Why Poland Should Be On Your MUST TRAVEL List

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When planning travel through Europe, one country so often overlooked and underestimated is Poland. What many people expect when visiting a country such as Poland is somewhere war torn and somber, still suffering the impact of its tragic past. However this … Continued

White Christmas in Zakopane

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While a white Christmas is very much the way things are year after year for many countries, here in Australia it is all sunshine and sometimes very hot weather. We are more likely to be swimming in the pool or … Continued

5 Best Places to Visit in Poland

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Poland – far more than just great vodka! Poland is one of Europe’s lesser known gems, so rich in culture and history and a country not to be missed. If you love picturesque architecture, medieval cities and typically European town squares, … Continued

Wieliczka Salt Mine

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When spending a few days in Krakow during our Christmas in Poland a few years back, we were sure to put a visit to Wieliczka Salt Mine on the list of must see attractions during our stay. We only had … Continued

The Must Try Food in Poland

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Polish food is a regular in our household since my husband’s family happen to be Polish, however nothing quite compares to feasting on regional favourites and the must try food in Poland while travelling. There is something wonderful about enjoying smoked … Continued