Traditional recipes from around the world to make at home

80+ Traditional Recipes From Around The World To Make At Home

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Bring your love of travel to you, without leaving home, by cooking up one of these delicious traditional recipes from around the world! These signature dishes from international destinations will inspire you to visit somewhere new, or simply remember why you fell in love with a place all over again!

Food is also a wonderful way to share the world with your kids, cooking together and exploring the many different cuisines and flavours.

Discover new favourite recipes with authentic recipes from different countries around the world, taking you on a culinary adventure from the comfort of your home kitchen! We have organised these best recipes from around the world by region of the world to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for!

The Best Traditional Recipes From Around The World

The best way to bring travel inspiration to your home or reminisce a favourite destination from the past is to get cooking!

Flavours and aromas are a powerful part of the travel experience for all ages. Each destination around the world has its own traditional dishes and specialities.

There are also those international drink recipes that remind us of our travels too.

International recipes to make at home together - around the world dishes.

For us and many others, food is one of our favourite parts of travel. While our kids may not yet have a total appreciation of these foodie experiences, we know eventually that time will come!

If you love sweet treats as much as we do, check out these must-try international dessert recipes to make even the sweetest of sweet tooth’s happy!

We asked talented food bloggers and travelling foodies to share their best traditional recipes from around the world to help you create the ultimate staycation and travel without leaving home!

Recipes From Around The World

Take your tastebuds on a voyage around the world with these traditional and much-loved recipes from around the world. Across continents and borders, you can cook up a storm with your family. Choose a destination and create a foodie staycation at home, starting with your kitchen! This is a budget way to travel without leaving your home!


Whether it is fragrant curries and rice dishes you love, or simply trying your hand at making naan for the first time, these Indian food recipes are sure to create a meal the whole family will enjoy!


South-East Asia brings some incredible foodie destinations, from Vietnam to Malaysia, Burma and beyond!


From Southeast Asia, venture further on your Asia food discovery into Eastern Asia, where you will find dishes from Korea, China, Japan and beyond.


With delicious aromas and signature flavours, bringing the tastes of the Middle East into your kitchen is a decision you won't regret!


North America and the surrounding Americas brings many countries and its wide variety of foods together. Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Jamaican... and of course, the USA!


Travel your taste buds into the heart of South America with signature recipes from Peru and Brazil.


There is no denying that Europe is one of our favourite foodie destinations and these recipes from Europe will take you to almost every corner of the European continent - Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain and so many places in between. Your biggest challenge is to pick a destination to explore in the kitchen!


The United Kingdom deserves its own special mention, with the comfort foods that are much loved by the British!


Take a journey to South Africa with these delicious traditional recipes to try at home.


Just when you thought we had given you enough yummy recipes to try from Asia, we thought you'd like a few more, this time from Western Asia - Lebanon.

Our Favourite International Cusines

We have so many favourite cuisines and international dishes from around the world. Many we have experienced during our travels. While others are recreated closer to home.

While our home country of Australia itself isn’t the most exciting foodie destination, we do have a few desserts worth trying. And of course, there is Vegemite.

Lamb is a popular meat option… especially around Australia Day. Although it’s definitely better in New Zealand. We do have a few desserts worth trying. And of course, there is Vegemite.

Do you love Disney? Bring the Disney inspiration into your kitchen with these copycat recipes from Disneyland & Walt Disney World.

Polish food - pierogi and golonka .
Our last night dinner in Warsaw, Poland

Instead, one of our favourite cuisines is definitely Polish!

Traditional Polish food such as pierogi (dumplings), kielbasa (pork sausages) and Golonka (pork knuckle) are a must when visiting Poland!

We also love Middle Eastern food and Mexican food. And while there are plenty of Mexican restaurants here and abroad, nothing quite beats the real thing!

I will never forget the poolside taco bar at Secrets Vallarta Bay. And beyond the resort too!

Vietnamese food is another of our favourites. We got to do a cooking class in Hoi An during our visit to Vietnam and have since made a few of our favourite traditional dishes back home.

These food from around the world recipes are a delicious way of celebrating your love of food with new recipes for your weekly meal plan or special occasions!

Do you have a favourite international recipe you love to make at home or is there a traditional dish that you can’t wait to eat again when you visit somewhere next? Tell us about it in the comments!

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