Save money travelling with kids

5 Ways to Save Money When Travelling With Kids

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When travelling with kids, it can get a whole lot more expensive. Not only do you have extra people to purchase flights and food for, but even something as simple as finding reasonably priced accommodation is suddenly not so simple anymore.

Travelling with kids involves a whole lot more planning and sometimes a whole lot more money, but there are ways to avoid your family travel becoming too expensive.

save money travelling with kids


1.  Accommodation

For some reason, parts of the world think a family is 2 adults and 2 kids. Anything beyond this and it all becomes overpriced and difficult.

Instead of going for the usual hotel accommodation and having to spend a fortune one a multi-bedroom suite (if you can even get one big enough), consider alternative accommodation.

Consider staying in a holiday home, designed to accommodate a family. It will be roomy and self-contained as an added bonus and often cheaper than multiple hotel rooms.

Kids love anything a little different, so don’t rule out tents, caravans, cabins and dormitory style accommodation along the way.

You may not prefer this style of accommodation, but the kids will see it as a new adventure. This way you can afford multiple tents or cabins if needed at a fraction of the cost of a family hotel room.

Glamping can be a fun point between luxury and camping.

There are also services that allow you to stay in other people’s homes while they are holidaying elsewhere

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2.  Special Offers

A great way to cut costs on family travel is taking up a kids stay free offer. A lot of resort accommodation offers this, particularly in places in the South Pacific, such as Fiji and Vanuatu.

Often the deal includes free meals for kids too, which is yet another big saving while travelling with kids.

Alternatively, you will save a lot by keeping an eye out for special holiday deals for the places you are travelling. You may be able to get a package day significantly cheaper than if you were to arrange it separately.

Last-minute travel is often heavily discounted too.

Personally, I subscribe to a lot of travel deal websites and keep an eye out for specials, even when I’m not planning a trip. You never know when you might find a deal too good to refuse.

3.  Food

Instead of having restaurant food for every meal, buy the ingredients you need to cook for the family instead.

If you have a self-contained apartment, you can put together pretty much anything from the local supermarket, or at the very least, with no kitchen facilities, you can buy bread and meat or salad and put together sandwiches or similar.

Food close to famous landmarks or in the inner city of most destinations will likely be more expensive than if you were to buy your food further away. Keep this in mind when trying to cut costs on eating out when travelling with kids.

4.  Off-Season

Everyone wants to travel when the weather is great, which means summer in every part of the world tends to be popular, unless you are planning a ski holiday, in which case bring on the freezing weather. Peak season holidays are more expensive.

If you are able to, travel during the offseason to save money on your family travel. Not only will it be cheaper for flights and accommodation, but it will also usually mean fewer crowds too. Bonus!

5. Affordable Destinations

Instead of travelling to destinations known for their high price or poor exchange rate, head somewhere that will give you more bang for your buck. When your dollar goes further, you can have a whole lot more fun without worrying about the high price of everything.

If you are planning to fly, be sure to check out our tips on saving money on flights to cut your airfare flights. Airfares add up so fast when you are travelling as a family.

How do you save money when travelling with kids?