Glamping: Getting Close to Nature In Luxury

Camping is not for everyone. In fact, camping has never been our type of holiday, despite being fans of budget family travel. As much as we love holidays where we can get back to nature and enjoy the natural surrounds, we prefer to do this with all the amenities of a hotel or resort stay.

Outdoor shower or toilet… no thanks. Sleeping on uncomfortable inflatable mattresses that mysteriously deflate in the night… nope. Sitting in the dark come nightfall with nothing to see or do… that can be difficult with really small children. Although there are perks too and I can see the fun in these experiences. Maybe one day…

But it’s okay, because there is a non camping equivalent to camping. It’s called GLAMPING!

You might have heard the term, as it has grown in popularity over the past few years. Glamping is definitely a thing these days, and no longer just a joke when referring to hotel stays and luxury accommodation in comparison to pitching a tent under the stars.

Glamping: The luxury alternative to camping



Like camping, glamping gives you the opportunity to get close to nature and stay amongst the beautiful natural scenery and landscape. Places a hotel may not otherwise be available. So you get all the perks of enjoying the wilderness, but with added luxuries that go beyond a simple tent and sleeping bag.

Glamping is an escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities, allowing secluded landscapes. Think mountainscapes, beach front or lakeside locations that help you forget about the world back home. The main difference is, you don’t need to ‘rough it’ when you go glamping.

luxury camping = glamping
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Glamping comes in many forms. Some of them being the height of luxury. Other types of glamping are a lot more budget friendly, still giving you homestyle comforts, but minus the big price tag, all while having the chance to enjoy an eco-friendly escape in the wilderness.

But what is even more exciting is that glamping comes in so many different forms, so you really can find a glamping solution that is perfect for you and your family, or as the perfect romantic getaway.

Glamping can be anything from tented cabins or safari tents, cabins and treehouses, villas, caravans or campervans, and so much more. Think anything that can be converted into a unique accommodation experience in the midst of wonderful natural areas.

Maybe you want an authentic igloo or teepee experience, or want to know what it’s like to spend a night in a converted train. Whatever your style, there is a glamping experience to match somewhere in the world.

Types of glamping
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If you are traditionally a camping regular, you may be wondering why would you switch to what is potentially a more expensive option, minus the parts you actually love about camping. Fair call, but glamping comes in such a range of options that you certainly still get those same back to nature thrills from glamping too. But usually with a more comfortable night sleep, and maybe a real toilet and shower…

On the flipside, if like us you are used to the modern amenities and perks of a hotel or resort stay, you can have some of this too. It all depends on the type of glamping you choose. Some glamping experiences are five star too!


But the main reason to choose glamping over the alternatives is a chance to escape from the craziness of your everyday life/work/stress and get away to somewhere beautiful and scenic with those you cherish. Drag yourself away from the desk and computer, get the kids off the xbox (or leave them with a babysitter) and enjoy taking a trip somewhere memorable.


Most glamping experiences are eco-friendly. They draw on natural resources such as solar power, composting toilets and water tanks, providing also information for those who wants to modernize own house with for example a home composter (find out more in this review of the Garden Tower). They also have far less impact on the surrounding environment compared to a hotel or resort. Plus many glamping experiences make use of existing materials, such as repurposing a cabin or caravan into something wonderful again.

what is glamping
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Adventures Are Plenty

Glamping puts you in locations that are surrounded by potential adventure. Wake with the sun and watch the area come to life. Go hiking or bushwalking, go for an early morning swim or a sunset stroll along the beach. You can create your own adventures when you are surrounded by so much opportunity, and these adventures will be far more memorable than yet another stay in a city hotel, spending your day shopping.

Up Close With Nature

The best reason of all to choose glamping is just the same as camping – being up close and personal with nature. Getting away from it all is the perfect way to recharge and refresh, and being disconnected from all your personal electronic devices is good for the soul. Give yourself a chance to look up and see what surrounds you and remember what really matters in this life.

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Glamping Is For Everyone

There is a glamping experience to suit everyone, whether you are solo travelling, going for a romantic getaway, travelling with kids or having a mega group escape. There will be a glamping option just right for you.

If you are ready to start planning your glamping adventure, visit Glamping Hub for listings all over the world. We are excited to be having our first glamping experience soon thanks to Glamping Hub, so stay tuned for our update soon.

Have you been glamping before?

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  1. I’m not a fan of camping either. It just feels like hard work rather a holiday to me. Glamping is so in right now, I am almost tempted – I was speaking to a friend who had been glamping at Dubbo Zoo and they had the most amazing experience. I’m looking forward to your review!

    1. The Dubbo Zoo experience is on my list too. How amazing to wake up to animals right outside. Also the luxury safari tents in the Northern Territory would be amazing. I agree it’s otherwise too much work though. We have a tiny car and it would not be suitable for camping anyway. Hubby’s car is bigger but out of the question too due to it having a silly body kit on it hahahaha upgrade needed! Glamping it is!

  2. We LOVE camping as a family – our kids are always asking for the next trip but we also love the unique experiences that glamping can offer. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful glamping opportunities here in Australia.

    1. Camping is great for kids. Especially to get them away from technology for a while, but Glamping is easier for us with bub right now. A little more comfortable with really small kids. Either way, lots of fun!

  3. We absolutely love camping! But we also love resort life, and so glamping is that perfect connection of both worlds. We’d love to try it out!

  4. We went glamping once and oh we loved it!!! As you say, a lot of people feel there is no real point to it but I disagree: I love camping because it makes me feel close to nature, but why should that feeling come with lack of comfort? Glamping is my perfect camping experience 🙂

    1. It’s the perfect middle point. Hubby always said he wanted to stay right on the water front soon, so this is a far more budget friendly version too. Can’t get much closer than glamping!

    1. It does get harder when the kids are really young. I’m not sure I’d be willing to go for absolute basics with an under 2 year old. It will still be interesting with our 2 lol

  5. I loved my glamping experience with my kids in Wadi Rum, Jordan. I had never done it before and felt at first like I was cheating, but the beds were like sleeping in a cloud and walking outside to a dark sky filled with shooting stars and the milky way quickly made it one of the best nights I’ve ever had.

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