Ho Chi Minh City Temple

Telling Fortunes in HCMC

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During our visit to Ho Chi Minh City last year, we did an amazing foodie tour on our first full day.

Part of our tour involved a visit to a temple. I can’t recall much of the background on the temple itself, however we saw people stopping to do something with a set of sticks on the ground. Our tour guide told us they were doing their fortunes and asked if we wanted to do ours.

With a baby strapped to my chest it was a bit hard to get down and kneel so Simon went ahead and had a go instead.

Fortune Telling sticks in HCMC

He had to shake the container then pour the sticks onto the ground. We have no idea how it worked beyond there, but something to do with the way they fell resulted in a certain stick being chosen.

Ho Chi Minh City Temple

Our guide took us around to a room to the side and there was a wall of symbols with sheets of paper in them. He found the one that corresponded with Simon’s and read it… but not out loud. The fortune stated it would be a bad year ahead.

Being the skeptics we are, we probably laughed. Sadly it was accurate and scrolling past this photo only the other day we were reminded of this prediction. It may be a little more reliable than we gave it credit for… or a huge coincidence!