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Holiday With the Family in Broome in the ‘Green Season’

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Have you ever considered visiting Broome in the wet season? Many don’t, but we have a great guest post from someone in the know about why you should consider Broome for your next family holiday destination.

It has always been amazing to me that visitors shy away from Broome in the wet season months of November to March.

Sure, the weather is warm, hot and humid, and yes it does rain sometimes and there can be sensational thunderstorms that scurry past bringing cooler breezes and lightening shows that are to be seen to be believed, and every few years a cyclone* may whizz down the coast.

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But with fewer tourists in Broome in the wet season, chilled resort swimming pools and air-conditioned, spacious accommodation, it really is a perfect destination for families to spend some time together and reconnect after a busy year – and with minimal distraction.

It is also a good time to take advantage of some excellent accommodation rates with discounted rooms and stay/pay offers.

Plus it’s cheaper to hire a small vehicle for tripping around town.

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If you feel the need for some activity after spending a few days lazing around a refreshingly cooled swimming pool, there are a range of tours that operate during the summer months that all the family can enjoy.

We recommend zooming across Roebuck Bay in an air-conditioned hovercraft to inspect ancient dinosaur footprints, a family kayak adventure where no experience is required, a guided Harley Trike tour of Broome’s iconic sites, learn the history of pearling in an air-conditioned ‘tender’ store, saunter along Cable Beach while the sun sets into the Indian Ocean, or if the rain is chucking it down, take in the latest movie at Broome’s indoor cinema.

Camel Rides Broome - Best Of The Kimberley

We will be honest and say that swimming at Cable Beach from December to April is not recommended unless you wear a ‘stinger suit’ – which is a head to toe Lycra bodysuit – but the water temperature is so warm that cooling off in a cooled resort pool is more inviting anyway.

Although you won’t want to miss your chance to stroll along what is considered one of the best beaches in Western Australia!

A morning or sunset stroll on the beach is definitely worth the effort. The whole family can take photos on their phones, tablets or even buy the kids a camera and see the results. With such amazing wet season skies, you will not be disappointed.

If there is a shower of rain the children will marvel at the gorgeous green tree frogs that hang out in the tropical vegetation around your accommodation.

And, have you forgotten how much fun it is to jump into puddles – especially when the rainwater is warm?

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Broome’s Town Beach, is a favourite summer place of the Broome locals.

With magnificent views across Roebuck Bay – especially if there are massive storm clouds building many miles away – there is also a wonderful water park for the children to cool off in, picnic tables, BBQ’s and shade where you can take a picnic and enjoy the coastal breeze.

Broome in the summer months really offers a wonderfully relaxing way to recharge your batteries and to spend some time together as a family in a relaxed environment. With holiday accommodation much quieter than in the busy winter months, just chilling out together might just be the tonic you need.

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* Since 1910 there have been only 22 cyclones that have caused gale-force winds at Broome.

That equates to about one every four years although the frequency has been less in recent times, there being only two cyclones from 1990 to 2004. (Source: Bureau of Meteorology)

Author Bio: This article was written by Rosemary McGuigan, the owner and operator of Best Of The Kimberley, the holiday and tour planning specialists in Broome, Western Australia. Rosemary helps many families year after year plan holidays in and around Broome. It’s the perfect Australian holiday destination for all ages!

Time to start planning your trip to Broome in the wet season.