15 Best Family Travel Vloggers To Watch On YouTube In 2024

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When it comes to planning our next trip, the first place we always start is YouTube! Family travel blogs are one of our favourite ways to get real family travel tips and destination advice – that actually suits travel with kids!

So to help you get inspired, we have put together a list of some of the best family travel bloggers on YouTube to help you plan your own epic adventures. Family travel vlogs are a fun, entertaining and relatable way to learn about a destination from people who have really actually visited with kids!

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The Ultimate List Of YouTube Family Travel Vloggers In 2023

 YouTube is such an amazing way to learn about pretty much anything you can imagine and family travel YouTube channels are the perfect resource for anyone planning a trip with their kids!

While it’s great to read travel tips and destination guides, sometimes travel videos are the best way to get all of the information you need.

We have listed these travel Youtube creators in no particular order. Each of them shares their own family travel vlogs and travel adventures around the world.

Here’s our list of the top family travel vloggers who are creating amazing content in 2023!

1. Four Around The World

While we aren’t the most cinematically skilled family travel bloggers (yet), we share regular travel tips, destination ideas and family travel vlogs on our family travel Youtube channel at Four Around The World.

Our travel adventures take us near and far and while we don’t travel full-time, we do travel as often as we can with our two daughters. Just your average young family exploring and making epic memories together.

In the last couple of years, we’ve added some drone videos into the mix too… when our Mavic 2 wants to behave. Who knew drones were so temperamental? Kinda like travelling with an extra child!

You can find our channel here. And if you love TikTok or Instagram, we share loads of short videos there too.

2. Heath & Alyssa

We’re Heath & Alyssa and for our honeymoon in 2014, we visited all 50 states in an old motorhome.

Falling in love with travel was easy and when our kids came along, the travel didn’t stop…well except for that pandemic part. Now we’re RVing all over the world with a four-year-old and an almost two-year-old.

Check out the latest at their website Heath & Alyssa too.

3. The Backpacking Family

We are a full time travel family who love to learn, explore and grow together. We also love to share our adventures on YouTube.

Our 3 beautiful kids are genuinely the stars of the show: Hudson (6) and Darien (3) are super brave and they are always willing to try new things. Baby Florence, our latest addition, loves cuddles and melting people with her smile.

Our YouTube is immersive, raw and real. We share the highs, the lows and everything between. We like to give glimpses of our day-to-day routine as a full time travel family.

We also love to bring you along for big adventures; whether it’s freediving in Borneo, trekking in the mountains of Vietnam, exploring temples in Japan or just sharing a giggle over street food. We want to teach our kids to be brave, connect with culture and love life.

Subscribe to their channel and join the crazy family adventures at The Backpacking Family.

4. HotMama Travel

Travelling mama of four, HotMamaTravel is all about epic family adventures! With boundless energy, Amanda leads the way, transforming destinations into playgrounds of fun for the whole family.

Discover family-friendly destinations, hidden gems, and insider tips for extraordinary trips. From amusement parks to natural wonders, HotMamaTravel tailors adventures to cater to all ages. Experience heartwarming moments and hilarious anecdotes that capture the joy of family travel.

HotMamaTravel brings families together, inspires wanderlust, and strengthens bonds. Pack your bags, rally the troops, and embark on unforgettable family adventures with HotMamaTravel—one destination at a time. Let the journey begin!

Follow along with their adventures at HotMama Travel

5. Wyld Family Travel

We are Mark, Bec, Willow and Marley, we are all about family travel and travel with teens. On our YouTube channel you will find videos about family-friendly locations around Australia, Asia and Europe.

We have hotel reviews, day tour reviews and just general travel stuff we think other families can relate to. We have travelled to over 40 countries over the last 10 years with our teenagers and have a pretty good grasp of what families want to see and know about travel.

Check out their latest video updates at Wyld Family Travel.

6. Less Junk, More Journey

Downsizing, selling your house and living in an RV can be overwhelming. This family of 4 creates YouTube showing you why it’s worth it to live a life of less junk, more journey.

