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14 Family-Friendly Camping Grounds In South Island New Zealand

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There is no better way to truly appreciate the breathtaking landscape of New Zealand than by campervan!

When the journey is just as important as the end destination, this is the ultimate way to do it. And there are some spectacular camping grounds on New Zealand’s South Island.

To help you plan your New Zealand motorhome holiday or caravan road trip, we have put together the complete list of South Island campsites we stayed at during our winter campervan adventure, but first, let us cover the basics of campervanning around New Zealand.

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Ultimate Guide To Campgrounds In South Island New Zealand

Tips For a New Zealand Campervan Road Trip 

We spent 16 days exploring South Island of New Zealand by campervan with kids and it was incredible!

This was a completely new way to travel for us, having never really done anything like it, but we are now officially hooked and can’t wait to head back to New Zealand and other parts of the world to experience them the van life way!

Making the decision to explore New Zealand by campervan can be daunting as there are simply so many options available.

Your best place to start is working out how long much time you can give to your trip and setting a budget.

The great thing about motorhome travel is the fact that your accommodation comes with you everywhere you go, and if you choose to freedom camp, it can make your trip more budget-friendly overall!

But of course, you’ve still got fuel, gas and the occasional powered site costs to recharge along the way.

Star RV Motorhomes driving along the coastline


Our favourite way to explore NZ is by motorhome! Check out Jucy Campervans for a budget option or for extra comfort try Star RV.

You can essentially rent a car and stay at campsites with facilities if you want to rough it and keep it really low budget. I can’t think of anything worse when travelling with kids though.

We opted for comfort on the road with a Wilderness Motorhomes Outback 4 campervan to suit 4 people.

Knowing we were travelling for 16 days, we wanted a bit of extra space and luxury, which is exactly what we got. It also allowed us to stay off the grid for an extended amount of time.

We shared a full review of our experiences with Wilderness Motorhomes, and hiring a luxury motorhome.

You can read exactly how much it cost us to travel New Zealand by campervan for more than 2 weeks.

However, there are many different options for campervan and caravan hire in New Zealand suited to different budgets.


Need more help planning your next road trip? Grab our mammoth printable planner!!

Ultimate road trip planner.

Types of Camping Grounds In New Zealand

Campervan travel is huge in New Zealand so most places a very well signed, making it easy for you to know whether a place is suitable for camping or not.

Essentially the rule is so long as you are not parked beside a road and there isn’t a no camping sign, you can technically camp there in a self-contained vehicle.

We weren’t this daring though so we stuck to the places we knew were approved based on freedom camping apps and signage.

Campgrounds will either be for certified self-contained vehicles only, or suited to all types of campers. To be certified self-contained you need a toilet in your camper and the sticker on your vehicle to confirm.

For places where there are toilet facilities, you can camp there in any type of vehicle and sometimes in a tent too.

In summary, here are the main types of campsites in New Zealand:

  • Freedom Campsites – free public campsites or parking areas
  • DoC Campgrounds – Department of Conservation NZ run campgrounds that usually have a small charge associated
  • Holiday Parks – Paid campsites with powered and non-powered sites plus toilet, shower and other facilities you pay for the privilege to use

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Essential Apps for Camping New Zealand

We used 3 different apps throughout our New Zealand camping trip. Each of the apps shows different information so you have a better chance of finding a freedom campsite or low price alternative if you are on a tight budget.

  • Campermate
  • Campable
  • Rankers NZ

Of the 3 apps we used for finding South Island camping grounds, Campermate was our preferred option as it had the biggest variety of campsites – free and paid. It also had other essentials, such as fuel station, potable water, dump station, plus where to eat and what to do.

Rankers includes a lot of DOCs campsites that may not appear elsewhere and it did list a few extra freedom camping options that did not show up on the other apps.

Campable gives you paid campsite options, many of which are private properties that allow you to park up. We did book our Lake Tekapo campsite via Campable but otherwise did not use it very often.

