Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort Review

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Last year we took our first family trip to Vietnam. We didn’t really have a destination in mind when we started planning our holiday, but we knew that we wanted it to be somewhere warm with beaches. Vietnam just happened to fill those two simple holiday must haves.

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort


We started our Vietnam trip in Ho Chi Minh City for 2 nights, followed by our 6 night stay at Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort, before travelling north to Hanoi for our Halong Bay cruise. It was our first overseas holiday with a toddler, and thankfully it was mostly wonderful.

And the added bonus was the fact that we scored an amazing deal for our booking at Sunrise Hoi An Resort, which I spotted when browsing through the travel section of my father in law’s weekend newspaper. The deal was from the Luxury Escapes website and was about 60% off the usual price of the holiday package. Wooo!!!


The resort was around a 30 minute drive from Danang Airport, with our private car transfers included as part of our package.

The drive to the resort is quite an eye opener, with the much smaller and less hectic Danang… which looks very laid back compared to the crazy Ho Chi Minh experience we had just had. But more so is the contrast as you get out of Danang and onto the road towards Hoi An.

One moment you are seeing the most run down little shacks for homes along the side of the road, made from scrap of wood and metal, some barely looking safe to live in. You see broken objects scattered in yards, or animals tethered in the long grass.

Then suddenly it is all luxury resorts unlike anything we have ever seen before. The resorts were massive and looked more like something we may see on a movie. We were in awe.

We now realise Australia is seriously lacking in luxury accommodation… or perhaps we have just turned a blind eye since we are more budget family travellers these days than 5 star luxury. But if the offer ever arose…

But that’s the thing, 5 star in Australia is more like 3 star in many other countries, Vietnam included. And we were pretty excited to soon arrive at our own 5 star Vietnamese resort – Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort.

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort

The Resort

We were welcomed immediately by Sunrise staff, our bags collected and already on their way to our room while we were each handed fresh juice and given a comfortable chair while our check in clerk gave us a thorough run down of our experience over the next 6 days.

We were then escorted to our room, where our suitcases were already waiting.

Our package included a Deluxe room with a king size bed and a cot for our daughter (totally free of charge… unlike booking accommodation in Australia).

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort

The room was relatively spacious with a large TV (not that you will want to be watching it), a balcony with views of the resort and ocean, complete with a couch/daybed.

The bathroom was interesting though… Not for the shy! They had a glass panel behind the bed so until it steamed up a little, it definitely leaves you feeling a tad exposed!

But we didn’t stick around in our room long. We quickly headed downstairs again to check out the rest of the resort.

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort has a big water focus so once you step out of the massive foyer, you pretty much see water. There is a giant pool that leads to the second restaurant and down those stairs, there is an infinity pool with views of the ocean. There are also water features throughout the gardens, which look really lovely and modern.

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort

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Food and Drinks

There are two bars. One in the main building and the other down near the beach front. Normally there is also beach drink service, however during our visit the main beach was off limits after severe damage after major storms a few months earlier. Instead there is a beach just beside the resort where you can go instead. About a 5 minute walk.

Our meals were also included as part of our accommodation package, with certain inclusions at either of the two on site restaurants, and some of the speciality events that occur at the resort.

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort

Both restaurants had some of the most amazing food and we sure did give the menu a good go. In fact, I even discovered a new favourite dish – Vietnamese Fish Sauce chicken wings, which I have done my best to re-create since coming home. So good… yet they sound so bad!

On certain nights there are buffets or other speciality menus, so there is always plenty of variety in the food. Plus the breakfast bar is massive down in the main restaurant each morning, with a huge mix of both Vietnamese and Western food options.

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort

Resort Extras

We also had free spa treatments – 8 half hour treatments in total to be combined or used separately, so we both enjoyed a one hour massage plus I enjoyed a couple of facials and other treatments too. So good! The spa is extremely luxurious and you come out feeling so relaxed.

There are plenty of sport and hobbies facilities at the resort also, such as table tennis, swimming, tennis, table soccer etc.

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort

There is also the option to do a Vietnamese cooking lesson. We had this included in our package, and you can read about our Vietnamese cooking lesson here. It includes a visit to Hoi An Ancient Town to pick up fresh market ingredients and learn a little more about the culture.

You can also catch the courtesy bus throughout the day to and from Hoi An town for a spot of shopping. We did this a couple of times. So cheap. So great for kids clothes.

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort

Kids Club

The kids club has a playroom with an outdoor playground. The playground is fenced in although the playroom door is open and leads out to the pool area, so not somewhere to leave young children unsupervised.

There are lots of toys in the playroom, as well as a playroom staff member who organises activities for the children and can provide babysitting services.

In fact, they can even do overnight babysitting services and one evening after we enjoyed a meal at the poolside restaurant, we were winding down with our little night owl with some play time.

The lovely Vietnamese lady who worked in the playroom was telling us how she had to arrange for her mother to care for her 10 month old baby overnight as she had been booked for overnight babysitting and it was the first time.

She said she was very stressed as she is still breastfeeding (Vietnamese women are very open about breastfeeding.. it’s refreshing), and she was worried how her baby would go without her. The poor woman. We felt so bad for her and the child was quite high maintenance.

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort


We loved our stay at Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort. The resort was in a great location, just a short 15 minute bus ride from Hoi An Ancient Town. The resort facilities were enough to keep you entertained during a relaxing holiday, whether it be a couples escape, or in our case, family travel with a toddler. We were lucky to have gotten such an awesome deal too!

If you are thinking of Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort for your Vietnamese holiday, we highly recommend it. You can find accommodation prices.

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Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort review - Luxury Hoi An accommodation