What’s In Your Suitcase # 1

We have a new travel blogger series starting up (2 in fact) to share some of the best tips and behind the scenes travel experiences with fellow travel bloggers. What’s in Your Suitcase will feature a different blogger/s each month who are willing to let us see exactly what their luggage looks like, and share some of their best packing tips for travelling the world or closer to home.

Our first guest travel blogger is Bron from Smiths Holiday Road, who is sharing their family travel packing habits for travelling with 3 kids – one of whom is in a wheelchair. When travelling with kids, the less luggage the better and Bron and her family have mastered this!

Carry on luggage only for a family of 5… that’s impressive!





We are an adventurous family of five who love to explore near and far. We are based in Melbourne and our kids are 10,7 and 4. This year we have explored Laos, Penang and Bali and have discovered the freedom of travelling with carry on only luggage. We take 4 bags between the five of us. 2 roller backpacks containing our clothes. We take 3 changes of clothes each and the one we wear on the plane. ( the kids clothes are pictured) all separated into Kathmandu packing cubes. 1 satchel with technology which includes 2 MacBooks and 3 iPads plus a charging station and cables. 1 kids bag with supplies for the plane.

Andrew ( pictured) is in charge of the satchel and a bag, Pepper takes the kids bag and a roller bag while I am in charge of the 2 boys one of which holds my hand and the other uses a wheelchair. We make a great team and thrive on the challenge of exploring new places, meeting new people and proving that we can do it and love it!

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How often do you travel?

We like to travel as often as we can! This year we explored Laos, Penang and Bali as well as adventures in our home state of Victoria, Australia.

What is the number 1 item you can’t travel without?

When we are heading off I always check 5 passports, 5 family members, a credit card and travel insurance!

Where were you heading when you took these pics?

We were heading to Penang for ten days in Malaysia.

What travel plans do you have in the next 6 months?

We have 2 flights booked for April and June and I am working on a plan to join it together! stay tuned!

Connect with Smiths Holiday Road online via their blog, instagram or Facebook.

Stay tuned next month for the next in the What’s in Your Suitcase series and learn more travel blogger secrets to packing the perfect suitcase!

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