You may also want Google Maps or a similar map related app too if you don’t have a GPS. We found our GPS did not find a couple of the addresses as well as Google Maps did.

Find out more about the essential camping apps we used for New Zealand.

Best Camping Grounds In South Island New Zealand

Find the complete list of camping New Zealand South Island campsites we stayed at during our 16-day South Island road trip campervan holiday.

We stayed at mostly freedom camping sites for the majority of our trip, with the exception of a few nights where we stayed at holiday parks or budget caravan parks to power up.

These were mostly due to the convenience of location in places where there is no free camping allowed, such as in the centre of Christchurch and Queenstown.

We definitely feel like we discovered some of the best camping spots South Island has to offer, both free and paid.

They appear in order of stay so you are able to follow along our South Island itinerary too.

1. Akaroa – Rue Brittan Freedom Campsite

akaroa freedom camping site

With a beautiful, clear day on arrival, we headed straight for Akaroa and kicked off our freedom camping South Island experience on day one.

This basic freedom campsite in Akaroa is essentially a car park near the Akaroa Harbour, with a short 5-minute walk to the harbour.

There are some views of the water, although mostly obscured by a chain fence along the harbour front and boats parked. However this free campsite is a short walk to the Akaroa town centre, with restaurants, shops and activities nearby. View on Rankers.

  • Cost – Free
  • Facilities – Flush toilets 100m away, rubbish bins, close to town.

Things To Do In Akaroa

akaroa harbour

Akaroa is a beautiful French-influenced town, right down to the street names. The drive getting there is an adventure on its own, with breathtaking scenery as you wind your way through the mountains.

Learn the local history with a visit to the free Akaroa Museum in the centre of town or stroll along the waterfront to the Akaroa Lighthouse.

In warm weather, go for a swim with the dolphins, or opt for an all year round wildlife encounter by taking a harbour nature cruise to see penguins, birds and the world’s smallest dolphins.

Want a hotel alternative? Try Akaroa Waterfront Motels

2. Leeston – Chamberlains Ford Reserve Freedom Campsite

Chamberlains Ford Family friendly freedom campsite New Zealand

There are not really any sites for freedom camping in Christchurch, however, there are a few scattered a little way outside the city.

Chamberlains Ford Reserve is located around 45 minutes from Christchurch in Leeston.

There are clean toilets, sinks to wash your dishes, plus picnic and BBQ facilities available for use. The highlight for us at this free camping spot was the swing hanging from the tree. When travelling with kids, these little things can make a big difference!

This was quite a popular campsite, likely due to the close proximity from Christchurch.

Be careful parking your campervan here after bad weather though as it was quite muddy and you may be at risk of getting bogged after heavy rain. At least for large vehicles like ours. Smaller campervans would be fine on the grassy areas.

During the off-season, they shut off some of the parking areas to let the grass regrow again which will help prevent this.

  • Cost – Free
  • Facilities – Toilets, large sinks for washing up, picnic tables, BBQ, tree swing. 

What To Do Near Leeston

Chamberlains Ford Family friendly freedom campsite New Zealand

There is not really much to do around Leeston itself, however it is a perfect spot if you are planning to spend a day or two in Christchurch like we did.

If you are short on time, we recommend taking a scenic tour on the Christchurch Hop On Hop Off Tram, as a great way to see the city and learn the history.

And of course, there are no greater views than those you will get from Mt Cavendish summit after a ride on the Christchurch Gondola.

Want a hotel alternative? Try Rendezvous Hotel Christchurch

3. Lake Tekapo – Mt Hay Station Shingle Pit Private Campsite

Lake Tekapo Private Campsite Wilderness Campervan

If you want to feel like you are the only people in the world, this is the perfect Lake Tekapo campsite for you.

This private campsite overlooks Lake Tekapo in the Mackenzie District, giving you exquisite views and a chance to stargaze under one of the darkest skies in the world at night.

