Top 10 Posts of 2015

The new year is only hours from arrival… depending on where in the world you are and with a new year comes the opportunity for new adventures. We have some exciting travels planned in 2016, which we cannot wait to share with you all along the way.

But for now, we are reflecting back on the year that has been… well in the case of Four Around the World, to the past 5 months since that’s how old the blog is. We wanted to share with you our top 10 posts since our launch in July.

Before we do, a huge thank you to everyone who has visited, commented, or read our posts. We are grateful for every one of you and enjoy hearing your stories too. Looking forward to connecting with you all again in 2016!

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TOP 10 POSTS OF 2015

1 – 6 Must Do Paris Experiences – Paris is one of those places that most people love but when it comes to recommended the top places to visit, the opinions are varied in an extreme way. This top 6 is in no way exhaustive and depending on who you are travelling with, we may have different recommendations, but each of these are well worth the time… most for the views, some for the tastes and all for the experience.

2 – 10 Best Places to Stay in Paris – This was a collaboration with Hotels Combined inclusive of their top 10 accommodation during 2015. All those bookings mean they must be onto a good thing and I know there were a few I would love to stay next visit.

3 – 17 Ways to Save Money on Flights – Travelling minus the huge costs is a huge focus for us. We like to keep our travel costs down while still enjoying some of the luxuries on the road. Flights are usually the most hefty part of travel, so these tips to save money on flights were not surprisingly popular.

4 – 10 Best Day Trips From Brisbane – Brisbane in Australia is our nearest capital city so we have seen a lot of the surrounding area. There are some amazing places within day trip distance from Brisbane and these are some of our favourites. I see a part 2 of Brisbane day trips coming up in 2016 though.

5 – 10 Tips for Reducing Jet Lag – Jet lag almost ruined my first overseas trip for the first several days as I could hardly keep my eyes open. Falling asleep on a Seine River Cruise or during an amazing French dinner. Yeah, it was bad but not anymore. I have worked out the tricks that allows me to travel jet lag free!

6 – One Day in Venice: Our Itinerary – While 1 day in Venice is never enough, that was pretty much all we had and we made the most of our 24 hours in this beautiful and memorable floating city. I can’t wait to go back and extend our time in Venice.

7 – 6 Cliche Travel Experiences You Shouldn’t Avoid – Cliche for a reason because they actually rock. Some of our favourite popular tourist experiences around the world that we would be happy to do again.

8 – 10 Things to do While Waiting in Line With Kids – Waiting in line at attractions can be a major downer during travel, especially if travelling with kids and having them get bored and restless. These 10 ideas can help make that wait time go faster by having a little fun while you queue.

9 – The Must Try Food in Poland – Marrying into a Polish family means Polish food is something often on our menu back home in Australia, but we love eating it in Poland too. I could totally go a plate of pierogi right now!

10 – 5 Best Places to Visit in Poland – We love Poland, again for the obvious reason of it being Simon’s heritage and these are our favourite places to visit when there. We are heading back in August to half of these destinations again. Cannot wait!

There seems to be a pattern of number posts being popular but apparently people love lists, so it isn’t surprising. I love writing lists too.

Now in 2015, what will you see from our family of 4? You will hear more of our adventures past and present, with our exciting 2016 travel plans kicking in later in the year. We also plan to share more collaborative blogger share posts featuring our favourite fellow travel bloggers, and there will be the return of the Snapshot Story link up as a monthly linky party instead of fortnightly.

And with any luck, i will finally get Simon organised to write his first blog post since it has already been 5 months and he has gotten away without doing any of the work!

Wishing you a wonderful 2016!

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