Travel Bloggers Tell #2

Hearing the travel stories, tips and experiences of fellow travel bloggers is something I love! Each have so many unique stories to tell and perspectives that differ from anyone else, even when referring to the same destination. We each see, feel and experience a new destination differently, so in our second edition of Travel Bloggers Tell, we share travel favourites!



When you have a passion for travel, your list of places to see is pretty huge. There are places you have wanted to see for as long as you can remember, and others that end up being surprising gems that you could easily return to again and again. But there are always the ones that stand out as extra special.

For us, the answers would vary. For Simon, Poland would be at the top of the list since that is his heritage and he is proud to be of Polish background. Plus we’ve had some pretty amazing family experiences there, including our one and only white Christmas in Zakopane.

14 reasons you need to visit Poland

For me, our recent holiday to Vietnam was a big stand out, despite my love of Europe. Hoi An in Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places we have visited. It looks like something from a painting… plus there is amazing cheap shopping. A girls dream come true, right? Plus just this year, the experience of Croatia shot right to the top of that list of favourites, with vibrant blue water and the history. But closer to home, we both love Tasmania. See… tough decision!

House Verde Dubrovnik Accommodation

We asked fellow travel bloggers what their favourite travel destination is so far. A big ask because let’s face it… most of us have several and narrowing it down can be almost impossible.

Check out their favourite destinations below:

Mum on the Move – It’s hard to choose one as every time I return from a trip I want to go straight back! But one of our favourite family holiday destinations would be Northern Queensland in Australia. There is so much to do there with the kids, and it’s easy to combine something adventurous like rainforest trekking or snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef with chilling on the beach or by the pool. Plus my kids love feeding kangaroos and wallabies, so they were in heaven!

Stacey from Dufflebag Spouse – I could never pick one favorite destination, but one place stand out in my mind every time I think about packing my bags—Paris. It’s the first city I fell completely head of heels in love.

I’ve been taking pictures of Paris all my life, long before I got a camera—long before I saw it for the first time. The Louvre, Notre Dame, the Arch de Triomphe, the Musee d’Orsay, and the Eiffel Tower are all images that have been entrenched in my mind’s eye.

I felt pulses of anxious energy run down my spine as we strolled along the Seine and down the Champs-Elysees and up to Montmartre. I had visible goose bumps while we ate in the quaint cafes of the Latin Quarter and Saint Germain-des-Pres. I giggled like a silly schoolgirl while being ogled by a creepy old man in tweed on the metro. I sat in quiet reverence while visiting Oscar Wilde at Pere Lachaise. And on the final evening, we took a moonlit cruise down the Seine that I knew I’d never forget.

Ernest Hemingway called Paris a “movable feast,” and I have to say I totally agree. Paris is the number one visited city in the world for good reason. They come for the love of art and history, because they love food, culture and to shop. They come for the love they have, the love they want or the love they lost. They come because Paris is for lovers— period.



As a passionate memory keeper and sentimentalist, I am all about recording and reminiscing those memorable experiences and travel comes with so many of the memories worth reliving. In fact, it’s such an essential part of our travel experience that we even have a fortnightly travel link up focused on sharing the stories behind the photographs.

I would have to say one of our most memorable travel experiences so far has been our white Christmas spent in Zakopane in Poland back in 2008, along with the crazy fun New Years’ Eve celebration that followed. We spent about 8 days in Zakopane in between other destinations in Poland and beyond. We met other friends there and all shared a massive private home so we could enjoy our ‘homemade’ Christmas feast.

Things to do in Zakopane

Coming from a country such as Australia, and especially being from Queensland, we don’t see much snow. Actually, my first snow was the week before Christmas in Paris. So spending our Christmas afternoon running around in the snow like big kids was a total blast and a memory that will always stay with us.

And the responses from a couple of fellow travel bloggers:

Stacey from duffelbagspouse tells of their 2015 Thailand trip. “The blue water around Phuket, Thailand shimmered like stain glass, a watery window into a silent world where tiny blue and yellow striped fish swam just beyond my fingertips. The powdery, white sand felt like satin under my feet, a whisper soft breeze danced with the light fabric of my sarong. And the sky overhead, yet another shade of blue, with puffs of wafer thin clouds lazily drifting to and fro, was the best movie I had seen in years.”

Mum on the Move – We spent Easter this year in Guilin, China. It was our first family holiday that hadn’t really been about the kids – it was a dream of mine to go to Guilin and they were just there for the ride really. It was a bit of a gamble, as we took a 5-hour boat ride one day and went hiking up rice paddies the next and I had no idea how the kids would cope. But we had an amazing time, and my 4-year old even asked to go bamboo rafting. It was that moment that I realized we could return to more adventurous family holidays and was quite a turning point for us – our next holiday we took them on a farming and fishing adventure day in Hoi An, Vietnam and next up we are taking them to Hanoi and Luang Prabang!


Share your favourite destination and travel moment in the comments too!

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