Lake Tekapo has minimal light pollution making it a popular destination for astronomy enthusiasts.

This private campsite, which you can book via the Campable app, is around a 10-minute drive from the Lake Tekapo township.

It was a little tricky to find, as you will pass a lot of different entrances stating no camping from private landowners. This is to deter people from freedom camping here since it is private property.

There is no better place to enjoy the sunset or a morning stroll down to the lake and it was definitely a special spot to set up camp for the night. No traffic, no people… total tranquillity.

  • Cost – $25 NZ via Campable app 
  • Facilities – none

Things To Do At Lake Tekapo

Four Around the World Family Travel Blog

Aside from staring starry-eyed at this beautiful turquoise lake, Lake Tekapo is a pretty special place to explore. Wander over the bridge and visit the church by the water. They still hold services on Sunday evenings.

If visiting with kids, head over to the playground near town with an impressive flying fox – try it! We didn’t let the kids have all the fun… the view from the flying fox was pretty spectacular!

Make sure you take a drive up Mount John too. It costs $8 NZD to drive up the top and it is worth every bit! The views from the top are breathtaking from every direction. Grab yourself a coffee and bite to eat while taking in the scenery.

This is also one of the best places in the world to go stargazing due to there being such a dark sky.

Want a hotel alternative? Try Grand Suites Lake Tekapo

4. Lake Pukaki – Lake Pukaki Reserve

Lake Pukaki Reserve South Island Freedom campgrounds

This was one of our favourite South Island freedom camping spots for the trip. The reserve has room for around 50 vehicles, most with views of incredible Lake Pukaki.

They have 4 drop toilets towards the top of the reserve, making it suitable for non self-contained vehicles also. Park up early so you can enjoy a walk around the lake. Then pull up a chair to watch the sunset over the water and mountains. 

We made friends with a stray cat during our visit, who got a bit of fine dining with our leftover steak. The kids were also excited to go bunny spotting although only their dad was lucky enough to see one.

It’s actually pretty amazing that there are free camping grounds South Island like this, because in most parts of the world, you would pay a lot for these water views!

  • Cost – free
  • Facilities – Clean drop toilets, picnic tables, rubbish bin.

Get Off The Beaten Track 

Lake Pukaki Reserve South Island Freedom campgrounds

If you are travelling from Lake Tekapo to Lake Pukaki, which you totally should because you will be in awe the whole time – don’t take the way the GPS wants to take you! Nope. Get off the beaten track completely and go via Braemar Road.

This is an unsealed dirt road but it is absolutely fine for campervans and cars. No 4WD is required. This route will take you a little longer, but it is so worth it.

You will likely be the only vehicle on the road for most of the journey which means you can pretty much pull over every 5 minutes to snap a photo of yet another out of this world view!

We actually had loads of fun doing some video footage along Braemar Road. We saw one other car the whole way.


5. Warrington – Warrington Reserve

Warrington Reserve Campgrounds South Island New Zealand

This was a great freedom camping spot in a car park behind a playground and public toilet block. If you are travelling New Zealand by motorhome with children, freedom camping locations like this one are a winner!

It was quite popular even in winter and our kids loved the playground. A perfect way to burn off some energy before retiring to the van for dinner and wind down.

The campsite is a 5-minute walk to the beach. It is a quiet area due to it being mostly residential nearby. There are no lights in the toilet at night but they are clean. There is also a dump station.

Best of all, it’s only about 20 minutes from Dunedin making it convenient if you plan on spending a day in town like we did. During winter only the gravel car park area is open for freedom camping.

The grassy area is opened up through the rest of the year adding a lot of extra campsites, including some suitable for tents. View on Rankers.

  • Cost – Free
  • Facilities – Public toilets, playground, dump station, rubbish bins.

6. Kaitangata – Kaitangata Riverside Motor Camp

Kaitangata Riverside Motor Camp

We read great reviews about this place and it was sort of a halfway spot for us leaving Dunedin. Kaitangata is a really small town and the park is across from the river. It is small, old and appears to be for sale.

