how to create a travel activity kit for kids

5 Tips for Creating Travel Activity Kits for Kids

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Travelling long distances with kids can be quite the challenge at times, especially when the boredom kicks in! Bored kids are cranky kids, or worse… naughty kids. And who can blame them. Boredom is the worst! That’s why we like to create travel activity kits for our kids before we travel.

Not only does it keep them entertained for a large portion of the transport part of travel, but also provides some inspiration for quiet time during your travels as well, to give kids a break from the hustle and bustle of a full travel itinerary.

But how do you pick the right activity kit for your kids?

create a travel activity kit for kids


When creating a plane travel activity kit for kids for your upcoming travels, there are several things that need to be considered before you put your kits together. To help with your planning, we have put together a list of tips to consider when creating activity kits.

1 – Is it age appropriate?

First thing you want to consider is whether your activity is appropriate for the age of your child. For example, tiny parts and potential choking hazards are not ideal for toddlers and small children. And this may also need to be considered when travelling with multiple children of different age groups, because small fingers are prone to wandering. Make sure the activities are safe for your children, based on their ages.

2 – Is it compact?

When travelling, you want activities that are small and compact, easy to travel with and preferably light weight. This is especially true if you are travelling by public transport such as on a plane or a bus, where there is limited space to do activities and also a limit on baggage allowance. Find activities that take up little room or weight and that fit into an easy to carry travel case or pouch.

How to make a travel activity kit for kids
Leave the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles at home…

3 – Is it messy?

No one wants to be cleaning up glitter that has spilled all over the place or collecting the 3028 buttons that your child accidentally dropped out of their activity kit, all over the floor of the train you are travelling on. Nope! Avoid any activities that involve lots of tiny parts or mess. It will only cause you more stress than it’s worth so instead stick to activities with less pieces or that is unlikely to spill. Magnets or velcro can be a great option for keeping pieces from easily spilling too.

4 – Will it entertain for long periods?

While you want the activities you take with you travelling to be new and exciting, you also want to be sure it is something that will capture your child’s attention for a significant period of time and preferably more than once during your trip. Consider your child’s existing interests and the things they like to do for long periods. See how you can recreate a similar activity for travel so you know it won’t just be wasting space in your luggage.

5 – Is it suitable for your transport?

If you will be travelling by plane or sitting close to other passengers, it is essential to consider if your activity kit for kids is suitable for this type of transport. Obviously most glue or paint type products are not going to be allowed on planes, or anything else flammable, so you may need to rethink the model car building or similar activities. Make sure the items in your activity kit are allowed on board your transport… and even if they are allowed, ensure they won’t bother other passengers i.e. noisy, smelly, messy.

So with these tips in mind, what makes for an ideal kids travel activity kit? Compact, fun, safe, age appropriate, and transport suitable. Keep each of these things in mind and you will soon have a kids activity kit perfect for your next trip!

What are your kids favourite activities to do while travelling?