A Long Weekend in Auckland

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Living in Australia means most international destinations are quite a distance away, however one destination that is close by is New Zealand. For us living in Queensland, it is closer to fly to New Zealand than it is to fly … Continued

10 Tips For Reducing Jet Lag

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There was once a time when travel meant trying our best to save as much money as possible, by whatever means were available. This meant finding the cheapest flights, within reason. However the problem with cheaper flights is they often … Continued

Catching The Travel Bug

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It was not until 2008 that I had my first overseas travel experience. I was 25 and it had been a long time coming. The dream of one day heading overseas for a holiday had always been there. As a … Continued

The Beginning

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We are the Connors Family – An Aussie adventure-loving family with a passion for family-friendly, affordable travel. Join us as our family of four take on the world, one city at a time, from home-grown favourites to world-wide wonders. We aim … Continued

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