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Do You Travel With Your Kids or For Your Kids?

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This is a great question to ask yourself before planning your next family travel. While they may sound like much the same thing, the two are in fact very different. Knowing if you plan to travel with kids or for them can define our motivation for the type of family travel you do.

There is strong support for the benefits of travelling as a family. Kids learn so much through travel that they would not necessarily learn as well in a classroom setting. It can also teach them resilience and help them develop maturity through enhanced life experiences. Can’t argue with that!

Yet not all of our trips are planned with our kids as the primary motivation. Some of our travel is for other reasons, but with kids along for the ride.

How Are They Different?

Travel With Kids is travel you would have regardless of there being kids on board. This is a trip you may have had in mind

When planning travel with kids, this means your motivation is more about the destinations and experiences you want to see and do, whether you had kids on board on not

Travelling with Kids: Best & Worst parts

There is a huge difference between travel with kids and travel for kids when it comes to planning your next trip. At first it may seem like a strange question, but stopping to consider it can completely alter your next trip.

Giving your children experiences through travel can be some of the most rewarding learning opportunities they can have. Like most of us, learning is far easier when immersed in the

So how is it different?

Travel with kids is a case of taking a trip you would have taken whether you had kids or not, without altering your itinerary in any way to accommodate your kids. That’s not to say it’s not a kid friendly trip anyway, however the focus isn’t your kids. The focus is instead on a travel experience you would have taken regardless.

An example of this would be the fact that we are travelling to a wedding in Europe next year. We had not planned on doing a massive overseas trip like the one we are now planning, until they were a few years older. In fact, we had our sights set on a trip to USA in a few years as our next big trip.

However we have a wedding to attend so we will be heading over to do and see things we want to do and see, but in a way that they are kid friendly. There will be parts of our trip that will be for our kids, such as taking extra down time and visiting some fun places such as zoos along the way, but our trip is more a matter of travelling with kids rather than for them.

On the flipside, we recently went on a babymoon in the lead up to our second daughter arriving. The destination we choose was Seaworld Resort and Water Park on the Gold Coast. Sure it’s a great resort, but it really is nothing flash for a romantic weekend away. Nope, we booked it completely with our daughter in mind.

Unlimited entry into theme parks, on site water park, pools and character visits to the resort. Yes, that is a kids dream come true. We wanted a holiday to give her great memories and lots of fun before her life was temporarily thrown upside down to become a big sister. This was travel for kids.

So you may be re-thinking your next family trip now, asking yourself is it travel with kids or for kids?

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No need. Neither is wrong. Kids benefit from both types of holidays, however you can’t really say a tour around Vietnam with a 14 month old is designed as travel for kids, just as a visit to Disneyland or Peppa Pig World is all about your kids.

Considering these two types of family travel can really help you get the most out of your trip, simply by knowing what type of trip you want to be having.

Which is Better?

Let’s face it, most kids would not eagerly choose a holiday filled with exploring museums, admiring ancient architecture, or even hiking up a mountain. Some would, but most would prefer adventures such as theme parks, beaches and skiing as a first choice for family travel.

Yet kids benefit from both types of family travel. Regardless of what the motivation for the trip is, travel with kids exposes them to a whole new culture of amazing things to learn and being such sponges, they do learn and they do benefit so there is no option better than the other.

Whether you choose to travel with kids or for them, your kids will be grateful for the experiences and will gain so much more from it than any of you will realise, so book that next trip now.