Chances are if you have found our family travel blog, you are a fan of travel and adventure just like us. Glad to hear it!

But perhaps you aren’t too sure where to start – after all, there is a huge big wide world out there ready to explore. Narrowing down to just one or a few destinations can be hard work when you want to see them all, but it can be done.

4 Step Method For Making Your Travel Dreams Come True


Where do you start with making your travel a reality? With dreaming big. Where have you always wanted to go? What is the one destination that would be at the top of your bucket list? Dream up your perfect holiday so you have a starting point towards living that dream.


This is the stage where you need to come back to reality for a while and consider the practical sides of your big holiday dreams. Consider budget, timing, travel companions and all of the building blocks of what makes a great travel adventure. Research the destinations, get some quotes and decide on an itinerary that is perfect for you.


Time to lock those details in and make your dream holiday an actual reality. There is no point in getting this far if you don’t take that big leap and lock it in. Your planning stage has already considered the budget and all those less fun details involved so booking it is your first step towards being brave and making some amazing new memories!


It’s dreamed, planned and booked… now all that’s left is to DO IT! Get out there and live that travel dream! Go forth into the big wide world and have fabulous adventures that are worth so much more than the dollar value you invested in them. Be courageous and try new things. Taste the food, drink the beer and live the life you always wanted… at least until your travel comes to an end.

Sounds pretty easy, right? 

For most of us, full time travel may sound amazing but is an unlikely reality, so that’s not to say you can’t make the most of whatever trips you can take, in between leading that normal 9 to 5 life. We do it. We try and take a trip at least every year. Sometimes more, sometimes less. So make the most of those experiences when you can have them and do what you can to build more and more travel time into your life.

Don’t be afraid to travel with kids (or the elderly… or pets… or your garden gnome collection etc). Whatever floats your boat! There are travel solutions out there for everyone!

travel and blogging resources

And to take some of the stress out of that planning, here are some of our favourite travel services and providers that we recommend, as well as a whole heap of blogging resources:



Another big accommodation and flight booking service that compares prices of different hotels and airlines. They have great specials, as well as options for purchasing discount travel insurance, car hire and holiday packages all in one place.


A great comparison of flights, accommodation, holiday packages, cruises and car hire from different providers around the world. Lots of savings and sales to help you save big. Plus if you are Australian, you can earn FlyBuys points towards future travel or shopping.


The world’s largest travel agent – Expedia will help you compare prices for all your travel needs from flights to hotels and everything else in between. Like they also offer a no booking fee service.


If you are wanting to start your own family travel blog… or any blog for that matter, there are plenty of resources to kick off with a bang and even potentially earn cash towards your next travel adventure. After all, there are plenty of digital nomads out there funding their travel adventures completely from the online presence they maintain through blogging or other online services.

WORDPRESS.ORG – Get yourself a self-hosted wordpress site. Unlike which will limit what you can do, or blogspot sites, which you do not actually own the content yourself, will allow you to create a fully customisable blog or website, and add advertising steams, which is not allowed on the free version.

GO DADDY – This is my go to place for buying cheap domain names. They do lots of special deals so keep an eye on your inbox. They also offer website hosting. This was the easy option for me first starting out self-hosted, with a website builder package that includes hosting that is actually extremely cheap, with bonus support.

BLUEHOST – This is one of the most popular options for hosting, used by many bloggers, both professional and hobby based. They offer very affordable hosting options.

MAILCHIMP – This is by far the easiest email management system I have tried, with the service free up to 2000 subscribers and really easy newsletter editing tools.

COSCHEDULE – Seriously amazing plug in that allows you to view your blog post schedule in wordpress in calendar format, as well as drop and dragging post dates instead of having to edit each post individually. Also lets you schedule your social media shares of new and old posts any time in the future. A must have for bloggers to stay organised.

VIRALTAG – If you are looking for a social media scheduling tool that also allows you to schedule Pinterest, ViralTag is a good option. There is plenty of information to show that frequent, spaced out pinning on Pinterest helps grow your following so a worthy investment. And if you use this link, you get $15 credit off your subscription fees. Bonus!

BOARDBOOSTER – Another great option for Pinterest scheduling. This one is really easy to use if you are already a Pinterest user, as it creates secret boards for each of the boards you want utilised for scheduling so you just pin to the secret boards and it will pin them to the actual boards for you during your scheduled time frames. Pin while you sleep. $5 a month for up to 500 pins or for every paid account referred from your referral link, you get $5 credit so it could end up free.

INLINKZ – If you are wanting to build up your traffic or host a special link up event, InLinkz is my preferred link up tool. It allows others to add their links and post image to link up to your website, such as with a special theme or event you are hosting.

BLOG TRACKER & PLANNER – If you are looking for a tool to keep you organised for blogging, be sure to grab my Blog tracker and planner from my Etsy store. Super cheap and it keeps me on top of everything blog related, from traffic & stats, to editorial calendar and tracking income and debits, sponsored posts and advertising.

MOO BUSINESS CARDS – If you plan to start blogging or doing any other form of online or freelance based work for yourself, you should be ready and armed with business cards to give out at any networking events, conferences or even just as a way of making connections with brands and businesses. Moo make great business cards and are very popular with bloggers. And if you use this link, you will get 10% off your first order.

AMAZON ASSOCIATES – One of the most popular affiliate programs in the world, if someone clicks a link to your associates account and purchases from Amazon, you get a commission on the sale.

eBAY – Promote products or services you recommend on eBay to your readers.

SHAREASALE – Affiliate network you can join and link up to relevant advertisers to generate sales from your own blog or website.

CREATIVE LIVE – Creative Live is amazing. A constant stream of educational online courses with a huge range talented and informative presenters. You can watch free live streaming and replays, or purchase for anytime access which includes extra resources. So good!

SECRET BLOGGERS BUSINESS  – I am currently doing the SBB MBA course which is an intermediate bloggers course, completely online to turn your blog into a business. Loving it. So many great resources, support and Kate McKibben is fabulous. There is also a beginners course and lots of great resources.

Hopefully all this information helps you on your way to a life of travel adventures worth remembering and possibly even a blogging life you love… just like ours!

Let us know if there is anything else you want information on and we can add it in.

The Connors Family x

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