The Aussie Life: Teaching Kids to Be Eco-Friendly

Australia is a country blessed with beautiful natural landscape and scenic wonders, which makes it the perfect destination to educate eco-friendly kids … fostering a love of the natural environment and a passion for preserving the world for generations to come.

Kate from Travel & Escapes is guest posting and shares some of her favourite places in Australia for fostering an eco-friendly passion through travel.



There are too many environmental challenges in the world today to turn a blind eye. Anyone can make a personal contribution to help the situation by going green, but it is the people with children who can really move a mountain. Generations past may have made a mess of this world, but the future can be wiser than the past.

However, it is not easy getting and keeping them interested in something apparently metaphoric, so the best option is to let them experience nature first hand, let them meet that which they must preserve. This is best done by taking them on field-trips to the Great Outdoors, where their curiosity, gentle hearts, and sense of adventure will let them fall in love with the raw wilderness.

Luckily, Australia is abundant in unspoiled nature and the list of fun family friendly resorts and destinations is long. We give you some suggestions.

Blue mountains eco-friendly kids
Photo credit: Flickr

1.    The Blue Mountains National Park

There is hardly a better place to let your kids run wild for a bit than the Blue Mountains National Park. Only an hour and a half outside of Sydney, spread across 2, 700 km ², the Blue Mountains have it all, from spectacular views to caves and bush land. Book a Blue Mountains tour, and reach the Three Sisters in 30 minutes. Since it is a special place to the Aborigines, you can tell your kids about the cultural heritage of the land itself, and how people once lived in harmony with nature.

Royal botanic gardens sydney eco-friendly kids
Photo credit: Flickr

2.    Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are a true oasis of nature in the center of Sydney and there is a lot to see and explore. They have wonderful herbal, rose and fern gardens to name just a few, a palm grove and many plants form all around the world that you can see here. There is rich wildlife too, so your kids can see a wide selection of birds including cockatoos, starlings, cormorants, ducks, pelicans, ibises and so on. Mammals like the famous flying foxes, bats and possums and a lot of insects, fish, reptiles and spiders also make their home there. The Royal Botanic Gardens are the perfect place for your kids to get close to child-friendly plants and animals and learn how to treat them.

tahune airwalk tasmania eco-friendly kids
Photo credit: Flickr

3.    Tahune Forest AirWalk

One good way to teach your kids to appreciate nature is to show them just how immense, mighty and powerful nature is in comparison to us. Tahune Forest Airwalk, located in Tasmania, will let you see just that – from a bird’s-eye perspective! Tahune Airwalk is a hanging bridge above two mighty rivers – the Huon and the Picton, suspended from the riverbanks. You can feel the power of the living world by merely walking over the two rivers, surrounded by an immense pine forest with spectacular views. There are bike tracks as well, for families with older children and a BMX fixation.

Australia offers many opportunities to get into the wilderness quickly. Wherever you take your kids, teach them the basics about nature, and teach by example. Don’t leave trash behind, don’t tear branches and pick precious flowers, be respectful and protective.


You can also find fellow Aussie Kate over on Facebook or check out lots more travel inspiration on her blog.

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