Three of Europe’s Best Family-Friendly Airports

Airports, in general, have come a long way from simply being entryways for airline passengers to becoming travel monuments that typify all great facets about a city. Furthermore, these landing fields have been somewhat converted into grand establishments that mirror an entertainment, recreation, and transportation venue all rolled into one. And what better way to represent this evolution than by looking at some of the best European airports.

family friendly airports europe

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From Germany’s Munich Airport to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands to the UK’s Gatwick Airport, airline travellers really savour the convenience of passing through these modern day architectural marvels. In more ways than one, these aviation hubs give locals and tourists more reasons to appreciate the city, as well as serve as sort of a welcome mat for them. With that, here are the most well loved features and characteristics of each, as well as the top reasons why these airports are actually considered by many as some of the most beautiful in the world.


family friendly munich airport

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Munich Airport (Germany)

Germany’s Munich Airport is the archetypal establishment that reflects the overall and natural joy of the country. Like many European airports, it also has two terminals with ample parking areas to accommodate the millions of airline passengers every year. This aviation hub even has complementary – and more importantly, stable – wireless LAN for on-the-go travellers, social media devotees, and everyone in between. Munich Airport has plenty of lounges including the Atlantic Lounge and the Europa Lounge. Sleeping in Airports even suggests some ways on how to take advantage of these facilities without breaking the bank. When it comes to food and drinks, amongst the favourites are Leysieffer Restaurant and Café, Edeka Supermarket, and, of course, McDonald’s. Lastly, Munich Airport has an Infinity Wave Pool for visitors to enjoy. It features a state-of-the-art facility perfect for momentary respites before airline travel and even sponsored international surfing competitions.


Gatwick Airport (The UK)

Travel website Panethos refers to Gatwick Airport as the busiest single-use runway in the world. It’s mainly one of the reasons why this famous London aviation hub emphasises the significance of giving tourists the total travel experience. Considering how congestion is synonymous to both Gatwick’s indoor and outdoor facilities, management invested millions – even billions – to improve its amenities. For instance, the airport turned to dependable review aggregators to alleviate the difficulties of finding suitable car bays. As a point of reference, Parking4Less highlights these provisions as the long stay and summer special at the North Terminal, and South’slong stay and long stay plus. In addition, there’s the Park Mark award-winning short stay car park. Inside London Gatwick’s North Terminal, you can make the most of a cosy mini-cinema with a pool table and a soft-play area. Both terminals have the famous No1 Traveller Lounge, a family-oriented hangout spot ideal for large groups of travellers. In terms of satiating your taste buds, North has restaurants such as Jamie’s Italian and Jamie’s Bakery, while South offers a warm fifties-themed bistro called Frankie and Benny’s. Moreover, Gatwick has artworks by Sir Peter Blake to celebrate the excellence and beauty of London.

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (The Netherlands)

The Netherlands certainly has its own method of greeting travellers – starting with its world-famous Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Other than providing an authentic Dutch feast, this European establishment presents samples of some of the world’s best cuisines. There’s Balcony Bar where airline passengers can enjoy a cocktail or two while relishing the view of the departure area. Also, Schiphol has East Bar and Bites, which features mouth-watering sushi and other Asian favourites, as well as a Mediterranean-style restaurant named Café Comunal. As for its rest and leisure facilities, Schiphol underlines a Yotel branch and a casino area. Airline commuters can even hang out on the Panorama Terrace observation deck for a gorgeous vantage point of the airport. Aside from this, Schiphol Airport’s main selling point is still the Rijksmuseum, which is a free museum with a range of Dutch-related paintings and exhibits. The pieces, according to Travel Start, “change regularly, and are generally thematically linked with travelling, business, and the history of Dutch art.”

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