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Our Best places to travel 2019

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Every year we love putting top destinations hit list with the places we are scoping for the year ahead, so of course 2019 is no different! We are always on the lookout for somewhere we’ve never been to explore or some old favourites to create new memories.

Our best places to travel 2019 features a mix of destinations in Australia, Asia, North and Central America, and Europe to give you a selection of incredible destinations worth visiting!

The last couple of years have seen us back and forth to North America and surrounds quite a bit, so 2019 seems like a good year to get back to Asia and enjoy some family friendly destinations together.

So without further ado, here are our best places to travel 2019 and no particular order!

Our Best places to travel 2019


Stradbroke Island, Australia

Australia is full of beautiful beaches and blue oceans, and of course being the world’s largest island means there are plenty of smaller ones that make up this great continent too.

One of those is Stradbroke Island, located off the coast of Queensland.

Stradbroke Island is a popular beach camping destination in Australia. It is accessible by barge and consists of North and South Stradbroke Islands. There is plenty to see and do in Straddie, with water sports, fishing, sand dune surfing and 4WDing.

We are usually the glamping or hotel travelling type, but it’s time we gave the kids an authentic camping experience with the extended family!

If you aren’t the camping type, there are hotels, cabins and backpackers accommodation on the islands too. No need to rough it if you prefer the modern comforts like we usually do!

Best destinations for 2019

Our last visit to Stradbroke Island was years ago, before we had our kids, when I surprised Simon with a seaplane tour from the Gold Coast to Straddy, for a day on the island with lunch and entertainment. So much fun!

We saw a goanna running up a tree and got to feed the kangaroos after our beach BBQ lunch.

Find accommodation for North Stradbroke Island.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas in Los Cabos is a well-known resort destination on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. It has some glorious beaches, plenty of water-based entertainment and an active nightlife.

It is also a perfect destination to check out some gorgeous natural scenery with a daytrip to El Arco and Playa del Amor – Lover’s Beach.

This is a great destination for a mum and dad escape, or take the kids and enjoy the family focused activities and facilities offered by many of the larger resorts.

Our Best places to travel 2019

We have plans to stay at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort during our Cabo San Lucas parent’s trip. This is actually another work related perk, back to Mexico for a second year in a row, but I’m not complaining.

They had me at all inclusive resort!

And since it is a bit of a whirlwind trip across the world in less than a week, it’s easier to leave the kids behind for this one. That jet lag coming back is always a bit of a killer!

I can’t wait to get back to Mexico and enjoy the flavours and dishes they are so famous for. I have been craving guacamole since our last Mexico trip last. OMG so good! There’s a lot to love about Mexico!

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Bundaberg, Australia

While we have had a couple of trips up north Queensland now, heading right up to Cairns and Townsville, and a few trips to central Queensland in Mackay, we have never been to Bundaberg.

Bundaberg is probably most famous for its rum distillery – Bundaberg Rum is an iconic Aussie brand. Aside from that, Bundy is a river town close to the coast of Queensland offering modern developments mixed with that country town vibe.

kids on beach in bundaberg

It is also close to plenty of other small towns and central Queensland highlights for an off the beaten track road trip getaway.

My parents have made their home base Childers, since becoming full time travellers, as they have a great place to park up the bus between trips. It is around 45 minutes from Bundaberg and they have fallen in love with the region and all it has to offer so it is time we got up there and experienced it.

Find accommodation for Bundaberg.

Update: Check out our top things to do in Bundaberg after our visit in April

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand has been a place we have considered a few times over the years but just haven’t quite gotten there yet so this year sounds like the perfect chance to check it off the list.

While we would love to see a few different parts of Thailand, we may focus most of our time around a visit to Phuket, unless time permits us to explore further.

Our Best places to travel 2019

Phuket is known for great food, cheap stays and shopping, and beautiful scenery, from beaches to rainforests, mountains and fancy hotels. You can enjoy a luxury holiday for less, plus Phuket has plenty for kids and families to enjoy too!

