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Malaysia Airlines – Family Friendly Airline

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Asia is home to many great airlines, being the perfect central hub to every part of the world. One of these airlines is Malaysia Airlines. Budget-friendly, family-friendly and with some of the best cabin staff in the world!


Airline Background

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) travels to 60 international countries in their network, connecting Asia with the rest of the world.

They have been part of the oneworld global alliance since 2013, amongst some of the world’s top airlines, giving passengers the chance to earn rewards points and member privileges.

Plus last year they commenced a codeshare partnership with Emirates, taking passengers to 150 countries overall across Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

malaysia airlines

Malaysia Airlines has gotten a lot of negative press over recent years, due to some very tragic circumstances with two of their flights. Sadly, this is what comes to mind for many when considering airlines, rather than the fact that Malaysia Airlines is number 31 worldwide on the STARTRAX 2017 World Airline Awards. They may not be top 10, but that’s in the first third of this years top 100 airlines!


Malaysia Airlines is not the most modern airline, however, they do tend to be more budget friendly compared to some of the top airlines on similar routes. You can check out their current rates via Skyscanner.

The cabins appeared clean and well maintained, but are not as spacious as some other airlines with more modern fleets.

For short-haul flights, the economy class legroom is no great concern, however if travelling long haul, it can be a little uncomfortable at times, as was the case for Mr Four Around the World, who is over 6 foot.

However, he managed! This can however mean kids with restless legs may bump the seats in front of them a bit more than on some other airlines and drive the other passengers a little crazy! This wasn’t our experience but we can imagine it could be the case.

In fact, we got lucky at check-in due to the fact that hubby is tall. We offered a bulkhead row just for this very fact on one of our long haul flights from Australia to Europe. This was a great bonus!

Their onboard entertainment was similar to other airlines with a range of recent release movies, television shows and other forms of entertainment to occupy the time.

Malaysia Airlines plane at airport

Service and Staff

The stand out feature for us when flying with Malaysia Airlines was the above and beyond service of the flight attendants. They were incredible. Friendly, chatty and very attentive throughout our flights.

Malaysian Airlines was one of the first international airlines we ever flew with as a couple many years ago and the service stood out back then, just as it did recently travelling with our kids.

The flight attendants were continuously coming around and offering snacks, drinks and other onboard comforts. Nothing seemed like too much effort! And we were stuffed from all the food!

Being seated in the front bulk head seats for one leg, we were seated across from where some of the air attendants were seated for landing and take off and compared to other airlines in our experiences, where they always chat amongst themselves, these lovely ladies were engaged in conversation with passengers, chatting with kids and asking where people were headed, with genuine interest and flowing conversation.

Very welcoming! It is no surprise they have won awards for the best cabin staff in the past!

Malaysia Airlines With Kids

The facilities offered by Malaysia Airlines for families travelling with infants and children are similar to other airlines with the availability of bassinets on board for infants. This needs to be booked in advance and is subject to availability on certain flights only.

If travelling with an infant with no baggage allowance, up to an extra 10kg of baby related items are allowed, including stroller/portacot/car seat etc, at no extra cost.

We found the staff to be friendly, helpful and interactive with kids travelling onboard which made the experience more pleasant, even with the less roomy economy seats.

Stopping Over

If you are travelling long haul with MAS as we did, you may find yourself stopping over at their home airport in Kuala Lumpur. We enjoyed our rather lengthy stopovers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, as there is plenty to do and eat, to fill in the time.

We had around 4-6 hours each time so any longer would have been more of a struggle, however, we were able to fill in out time with some rest, shopping, snacks and a bit of time in the very cool indoor rainforest – a chance to feel some natural air (and humidity) between airports and air-conditioning.

malaysia airport


We would fly Malaysia Airlines in future. Their service was the best of any airline we have had and that makes the long haul flight experience far more enjoyable, plus stopping over in Kuala Lumpur was a nice change, because as much as we love Changi Airport in Singapore, sometimes a change of scenery is very welcome!

Malaysia Airlines is a great budget airline, although if you are very tall you may consider a seat upgrade if flying long haul and concerned about the economy leg room.

If you are staying on in Malaysia or any of the other Southeast Asia countries, make sure you grab our printable checklist:

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Have you flown Malaysia Airlines? Share your experiences in the comments.

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