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We Went Travelling Without Kids: First Parents Only Trip

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We recently had our first kid free holiday in about 6 years. It was technically a work trip, but the kind of work trip that involves a luxury resort and a whole lot of fun.

Not a boring work trip with stuffy conferences and actual work! So for once we decided to keep costs down and go for a parents only holiday. Trust me, leaving our babies was hard!

I love travelling together as a family and missed those beautiful little faces so much and the cuddles even more, but we also had an amazing kid free trip too!

This was our first visit to Mexico and to be honest, I’d never even heard of Puerto Vallarta before last year!

Mexico isn’t a country I know heaps about considering we come from the opposite side of the world, but in saying that, I love the chance to experience somewhere new and unexpected and Puerto Vallarta did not disappoint for our first time travelling without kids!

But seriously… when authentic mexican food is on offer, how could it not be a great trip? Yeah, food is definitely one of the highlights of every trip we take. Gosh I love food! Give me all the food! 

So I mentioned this was actually a work trip, which was a big factor for deciding to leave the kids at home. It was an earned incentive trip for my beauty biz and therefore, for the two of us, it was completely free – flights, accommodation, meals, excursions, transport. The works!

Had we taken the kids like we did to the Dominican Republic last year, it wouldn’t have been a free trip!

So we struggled with the decision for a few months before we ultimately decided to give ourselves an adult break and save some cash at the same time. Trust me, it was a tough call! And I nearly changed my mind so many times. The mum-guilt was strong!

Aside from finances there were a few other big factors that played into the final decision. Our eldest is now in school in her foundation year – prep, as we call it here in Australia, and missing a week of school at this age would have set her back significantly.  

Last incentive trip, we missed out on a lot of opportunity to spend time with my international and interstate friends who were also on the trip, as we had an unwell toddler and spent a lot of time back in our room with early nights and room service.

Plus a few of the experiences weren’t kid-friendly. This would have been the same situation this year so we decided it would be nice to experience the full offerings of the trip this year.

Plus my parents were about to embark on full term travel around Australia so it was one of the last chances we had to ask such a big favour of mum and dad and have them stay with the girls.

This was special time for them before they began their grey nomad lifestyle, so even though I have no doubt the kids drove them batty some days, I also know they were grateful for it!

When you’re on the opposite end of the world, there are always challenges. Time zone don’t line up too well so teamed with school hours, we had very small pockets of time to call home. But that’s okay… we were on holiday so we kept no routines.

Technology these days is amazing! So long as you have wifi, you can communicate with anyone, so we called home once daily using Messenger video chat. The kids didn’t talk much but at least we got to see them and get updates. It was also a fun time to send them on a treasure hunt to find the next hidden present we left them some days.

But you know what… the kids were fine! They didn’t struggle without us. They missed us. We missed them. They had fun. Everything was ok!

And we got to enjoy an amazing holiday, just the two of us, drinking cocktails in the pool, enjoying fine dining, staying up late socialising and exploring the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta without a stress in the world.

Puerto Vallarta

So if you haven’t taken a kid free holiday in over half a decade like we hadn’t, maybe it’s time you gave it a try! Travelling without kids is okay mum and dad! You’re allowed to have a bit of time with just the two of you sometimes too… so quick, book the babysitter and lock in that exotic adults only resort!

Family travel will always be my favourite way to see the world, but sometimes a romantic couples escape is just what you need to reconnect and appreciate what you’ve got!

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