The Magic of the Myer Giftorium

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year and I know I’m not alone in my love of the festive season. There is something very exciting about getting ready for December, and all that follows and since becoming a parent, the Christmas magic is even more special, as you get to see the joy in your children’s eyes too.

Last year we said we would take our daughter into Brisbane and show her the famous Myer Centre Christmas window. We ran out of time before Christmas and missed our opportunity. This year the opportunity came to us when we were given the chance to visit Brisbane for the 2015 opening of the Myer Giftorium opening and Christmas window launch on 10 November.

On arrival, The Myer Centre welcomed us, along with lots of other fellow local bloggers, with a gift bag and a personalised jar of Nutella. The Nutella alone made it worth the visit! Yum… plus what an awesome gift idea. You can actually get these made in store for $12.95 a jar.

myer centre giftorium

We were free to explore the Giftorium after our welcome. We were surrounded by beautiful gift ideas – toys galore, much to the delight of my almost 3 year old, yummy foods and so many cool homewares. I am a huge fan of Myer homewares.

Almost as soon as we started exploring, we found ourselves at the most special place of all inside the Giftorium. Instead of just the usual chair with Santa photos, The Myer Centre have a delightful train ride set up for small children to enjoy, before they get to go through and have their private meeting with Santa.

This is great for kids that want that special one on one time talking to Santa about their wishlist. Unfortunately in our case, our already shy little miss found the small room a bit too intimidating with Santa and his helpers, and no matter how hard we tried, there was no smile. By far the worst attempt at a Santa photo and she has been pretty tough the past 2 years too. Actually, not even Violet smiled and normally she doesn’t stop smiling. Ahh well… a funny photo to look back and see the expressions on their faces.

There were lots of fun areas to entertain the kids. Colouring in, train displays, and the beautifully set up toys and stands. You have the chance to get personalised santa sacks made too, with special embroidery sewing machines set up. A beautiful gift idea. Plus fun things like this giant Toy Story ‘box’ which our daughter Lily had no idea what was happening.

myer giftorium brisbane

We had the chance to do to a little shopping and like most many other parents to young girls, we have a Frozen obsessed daughter who will be ecstatic to open her new singing Elsa doll on her birthday in a couple of weeks. Plus I can’t wait to try out my Brie baker with my new YIAH spice mixes.

myer centre brisbane

Myer giftorium brisbane

Afterwards we made our way down into the Queen Street Mall for the unveiling of this years Christmas Windows. Pretty excited to be amongst the first group to see the window up close – this year the story of the Little Dog.

myer centre christmas window brisbane

Sadly my photos of the windows were horrendous, thanks to carrying a heavy baby and pushing a pram at the time. But take my word for it, they were much better than my photos suggest.

By this time the kids were exhausted but we had a fun morning and were grateful to both Myer and Kids Business for hosting us for the event.

Do you have a special Christmas exhibit in your city you visit each year?

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