Hop into our suitcaseAnd come share new adventures with us!

  • This beautiful water fall is at Springbook National Park. It was a few months ago that we visited. It was a great day out with the kids, who surprised us by doing pretty well on some of the shorter walks. There are so many beautiful waterfalls and mountain views of the Gold Coast hinterland. We may be due for another day trip!! #springbrook
  • There’s something pretty special about staying this close to the beach. Going to sleep with the sounds of waves crashing. Enjoying those tranquil views from your balcony. We recently had a long weekend mini break at Sam Simeon Beachfront Apartments in Tugun, in the Gold Coast. It’s a quiet location yet still close enough to the popular Gold Coast attractions. Click the link in our bio to come read our full review on our stay #sansimeontugun
  • Hot days and sneaky mid week pool visits! It was another really hot one here in Brisbane so we had an after school visit to the in laws for a swim. This is serious business and requires googles apparently! 🤷🏻‍♀️ The water was perfection!! ☀️
  • 39 degrees Celsius here in Brisbane today!! I would much rather be in one of these hammocks on Las Caletas again! What’s the weather like where you are? #aussiespring #dreamingofmexico
  • Our first trip to Mexico was in April this year where we got to experience the beautiful Puerto Vallarta & our incredible day trip to Las Caletas. Mexico was a place I would love to return to with glorious food & those beaches 🙌🏻 all going to plan, it may be time for a return trip in May to experience Cabo San Lucas. So excited!! What’s your favourite part of Mexico?
  • November is here which means beach days are coming soon! If it wasn’t for school and work, maybe we’d be at the beach right now 😉 and you can’t really go wrong with the Gold Coast for all their glorious beaches! This snap was from a recent beach mini break ☀️
  • Got those holiday planning feels going on! Nashville was my last overseas trip a couple of months back and it was a solo trip for work, so other than some local mini breaks, there haven’t been any big family trips for a while. Time to start planning some options for 2019!! Where is your next big trip taking you?
  • Feels like summer one day, autumn the next! Today is a glorious spring day though and nothing but blue skies ☀️