Our plan is a family friendly resort stay with plenty of kid friendly fun, so we can recharge the batteries a bit mid year.

We are planning our trip during the June/July school holidays so it would be winter back home, but Thailand has pretty consistently warm temperatures all year round. Perfect!!

Find accommodation for Phuket.

Phuket is not the only place on our list to see when in Thailand! Chiang Mai is another kid friendly city that we have been hoping to get to as well.

Check out this Chaing Mai with kids guide for some great travel tips on making the most of your Thailand adventures!

Plus make your planning easier with the ultimate 3 day Chiang Mai itinerary.

Las Vegas, USA

Viva Las Vegas… where everything is bigger and brighter. Head to Vegas for a 24/7 party city, with some of the best casinos in the world, massive shows and concerts, plus a whole lot more.

Vegas is not traditionally a family travel destination, however there is plenty to see if you do take the kids, like a circus performance or a day trip to the not so distant Grand Canyon.

There are even hotels with theme park rides, so the kids won’t get bored if you are travelling as a family.

If not, enjoy your chance to play the slots… or take on some bigger challenges at some of the gaming tables. We aren’t big on gambling so it is definitely more the vibe of the city that appeals.

Our Best places to travel 2019

Some friends recently visited and I will admit, I was stunned to see a replicated Venice, complete with canals and gondolas inside a resort. Crazy and that crazy is the very reason I can’t wait to visit!

There are a lot of places to stay in Vegas, at largely varying price points. You can stay somewhere fancy and iconic, or find something a little more affordable.

Personally we usually go to Airbnb as our first point when travelling to big cities with the kids.

Find accommodation for Las Vegas


We have been to Changi Airport a gazillion times over the years… or so it feels. It is the halfway point for so many destinations when we are travelling from Australia to Europe.

Every time we talk about the possibility of having an extended stopover in Singapore, but as yet we haven’t made it happen.

It is so cheap to fly to Singapore these days, and while the accommodation and country itself can be a little more pricey, it still makes for a fairly affordable short break destination.

We are considering a 5-7 days in Singapore, as that seems to be the perfect length of stay according to most people we know who have been. Anything shorter would be exhausting with the 9 hour flight back and forth from Brisbane.

Our Best places to travel 2019

Singapore has so many things to do, from modern architecture, unique entertainment and plenty of fun stuff for families. Visit Sentosa Island for theme park fun, such as Universal Studios.

Singapore is also famous for its zoo, which is a must do experience when visiting the country. Singapore Airlines has routes to Singapore from most parts of the world.

Find accommodation for Singapore.

Wurzburg, Germany

Germany is somewhere we have visited a couple of times in the past and while we have seen a fair bit of this beautiful country, there is still so much more to see. We adore Bavarian Germany and it is definitely a place worth seeing more than once, especially at different times of the year.

The best time of the year to visit Bavaria though is of course December, when the Christmas markets are in full swing and the snow is falling.

Our Best places to travel 2019

Wurzburg is a perfect place to stay in Germany because it is a central hub in the Bavarian region, close to cities such as Frankfurt, Bamburg, Nuremberg and many others. Jump on the train for a day trip to a different winter wonderland every day.

Wurzburg itself is a quaint city, with a castle and fortress, a beautiful bridge and some great places to eat and drink. It is not as popular as many of the other cities either, which means it is cheaper, less hectic and not so touristy.

Find accommodation in Wurzburg.

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And of course, my favourite read going into the new year is always their best in travel yearbook. I hoard these and pull them out when I’m looking for future inspiration.

Those are are our best places to visit in 2019, although you never know what others may end up on that list. There are always plenty of unexpected local adventures within Australia and possibly some surprise international trips too. Here’s hoping!

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What are your top places to travel in 2019? Let us know what trips you have planned in the comments!