However, they have powered sites, free use of showers and toilet facilities, as well as a kitchen and dining room you can use. They charge $3 to use the washing machine and dryer.

The owner is friendly and was happy to help us out trying to work out how our power cord worked as first-time campervan users.

The one negative which had absolutely nothing to do with the Motor Camp was the siren that went off twice during our stay.

Once at 6 PM and again at 11 PM and it is a horrifying sound, like something from a war movie. No one seemed phased by this so with the help of an online search we found an answer.

In small towns in New Zealand the alarm is sounded when there is an emergency and goes until one of the local emergency workers can get to the station and shut it off.

Yikes! We heard one a few nights later in another small town too. Apparently, the locals sleep through the siren as it is such a normal occurrence. 

  • Cost – $34 
  • Facilities – Showers, toilets, camp kitchen, dump station, washing machines $3 use.

7. Lumsden – Lumsden Information Centre 

Lumsden Information Centre Playground Freedom Campsite

A definite highlight for campervanning with kids. We actually stayed here twice as it is the perfect halfway point between Fiordland and heading up to Queenstown.

This freedom camping approved car park has plenty of great features to suit families.

It had the cleanest and nicest public toilets we’ve encountered at a campsite so far, plus a sink to wash dishes, plenty of large bins to get rid of trash and a dump station.

Best of all though is the massive playground right next door that kept our kids entertained for 2 hours even after the rain. There are also two restored trains they can climb on and some interesting history to learn about the area.

The campsite is also right in the centre of town so there is a convenience store with Swap and Go gas across the road, plus restaurants, pubs and more.

If you park near the library, you can also use their free Wifi during your stay. Absolutely one of the best free camping South Island NZ options.

Find on Rankers.

  • Cost –free
  • Facilities – Toilets, sink, free Wifi from library, rubbish bins, playground, across from shops and restaurants, dump station.
Top 10 Te Anau Holiday Park Te Anau

8. Te Anau – Top 10 Holiday Park Te Anau 

Being winter, we decided not to brave the drive to Milford Sound in our 7.4 metre Wilderness motorhome. In hindsight, it would have been fine as the weather had been very mild with minimal snowfall.

Instead we paid for a coach and cruise tour from Te Anau.

There are no free camping spots in Te Anau for our early start, so we booked a powered site at Top 10 Te Anau.

They have kids stay free promotion during the New Zealand school holidays so this reduced the overall cost for a family of 4. The Holiday Park has plenty of fun stuff to do as a family, with a jumping pillow, playground and a TV room with a kids corner full of games and toys. 

The holiday park is located right in the middle of town so you can walk down to the restaurants and shops easily and enjoy your stay in Te Anau without having to rush to a campsite before dark.

We actually encountered a little incident during our stay with our campervan becoming bogged instantly when we attempted to park in our designated spot. The owner towed us out within 10 minutes and they allowed us to park on the roadside instead, on the other side of our powered site.

These things happen and thankfully it was sorted out very quickly. You will find most people in New Zealand carry tow ropes just in case.

  • Cost – $50 NZD for 2 adults (kids stay free during New Zealand school holidays).
  • Facilities – Showers, toilets, laundry, playground, bins, powered sites, hotel/cabin accommodation, close to restaurants and shops.

Book Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Parks New Zealand online

Things To Do In Te Anau

Te Anau Freedom camping south island

Te Anau is the perfect place to stop if you are planning a visit to Milford Sound. It is close enough to make your home base for the night and do the drive yourself, or as we did, take a guided day trip to Milford Sound.

They picked us up from outside the holiday park and we arrived back mid afternoon. A much shorter journey than the day trip from Queenstown.

The township of Te Anau is a hub of activity being on the edge of Fiordland National Park. There are some great restaurants – we enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Ranch Bar & Grill. There is also a free bird reserve around 5 minutes from the centre of town where you can learn about some of New Zealand’s native bird life.

