Lemonthyme Lodge Wilderness Retreat: A Night near Cradle Mountain

Back in 2012, we visited Tasmania for a babymoon when expecting our first daughter. We were just over the halfway point of our Tasmanian adventure and on our way to spend a night in Cradle Mountain. So many friends had recommended Cradle Mountain as a must see destination in Tassie so we decided to make it a stop over along the way.

We travelled to Cradle Mountain from Straughn, and let me just say, it was a rough ride!

I was 4.5 months pregnant and suffering badly on the windy roads Tasmania is known for. Oh boy! Morning sickness and a history of car induced motion sickness was not pretty. But I won’t go into details!

I had always loved the thought of staying in a treetop cabin amongst nature, so we decided to splurge a little on our night in Cradle Mountain. We booked our stay at Lemonthyme Lodge, after finding in via an online search.

Thankfully our hire car came with a GPS because finding our accommodation was a little tricky. Not that there were a lot of connecting roads in the area, but simply because it was a little hidden. We pulled onto the driveway that would lead us to our Lemonthyme Lodge accommodation and made our way along.

It kept going… and going… and going. Turns out it is an 8km long road rather than a driveway!

We were about to give up, turn around and head back thinking were lost when we finally came to our accommodation. Glad we made it.

Lemonthyme Lodge Wilderness Retreat: A night near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania


Right from the moment you arrive, there is a family owned, homely vibe. And instantly we were in love. Lemonthyme Lodge Wilderness Retreat was beautiful.

There were cabins scattered between the massive trees and greenery. Everything had the wooden cottage vibe about it, including the main building and reception which was also made of wood. It also happens to be the largest treehouse in the southern hemisphere.

Lemonthyme Lodge - Cradle Mountain

There is no mistaking the fact that it was like a whole other world, hidden in the bush and surrounded by so much greenery and wildlife. Sometimes it’s the best thing, to just take some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and surrounds and this was exactly what we were getting at Lemonthyme Lodge Wilderness Retreat.

Lemonthyme Lodge - Cradle Mountain

Lemonthyme Lodge - Cradle Mountain

Lemonthyme Lodge - Cradle Mountain
The walkway to our Lemonthyme Lodge cabin

Lemonthyme Lodge - Cradle Mountain

Our cabin was everything we expected. Spacious, yet cosy with a corner fireplace. It had high wooden ceilings and was exactly what I expected of a cabin in the woods. We only booked one of the basic cabins rather than the luxurious spa rooms, but you can imagine how great a spa room would be in a place like this.

There was a large wooden veranda that looked out into the natural bush surroundings. So tranquil. We even made friends with a magpie who kept popping back for visits. But mostly we just enjoyed spending a bit of time out there and enjoying the cool fresh mountain air.

Lemonthyme Lodge - Cradle Mountain
Inside our cabin – me resting on the couch while my stomach settled

Lemonthyme Lodge - Cradle Mountain

The only negative was the fact that my stomach was still so unsettled from the drive and I had no choice but to chill on the couch for a while before anything else. Normally I’m the first one to suggest exploring when we arrive somewhere new, but it didn’t happen.

There were lots of bush walks surrounding the cabins but morning sickness mixed with a very light misty rain had me content to stay in the cabin. Disappointing but unavoidable unfortunately.

Lemonthyme Lodge - Cradle Mountain

Above you can see some of that extremely long driveway hidden behind the trees. OMG I will never forget that feeling like it wouldn’t end… but it was probably no where near that bad. Just my desperate need to reach our cabin so I could rest my weary morning sickness riddled body.


We booked into the on site restaurant, the Whispering Woods A-la-carte restaurant, for dinner. Our choices were fairly limited though, as the next nearest dining option was quite a drive away. But we were more than happy to dine at the on site restaurant.

Like the cabins, the restaurant was all high wood ceilings and decorated to give it an old fashioned country charm.

The restaurant was a little on the pricy side perhaps, but it was totally worth it. They offered two and three course meals, and looking at the menu on the website now, it does not look too different to when we were there. I remember ordering the Crisp Pork Belly for my mains and it was so good! Not to mention the brownie dessert. Always a winner!

Plus we had the chance to chat to the owner in between courses, which was lovely. We learnt a few things about Lemonthyme Lodge Wilderness Retreat and about Cradle Mountain and Tasmania in general. A really enjoyable and welcoming vibe.


Sadly the next day we checked out and were on the road again for another windy trip to our next destination – Launceston.

We deeply regretted only booking the single night in Cradle Mountain. Not only did we miss the chance to explore the surrounding area around our cabin, but we never even got to see the ‘cradle’. We would be more than happy to stay at Lemonthyme Lodge again and perhaps even splurge a little more on a spa room for a bit of added luxury. Next time for sure!

If you are looking for a secluded and tranquil place to stay, in amongst the natural bushland, with comfortable accommodation and good food, Lemonthyme Lodge Wilderness Retreat is a great option. If you are travelling with kids, the lodge style accommodation would be a great option for family travel, otherwise it is very much the ideal couples retreat.


Lemonthyme Lodge Wilderness Retreat is located near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, around 1 hour from Davonport. It is situated amongst rainforest wilderness and a 30 minute drive from Cradle Mountain National Park.

There are several accommodation types available at Lemonthyme Lodge Wilderness Retreat, including basic cabins like ours or more luxurious spa rooms, with 23 cabins overall. They also have 5 lodge rooms located upstairs in the main building for group travel. All cabins include private bathroom facilities. You can find out more on their website.

Things to Do:

  • Walking trails
  • Mountain bike hire
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Picnics (Lemonthyme Lodge can put together a takeaway lunch hamper for you)
  • TV in main lodge

 Have you ever stayed in a tree house?

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    1. It’s worth it, even with those roads. Although pay no attention to estimates on how long it takes to get somewhere. Or just double it haha beautiful scenery though.

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