Tatra Mountains – Kasprowy Wierch Part 2

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Of all the places we have visited in the world so far, very few compare to the breathtaking scenery of snow capped Tatra Mountains. Before our trip to Poland in 2008, I had never even seen snow, let alone been surrounded in the bright white of snow capped mountains. It really is something else.

A while ago I shared part one of our visit to Kasprowy Wierch, one of the largest of the Tatra Mountains in Poland. Those initial images showed our journey up the mountain. This time I am sharing the view from the top.



kasprowy wierch

If you read our previous post, you would know it was an extremely busy period during the skiing season so we stood in line for 2 hours just to go up. This also meant there was apparently a limit of 2 hours for time spent on top of the mountain, to allow for other people to have the opportunity to visit too, without overloading the cable car… at least I think that was the reason.
kasprowy wierch

The views were spectacular and it really did feel like we were in a whole new world. So much bright white and it was just glorious… and freezing!

kasprowy wierch

We walked up different parts of the mountain to check out the views, and as you can see, the photos give you just some indication of how majestic it is. So high up in the air!

kasprowy wierch

kasprowy wierch

Cuddling helps with the not freezing your butt off when visiting the Tatra Mountains in winter… trust me! kasprowy wierch

kasprowy wierch

kasprowy wierch

Just seeing this image gives you a bit of an idea how popular it was on the day we visited. People visiting for the view, for the skiing or snowboarding, to go hiking up the side. Or a number of other reasons. It was hustle and bustle.

kasprowy wierch

Kasprowy Wierch

But it sure was freezing so for the second half of our visit, us 4 girls on the trip went into the tourist centre where there was a packed food court and warmth. We enjoyed a delicious wood fired pizza between us, while the boys walked up one of the highest peaks for some even better views and photos. Most of these photos are the credit of my husband, since I needed to fill my stomach and defrost! ha

However it really was something memorable and I would gladly visit again and freeze my butt off for 2 hours just waiting in line. Totally worth it. And it has some pretty crazy advanced ski tracks down the side of the mountain too for the more adventurous person!

Poland really is a glorious country to visit, and Kasprowy Wierch is just one of the many reasons to visit. The Tatra Mountains are well worth seeing in person, especially in their snow capped winter state!

Have you visited Poland? Is Kasprowy Wierch on your list?

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  1. great post holly!
    really great beautiful scenery you’ve got. looking more stuffs from u soon

  2. We visited Kasprowy Wierch in July (of 1997! just a few years ago now!) I enjoyed seeing your pictures!

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