6 Reasons to Visit Rottnest Island When in Perth

Rottnest Island, nestled just off Perth’s coastline, is Western Australia’s little slice of paradise. It is only a short half hour ferry ride from Fremantle port, so reaching this ethereal destination is a breeze. This family friendly holiday spot is bursting with breathtaking landscapes, including 63 beaches and 20 stunning bays, superb snorkelling, an abundance of wild life, 50 kilometres of roads to explore by bicycle or by foot as well as plenty of memorable activities and adventure. Use an Australian campervan hire to get around comfortably.

Fondly known as WA’s premier island destination, you are spoiled for choice the moment you step off the ferry. From day trips to extended vacations, Rottnest Island is a magical getaway for locals and tourists alike— young, old, and especially great for family adventures with a kaleidoscope of fun and relaxation guaranteed for everyone!

Fun family activities on Rottnest Island primarily involve the ocean and plenty of excitement in the sun including swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, and boating.


1. Pristine Beaches & Stunning Snorkelling Spots

Relax and enjoy white sandy beaches, palm trees, and shimmering blue waters— picture-perfect snorkelling or swimming for the whole family.

The pristine reefs at Parker Point offer a lively underwater landscape with Little Salmon Bay and Salmon Point Lagoon being particularly great for young or inexperienced snorkelers. Kitson Point is ideal for tropical species and corals, and is less crowded than the more well-known spots. Be sure to also check out Mary Cove, Nancy Cove, and Salmon Bay’s western end.

Rottnest island

2. Adrenalin Junkies

Sky diving experience— the ultimate in adrenalin pumping adventure that offers an awesome view of Rottnest Island as you spectacularly fly across her landscape. This is fun unlike anything you have ever experienced before! Children 12 years and up are allowed to tandem skydive with Skydive Geronimo on Rottnest Island as long as they have a parent’s permission – is your family up for it?

Rottnest Island when in perth

3. Slow Down & Relax – Fresh Air & Exercise

Rottnest Island is the ideal destination where you can completely slow down and relax as well as get lots of fresh air and exercise.

There are no cars on the island. Bikes are the main mode of transportation enabling you access to explore all of the gorgeous beaches and landscapes. Be warned as the island is made of hilly sand-dunes, making some treks a challenge for novice or young cyclists. For those that prefer an easier mode of transport, a bus circuits the island at least every hour. It is also easy to get around on foot; there are stunning beaches within an easy ten minute-walk of most accommodations.

4. Tours Galore

* Natural & Cultural History Tour: Learn about the island’s natural and cultural history on a guided bus tour.

* Wildlife Tours: Hop on a boat cruise for some wildlife adventures.

* Snorkelling and/or Dive Tours: Check out one of the fabulous snorkelling/scuba diving tours available including various colourful reefs, lagoons, shipwrecks and offshore dive sites. * A quokka tour will soon have the entire family spotting some quokkas— a marsupial that kind of looks like a rat but is as big as a common cat.

Rottnest Island when in perth
Australian Quokka on rottnest island

5. Your Own Rottnest Island Boating Adventure

Nothing is quite as exciting as planning your own itinerary as you explore the beautiful bays, offshore fishing, and dive sites and stay overnight in sheltered waters away from the main settlements.

6. Rottnest Island Winter Wonderland

It is also a wonderful winter getaway with lots of advantages that the cooler months offer; not forgetting that winter sunshine is common with plenty of crisp, clear blue sky days thanks to Perth’s dry climate. Look forward to:

* No crowds

* Great discount deals, especially during the low season

* Whales that visit between April and October

* Ride out over the salt lakes to the Oliver Hill Guns and tunnels from WW2

* Take in the spectacular views via a tour from the top of the Wadjemup Hill Lighthouse

* Mini-golf, playgrounds & cricket in the middle of the road (no cars)

* And of course, nothing beats sharing some family togetherness time while sipping hot chocolate in a cosy cabin warmed by a log fireplace!

Rest assured; whether you take a day trip or opt to spend a few days or even longer on Rottnest Island— it is simply the perfect family adventure getaway! Everyone will love it!

Author Bio: This article is written by Amy Stutt from Skydive Geronimo – the first and only skydiving experience available on Rottnest Island in 2016, not to mention the only island skydive adventure in WA!

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