Feeding kangaroos Bonorong

Feeding Kangaroos in Australia

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If you have been to Australia, you will know one of the must do Australian wildlife experiences here is feeding kangaroos. Almost every Australian zoo or wildlife sanctuary has the option to buy bags of kangaroo pellets. It’s almost a rite of passage for your visit to Australia.

Being Australian ourselves, I couldn’t even estimate the amount of times we’ve been somewhere feeding kangaroos in Australia. It happens at least a couple of times a year easily. But we do love our wildlife encounters so visiting anywhere with animals is high on our list of favourite things to do.

Feeding kangaroos Bonorong

The photo above was taken at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania, not too far outside of Hobart. It’s somewhere well worth visiting, but not flooded with tourists like so many zoos or more tourist based animal sanctuaries. Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary isn’t a zoo. It’s a reserve for injured Tasmanian wildlife, but also features all the usual aussie favourites.

feeding kangaroos

Our favourite place to go for feeding kangaroos close to home is Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. A special place for me as I did my high school work experience there and had a blast feeding all the animals.

The picture above was at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary for Simon’s birthday last year. Even Lily had a go feeding kangaroos. She thought it was great!

Is feeding kangaroos on your bucket list? Or have you already done it?