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Planning a stress free family holiday is sometimes easier said than done, with all the different aspects that need to be considered… not to mention the extra challenges of travelling with kids. We have guest blogger and fellow Aussie Sophia Smith sharing tips and destinations for your next perfect holiday:


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The whole purpose of a vacation is to spend a stress-free time in some lovely place with the people you love or spend time getting lol coaching sessions. Still sometimes preparation for the trip and even the time you spend there are all but relaxing. And you should do your best to avoid it.

First thing to realize is that you cannot do everything by yourself. Include the kids and the partner in choosing the location and date and packing the things. Opt for a suny and relaxing destination, because we all know that sunny days mean more happiness.

Prepare some pleasant music for the road and take a piece of your home with you (some holiday tradition you have when at home – dinner, reading a story, etc.).

In the end, make a deal with all the members that there will be no arguing or other unpleasant things during the holiday. Here are top choices for your stress-free family getaway destinations.


Perhaps you have never considered Mexico as the ideal holiday destination, but, the truth is, this country loves when families come visit and once they are there, both the kids and the parents are instantly captivated. Experience the legendary Mexican hospitality which will make you feel welcomed and relaxed.

The kids will be entertained in Mexico City’s museums and pony rides of Chapultepec Park. Do not stop at the capital; move on to the family-friendly beaches of Yucatan Peninsula or Puerto Vallarta.

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Dominican Republic

Ideal weather, scenic beaches, outstanding activities and child-friendly accommodation are the combination that makes the Dominican Republic one of the best family holiday destinations.

Many of the hotels in the popular Punta Cana offer excellent entertainment and activities for kids, so if you want to spend some time alone, the children can be occupied for hours.

They can even get up close with monkeys at nearby Monkey Land.

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Oh Tahiti, the land where it is impossible to get annoyed or be stressed out for some reason. The fact that the majority of Tahiti hotels offer great accommodation for kids and some extra activities for them to be amused will make your holiday worries-free.

The diverse offer of Tahiti includes cruises, adventure trips, family escapes and a bunch of indulging options.


Another picturesque destination has plenty to offer to a family seeking to spend some pleasant times in tropical paradise.

The most family-friendly destination in Thailand is Phuket because its numerous family resorts, warm waters, clean seas, safe beaches, a wealth of attractions and activities and less hedonistic nightlife than in the rest of the country.

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Saint Lucia

St Lucia is the ideal destination for families who want more than just a beautiful beach for their exotic holiday. Both the parents and the kids will surely be welcomed in many of the island’s hotels and the food will please even the pickiest of the taste buds.

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Since the island has coasts on both Caribbean Sea and Atlantic ocean, you will be able to choose between the adventurous surfing-area of the Atlantic or the calming shore of the Caribbean Sea. The destination also offers zip-lining adventures, snorkeling, diving and rainforest hiking.

Nothing like the sun, the beach and a loving family to make the holiday season even more magical. Give it a try!

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Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and style blogger. She is also very passionate about traveling and well-being. Sophia writes in mostly beauty and lifestyle related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle.