Koh Samui with kids

10 Tips for Visiting Koh Samui With Kids

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Koh Samui makes for a perfect travel destination for the whole family regardless of your children’s age. Parents regularly bring their little ones on holiday to this island where everyone can relax and have fun. You can get one of your own Koh Samui rentals along the beach to enjoy privacy or book a five-star resort. Whichever one you choose, everyone will be comfortable, and Thais absolutely love babies.

Here are a few tips for families bringing their kids to Koh Samui.


1. Choose Your Accommodation Carefully

Some of the larger, international hotels have childcare facilities such as kids clubs and nanny services. You can also find high-chairs and strollers, which are unlikely to be present outside of top resorts. The villas and beachside rentals may have more flexibility if you request specific items.

koh sumai with kids

2. Not Every Beach is Suitable for Kids

Every beach on Koh Samui is different, and you can’t take every opinion online as hard fact. After all, each person has different likes and interests.

Essentially, Chaweng Beach gets the most tourists and has a few bars and restaurants with vast numbers of tourists. This may not be the best place for a family day out on the beach if you want space and privacy. Mae Nam and Bo Phut are quieter and more private. Local families tend to come here for the day to build sandcastles and paddle in the gentle warm waves of the sea. However, if you’re here with teenagers, you’ll find a lot of entertainment around Chaweng area.

Another great option for postcard worthy beaches is Koh Lipe, which is a fantastic day trip option from Koh samui or for longer stays.

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3. Avoid the Animal Shows

Various animal shows take place on Koh Samui including ones with either monkeys or elephants. Families may think it’s a good idea to bring their children to see the exotic animals, but they rarely walk away satisfied. Animals in Thailand aren’t really taken care off compared to what you may be familiar with back at home. Some families are even upset by the poor treatment, which means they’re best to avoid.

4. Go to Aquapark

Aquapark, as the name suggests, is a water park. Large inflatable slides and trampolines are just a few of the highlights here. Young kids will love a few hours playing inside the park. And the instructors make everyone wear a life jacket for safety reasons, so you have nothing to worry about while the little ones have the time of their lives on the slides.

5. Visit Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a small island with exceptionally clear water that’s a few minutes away from Koh Samui on the ferry. This attracts people who want to go snorkelling with a full face snorkelling mask and experience the marine life. Equipment is available to rent when you arrive. Families with older kids, especially teenagers, will love a day trip to this island.

Koh Tao with kids

6. Young Kids Will Love the Butterfly Garden

Imagine a small garden with thousands of colourful butterflies fluttering in all directions, and you have the Butterfly Garden. Families visit and learn about the insect’s lifecycle and see displays on the different life stages. The garden itself has pupae, caterpillars, and butterflies. One of the highlights is being swarmed by thousands of the multi-coloured insects.

7. Spend the Day Around the Pool

What kids, or adult for that matter, doesn’t want to spend the day relaxing and swimming in the pool? You can plan to have at least one day of your holiday where all you do is relax. Get the kids an inflatable when they’re in the pool, or you teach the toddlers how to swim. Whatever you decide to do, a day of relaxing is never a bad idea.

Koh Samui with kids

8. Be Careful with Thai Food

Thai food is notorious for being very spicy. Dishes are full of chilli, and even the most innocuous sounding meal may be too hot for the kids to handle. In some of the smaller restaurants, staff may not have a good command of English to understand you want something non-spicy. And even then, non-spicy meals are probably cooked in the same pan giving it a hot aftertaste anyway.

9. Don’t Forget Mosquito Protection

One of the worst things about warm climates is the number of mosquitoes flying around, especially in the evening. You’ll get them biting when you’re at the restaurants or find your worst nightmare has come true: one a mosquito is inside your room. The best way to deal with the monsters is to come prepared. Bring long sleeves to protect your arms when you’re out in the evening and use anti-mosquito spray and other forms of protection.

Koh Samui with kids

10. Remember How Strong the Thai Sun is

Depending on where you come from, you may not consider the sun to be particularly dangerous. Well, in Thailand it is very dangerous if you’re not careful. Exposure for as little as 30 minutes can lead to sunburn and even heat stroke at any time of the year. This also includes overcast days. You should always be mindful when you’re in Koh Samui to avoid the midday heat and to always wear sun protection.

It’s a good idea to buy your own sunscreen and put the bottle in the suitcase. The selection is limited in Thailand, and the ones they do have are costly. Buy sunscreen that has both a high protection factor and is waterproof.

Koh Samui makes a good spot for a family vacation. You can find a range of child-friendly activities and you will have a great trip if you take the time to prepare for Koh Samui with kids.

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10 Tips for visiting Koh Samui with kids

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