3 Things to do in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs

While world travel is an experience that cannot be rivalled, not all of us can pack up and trip around the world full time. Luckily there is plenty of adventure to be found close to home and for us, close to home happens to be the western suburbs of Brisbane, around Ipswich.

Brisbane’s western suburbs are fast growing, becoming a massive community in its own right, with parklands and attractions popping up all the time to meet the demand of the growing region. While less than an hour from Brisbane city, there is an abundance of great family-friendly activities and day trips on offer to us, however some of these are much closer to home and are proven favourites with our family and friends.

3 Things to do in Brisbane's Western Suburbs

3 Things to do in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs

Since becoming parents, our focus has been on finding local destinations that are kid-friendly and fun for all of us, and luckily we have hit the jackpot with some of the great things to do in Ipswich, that not only keep our toddler entertained, but also give us a place we can enjoy also as a family. We are big fans of getting outdoors and having a picnic or just enjoying the space and fresh air for a while.

Here are 3 of our favourites:

1. Queen’s Park

This one was always going to be top of our list as it’s a place we visit often because it is three-fold in family fun and entertainment. Queen’s Park is the home of one of the largest and most well known parks in the ipswich region.

3 Things to do in Brisbane's Western Suburbs
She does love the slide!

The park has been around for as long as I can remember, as it was a place my parents took my siblings and I as kids also. In fact, it was the first park developed in Queensland, designed back in 1862 and remaining a family favourite ever since.

The park has undergone many upgrades over the years, changing with the times to suit the dynamic interests of children and families, with modern play equipment, extensive open spaces and natural bushland and gardens. There is playground equipment to suit both younger and older kids, along with some water features and a wheel chair swing.

3 Things to do in Brisbane's Western Suburbs
Big kid slides – or parent-friendly ones

There is so much to do when visiting Queen’s Park, easily filing a full day if you wanted to. The visitor centre offers a great educational opportunity for children and adults alike and Queen’s Park Cafe offers delicious meals, plenty of tables for dining and more than enough high chairs to cater smaller guests. The staff are welcoming and take great pride in providing quality food and diverse menu options, situated right next to the playground area. Our typical park visit always ends with lunch or refreshments at the cafe.

2. Ipswich Nature Centre

When visiting Queen’s Park, why not take a quick walk across the road and enjoy what is on offer at the Ipswich Nature Centre. Featuring a variety of native Australian animals, the Ipswich Nature Centre is the perfect stop for the animal lover, and an easy add on to your trip to Queen’s Park.

3 Things to do in Brisbane's Western Suburbs
Leading Daddy along to find more animals

The nature centre underwent redevelopment a few years ago and now offers a beautifully landscaped attraction where you can view animals within their spacious enclosures, from wallabies to emus, lizards and snakes, as well as the endangered bilby, as well as plenty of other Australian favourites. There is also a walk through bird enclosure and occasional events at the amphitheatre.

3 Things to do in Brisbane's Western Suburbs
Play time for the kangaroos

And the best part – the wildlife centre has free entry (although a gold coin donation is appreciated) and is open 6 days a week. While it may not be as large as surrounding wildlife parks featuring Australian native wildlife around Brisbane, this is a wonderful budget friendly option that will delight all ages. It’s also one of our favourite things to do in ipswich.

3. Robelle Domain

Situated a little closer to Brisbane in the Springfield Lakes area, Robelle Domain is one of the up and coming super parks that are popping up around Brisbane and surrounds.

Opened several years ago now, Robelle Domain covers a massive area of land with landscaped gardens, pathways and fountains, treetop walks and a lake. There are several playground areas within the space, and the best part – a mini water park complete with a tipping water bucket and spray jets.

This is extremely popular during the warm weather, which is almost all year round in Queensland. There is also a cafe serving light meals and refreshments.

3 Things to do in Brisbane's Western Suburbs
Making a splash in the water jets

The parklands are a perfect location for a family picnic or BBQ, or head over to the cafe for some light meals and refreshments. We utilise the open spaces for our regular playgroup catch up with friends too, since the kids, no matter how young, enjoy a bit of outdoors time.

Robelle Domain is currently undergoing further expansions which will see the opening of a lagoon attraction which will offer a free swimming location for families, similar to the swimming features at Brisbane’s South Bank. This is due to open late 2015 and set to be a hit during the upcoming summer. More details can be found on their website.

3 Things to do in Brisbane's Western Suburbs

Some other great things to do in Ipswich and the Western Suburbs below:

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There is plenty on offer in Brisbane’s western suburbs around Ipswich for families, from quick park trips to full day activities. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of looking just outside your door to see what great treasures you can find and you never know when you may be in the area and looking for something exactly like this to do.

* This post is part of the 2015 Kidspot Voices Put Yourself on the Map Challenge, which encourages online creatives to share three family-friendly activities from their corner of the world.

Do you have a favourite local spot you always return to?

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    1. Amazing how many bloggers are from around this area really. Can you believe the workshops museum is one I’ve never been to and I live about a 7 minute drive from it. Tragic really. Waiting for our toddler to get a little older so she will enjoy it more but my parents love it & have taken my nieces and nephews a few times.

  1. Hi Holly, grew up on the northside of Brisbane and have lived in the eastern suburbs (Redlands) since I got married 25 years ago, so I don’t really know the west at all. I *have* heard of Queen’s Park, but not the other two you mentioned. Have to say, I’m jealous, Redlands was sadly lacking in this sort of playgrounds when my kids were little and I don’t think it’s improved much since 🙁 so you are lucky to have such great amenities close by!

    visiting today from #teamIBOT x
    Janet aka Middle Aged Mama recently posted…Our Shopping TraditionMy Profile

    1. Janet, my north side knowledge is much the same. No idea what’s out there but we have seen some amazing kid spots around this area the past few years. Very lucky indeed 🙂

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