Alaska’s salmon, whitefish, shellfish and king crabs.

The famous TV show “Bering Sea Gold” takes places in western Alaska!

The Cookery is one of Seward’s most famous and visited restaurants. The Cookery would be great for a dinner time meal that both parents and kids can enjoy. They offer craft beer, wine, seafood and an oyster bar for seafood lovers. 

If you want some comfort food and great breakfast in Seward, Gold Rush Bistro is the way to go! If you want home fries, pie, burgers, tacos, pancakes, crab legs or salmon Gold Rush Bistro has it all!

This was the first restaurant we ate at during out stay in Seward and wanted to go back so bad but also wanted to try other places. 

Zudy’s Café is a quiet little restaurant that overlooks the bay and surrounding mountains. They have an outside patio that you can eat and drink coffee at while enjoying the Alaskan air. They offer anything from bagels, coffee, breakfast sandwiches and even desert. 

wildlife in seward alaska

Seward Tours & Activities for Families

One of the main reasons that people visit Alaska is because of the wildlife and untouched nature that it offers. This is great fun, but some families with small children can’t always go explore the “great outdoors” and backpack to find all of these animals.

The Alaska Sea Life Center is located in the heart of Seward and is a great place for kids in Alaska. You can plan a tour or just walk right in to see some of the amazing sea animals that Alaska has to offer. 

The whole family will also love wilderness dog sledding. There are several Seward tours that operate dog sledding opportunities, for something unique and memorable!

Whale watching cruises are another great way to see the wildlife in Alaska if you want a specific focus on these great creatures during your visit.

For older kids and teens who enjoy more active outdoor activities, kayaking is a perfect way to see Resurrection Bay and resident wildlife.

Or combine kayaking and jet boating for an exciting way to explore Bear Glacier together.

Hiking in Seward with a Family

There are endless trails and hiking opportunities throughout all of Alaska, and Seward is no exception.

hiking in seward alaska

You could easily get lost exploring the backcountry of Alaska even just a few miles away from town because of how much untouched land there is.

One of the most popular and beautiful hikes in Seward is the Lost Lake Trail.

It is located about 20 minutes’ drive north of Seward. The trail is 7.3 miles one way. But don’t worry, as you can only hike a portion of the trail to see some beautiful lakes and meadows.

Another beautiful and more family-friendly hike is the Tonsina Point Trail which is located on the southern tip of Seward in a town called Lowell Point.

accommodation in seward (1)

We actually stayed at Resurrection Lodge on the Bay during out time in Seward, which is located in Lowell Point.

Tonsina Point is an old logging trail that had open meadows, salmon, and even a beach to relax and have a family picnic. 

The easiest and closest “hike” in Seward is the Seward Waterfront Park. I would necessarily classify it as a hike because it is more or less a walk, but a beautiful one at that. Great for a midday hike or right before the sun goes down, to see the water and boats all docking for the night.

Along the waterfront park, there are multiple signs that include historical information about Seward and the surrounding areas to teach the kids something along the way. 

Resurrection bay

Family-Friendly Vacation in Alaska

Alaska is one of the most beautiful destinations in North America. It is also one of the most expensive destinations to visit due to it being so remote and far from other states.

The expense is worth it though, and to experience something as amazing as Alaska with your family is something you will never forget.

There are so many ways to visit Alaska such as a cruise, road trip, plane or boat ride. No matter what way suits your needs, Seward and the surrounding towns have everything to offer to keep the little ones and big kids entertained. 

Depending on what type of trip you are embarking on, you might be interested in visiting other destinations in the area. Places like Anchorage, Portage, Homer and Talkeetna are just a few of the neighbouring towns that are worth a visit. 

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