Need a break from your campervan? Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park also has cabins available.

Kawarau Bridge Historic Reserve Freedom Camping Queenstown

9. Gibbston – Kawarau Bridge Historic Reserve

There is no free camping in Queenstown at all, however Kawarau Bridge is only around 20km outside of town.

There are no facilities and you can only free camp in the designated parking bays between 6 PM and 8:30 AM as the car park is otherwise used for the Kawarau Bridge Bungy Centre guests.

The views from the bridge and viewing area are amazing, overlooking Kawarau Gorge, however being a valley it has some crazy wind blowing and freezing during winter.

It’s essentially a car park though so no issues with wet weather at least.

If you don’t mind your campervan rocking a bit overnight, this is a great freedom camping Queenstown option. And perfect if you’re thinking about taking the leap yourself and trying the bungy jumping while in New Zealand. 

  • Cost – Free
  • Facilities – none.

Kawarau Bungy Jumping Experience

Kawarau Bridge Historic Reserve

Are you daredevil enough to take the leap? We weren’t however if there were anywhere I would want to bungy jump, the views from Kawarau Bridge make it a pretty darn appealing location.

New Zealand is known for being the adventure capital of the world, so why not start your morning off with some exhilarating Kawarau bungy jumping fun since you’re already parked up and ready to roll!

Prefer to stay in central Queenstown? Lakeview Holiday Park is a great option.

10. Queenstown – Lakeview Holiday Park Queenstown 

Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park Queenstown

This is a fantastic central holiday park with views of the mountains and close to all the action. Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park is the closest holiday park in the centre of Queenstown, so of course this means you pay for the privilege of convenience.

This was our most expensive campsite during our 16 day trip, however it allowed us to enjoy Queenstown by night without worrying about getting to our campsite before dark.

It has all the amenities you would expect of a holiday park, plus walking distance to food, entertainment and nightlife. 

There is a playground for the kids, including trampolines. They have activity booking services if you want some help planning your time in Queenstown.

This holiday park is massive but it fills up quickly so you may want to book ahead so you don’t miss out on getting a powered campsite for your visit.

  • Cost – $79 NZD for family of 4.
  • Facilities – Powered & non powered campsites, toilets, showers, dump station, laundry, kitchen, playground, booking service, amazing views and close to centre of Queenstown.

Things To Do In Queenstown

Lakeview Holiday Park Queenstown camp site

You could easily fill a week (and spend a small fortune) while visiting Queenstown, with so many great things to do in Queenstown with kids. It is a beautiful city that is especially lively during the snow season due to the many snow fields that surround it.

If visiting in winter, head to Coronet Peak, The Remarkables or one of the other nearby snowfields for skiing and snowboarding fun.

Queenstown is also a bit of a foodie delight with so many places to eat, such as the famous Fergburger or for delicious Italian food at The Cow.

And when the weather is awful outside, these indoor activities in Queenstown are great fun for the whole family!

There are plenty of other Queenstown adventure activities on offer too:

11. Hawea Flat – Red bridge Campsite

Freedom camping Wanaka red bridge campsite

Situated around 12km outside of Wanaka, Red Bridge freedom camping spot is a very basic camp site just over the old fashioned one lane red bridge.

It’s essentially a car park with room for plenty of vehicles.

There is a single portable toilet which is surprisingly clean and well maintained. You get a little bit of road noise but it’s nothing drastic, aside from the occasional horn blasting the next morning to intentionally annoy the freedom campers.

There is nothing special about this campsite other than the fact it is close to Wanaka so you have time to visit the local attractions in Wanaka, like Puzzling World or go kayaking on Lake Wanaka during the day, or hike Roy’s Peak. 

  • Cost – Free
  • Facilities – Toilet (portable)

12. Fox Glacier – Fox Glacier Lodge

Fox Glacier Lodge Campervan Park best campsites south island new zealand

This is a nice, simple holiday park in Fox Glacier. Travelling up the west coast of the South Island, there are not many free camping sites around.

