Keep kids during travel

How To Keep Kids Entertained During Travel

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Travelling with kids can be challenging. They are restless, and require constant attention and entertainment. Therefore, parents must be well equipped with different gadgets and games in order to amuse their children. Tablets, cameras, smart phones and many other electronic devices are often used as a means of entertainment.

How to keep kids during travel


However, for those parents who are not so fond of these devices, a great solution is educational games which will also help children develop their logic.

Here are some great ideas to keep kids entertained during travel.

Toys and Games

Age-appropriate toys and games for the child are paramount. If children have something to play with while sitting and waiting for an endless drive to finish, the trip will go on much easier.

Parents should avoid bringing toys with several parts because the pieces might start to drop down under the car seat and this can be very frustrating for a kid. Magnetic shapes and letters are the perfect alternative.

Moreover, picture books, sticker books, and colouring books, are the best examples of quiet fun.

Considering putting together your own travel activity packs for kids with smaller toys and activities.

Keep kids entertained during travel

Group activities are very popular among toddlers. They love to engage with many people, so singing songs, telling silly jokes, and storytelling would be a great way to entertain them on the road.

Moreover, listening to audio books and CDs would be an excellent distraction from the boring ride.

Cartoons and Movies

Whether it is on a cell phone, a laptop, or on an airplane, television screens can be found everywhere. More often than not, portable movie players can be found inside cars, minivans, and trucks.

Therefore, if a family is planning a long trip, they should definitely invest in a portable DVD player.

Moreover, tablets, and smartphones can also be filled with different shows, cartoons, and movies and with a set of headphones, a kid is perfectly set for the ride down the road.

Finally, all gadgets should be fully charged before the trip, an extra cable or charging port alongside spare batteries should be on the top of the list of things parents must bring on the trip.

Board Games

The best games for exercising the mind during a trip are Sudoku games, mazes, crossword puzzles, puzzle books with word searches, and chess. If, on the other hand, kids just want to play and not train the brain, Battleship, and Jeopardy would be the perfect option.

Many kids enjoy doodling, so bringing a sketchpad or a notebook is another suggestion.

Travel subscription kits for kids are loaded with fun games, puzzles, educational activities and learning opportunities. Plus they are compact for travel!

Furthermore, a child would maybe like to write down what he or she sees in a travel journal, and make the time pass faster that way.

Keep kids entertained during travel

Teenagers are all about gadgets these days, so they will probably only need their smartphone so they can snap pictures of fascinating scenery or people in the car, and make a travel scrapbook later on.

A deck of cards is always a fun way to entertain and it offers numerous game opportunities children can play among themselves, or on their own.

For those who love a little competition Hangman, Dots and Tic-Tac-Toe are the best options.

Nowadays there are so many great ways to entertain children thanks to the technology, creativity and numerous educational games.

All of these are the perfect way to entertain children during a trip, as long as they are having fun and not distracting their parent while driving.