They release regular new videos about downsizing, bucket list destinations, RV route planning and travelling full-time as a family.

Check out the latest video updates at Less Junk, More Journey.

7. The Go To Family

The Go To Family are Robyn, Daniel, Ava, Rose, and Ella. They are on a mission to explore the world together!

They have sailed through the Andaman Sea in Thailand, climbed Machu Picchu, and ate street foods in the markets of Vietnam and many more incredible places as a travelling family.

They make travel vlogs showcasing their fun travel adventures around the world from what to eat to things to do to plan your next vacation or cruise.

Watch the latest at The Go To Family.

8. Family On Standby

They have the privilege to travel the world for free. Just one catch. They only fly standby.

What is standby? They only get on the plane if there are open seats fifteen minutes before the plane takes off.

They fly with their 2 children, Olivia and Everett, who have been all over the world. Each has been flying since 6 weeks of age and having kids hasn’t slowed them down!

Standby (and travel as a whole) has taught our kids patience, flexibility, and most importantly: acceptance. They’ve seen people of all walks of life and it’s all normal to them!

Watch the latest from Family On Standby.

9. Hangry By Nature

Hangry By Nature are Tina, Andy & fam, lovers of all things Japan and any travel experiences that are downright crazy and unique.

They share useful tips and guides on Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia and their videos are always loads of fun with practical destination planning tips.

Find the latest at Hangry By Nature.

10. Growing Up Without Borders


Growing Up Without Borders is a Canadian/Swiss family travelling to every country in the world! 197 Completed so far.

What started as a five-week holiday in April 2013 turned into a worldwide adventure for them!

Along the way, they have gained a lot of insight into living and working in multiple countries with their 3 daughters, so they share what they’ve learned with weekly travel videos full of advice and recommendations for each place they visit.

Watch what’s new over at Growing Up Without Borders.

11. The Bucket List Family

The Bucket List Family decided to sell up and leave home for a world adventure and they now work as full-time family travel journalists, visiting new destinations with their 3 kids.

The Gee family bring new meaning to adventure travel with kids on this extremely popular YouTube channel full of exciting travel vlogs!

You can watch their latest videos on The Bucket List Family.

12. Crazy Family Aventure


Their mission at Crazy Family Adventure is to help families see how family travel is such an amazing way to deepen your family bond.

They do this by sharing real family fun and tips for how they travel with their family of 4. They highlight destinations that are perfect for families and share a real look at how travelling with your family isn’t always easy but it is fun, rewarding, and brings your family closer together!

You can check out the latest videos at Crazy Family Adventure.

13. Trip In a Van

Trip In A Van is Justin and Bec, who road trip Australia full time with their kids.

They share new videos each week sharing new destinations, van life exploring and travel tips for living in a caravan as they make their way around the stunning Australian states.

Find their latest videos at Trip In a Van.

14. Jones Family Travels

At Jones Family Travels, they are on a mission to have as many travel adventures with their family as they can and while their kids are still young.

Kids grow up fast, so they are intent on making the most of that time! They post a daily travel vlog of their fun family adventures and vacations!

They have a fun, crazy, and funny life full of adventure, living in Flordia and homeschooling their kids, with a life that allows plenty of regular adventure.

See the latest releases from Jones Family Travels.

15. Epic Family Road Trip

The van Stralen family is a family of 5 who sold everything except their Jeeps to drive around the world guided by their core values – WORK, PLAY, CARE.

For them, CARE means to “Create A Remarkable Experience” and they do this by leaving the people they meet and the places they visit a little better than how they found them.

From helping rescue stranded whales on a beach in NZ to living in remote villages, they’ve created an awesome life for their travel vlog family.

Their kids are grown now but still feature in their off-grid lifestyle videos from living in a cabin to getting back on the road for their Epic Family Road trip adventures.

Watch what is new at Epic Family Road Trip.

We hope that these best family travel YouTube channels and travel vloggers inspire you to plan more of your own family adventures. Whether you are exploring just beyond your own backyard or planning amazing trips abroad! And if you’ve ever thought about starting your own travel blog, you can check our travel blogging 101 guide here.

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