There are a few scattered along the way, although many close over winter due to weather conditions. Or they aren’t situated in the places you want to stop.

This for us meant paying for accommodation for the night at the Fox Glacier Lodge.

They have loads of powered sites, kitchen, toilet and bathroom and right in town so you can walk down to a restaurant or bar. It’s also perfect if you plan to do any of the local attractions and walks in the area.

We read that there is a glow worm cave walk nearby however it was pouring rain so we stayed in and cooked a BBQ at the campsite instead. It does sound like it is amazing though, so if you are luckier than us with the weather and stopping here, make sure you do the glow worm walk. 

  • Cost – $47 NZD for family of 4
  • Facilities – Toilets, showers, laundry, kitchen, walking distance to shops, dump station, potable water, free use of BBQ

Things To Do In Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier Lodge

Some of the most breathtaking views in New Zealand are on your doorstep. If you can fit it in your budget, the ultimate way to experience Fox Glacier is by heli hike – impressive panoramic views from the helicopter before taking a guided trek through the icy wilderness.

Fox Glacier is said to be one of New Zealand’s best natural wonders and this is definitely the way to experience it. There are loads of different helicopter tours, some visiting Franz Joseph Glacier also.

Book your accommodation ahead of your stay – Check availability for Fox Glacier Lodge

13. Greymouth – Cobden Beachfront (Shipwreck Point) Freedom Campsite

Cobden Beachfront (Shipwreck Point) Freedom Campsite

This is a fantastic freedom camping grounds South Island not far from the centre of Greymouth. It is a beachfront car park area with clean flushable toilet facilities.

There is an outdoor shower although you would need to be pretty brave to have tried that in winter! A great view of the water and sound of waves crashing through the night makes it a really tranquil spot to freedom camp on the West Coast.

This campsite is a perfect spot to go for a stroll along the beach or around the river path around the reserve. The waterfront parks fill quickly so you want to arrive early to enjoy sunset views from your motor home.

Although there is plenty of room to pull up a camp chair on the beach instead if you miss the best parking spots. View Shipwreck Point on Rankers.

  • Cost – free
  • Facilities – Toilets, outdoor shower, rubbish bin, beachfront views


14. Cust – Cust Domain

Cust Domain freedom campsite South Island New Zealand

This is another great freedom camping site near Christchurch with excellent facilities. We arrived here really late after our last full day in Christchurch and a visit to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve so we did not get much of a chance to explore.

Located around 45 minutes from the centre of Christchurch, this is one of the closest free camping sites near the city.

There are toilets, picnic tables, and a small playground, making it a great spot if visiting as a family.

There is a community building and sports oval at Cust Domain although we are unsure what hours the community building is open, however it may mean guests have the chance to use these facilities sometimes too.

Loads of room for many vehicles. View Cust Domain on Rankers.

  • Cost – free
  • Facilities – toilets, bins, picnic tables, sink, playground, sports field

When it comes to camping in New Zealand, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the best camping spots South Island NZ, however we could not really fault a single one that we stayed at and would be happy to return to any of them again.

We also look forward to experiencing many other camping grounds South Island in future – or maybe the North Island next!

Campgrounds south island New Zealand Cust Domain

You can find our complete detailed South Island itinerary and guide for what to do in New Zealand.

If you are planning to campervan New Zealand with kids like we did, check out our printable road trip activity bundle to keep them entertained along the way. 16 pages of fun games, puzzles and activities they can do during the drive.

printable road trip activities.

Is a New Zealand campervan holiday on your bucket list? Leave a comment below and tell us what you most look forward to seeing. We would love to hear! And save this post for later on Pinterest via the image below! Be sure to follow us on Facebook or YouTube for more travel tips like these!

Ultimate Guide To Campgrounds In South Island New Zealand