5 Benefits of Babywearing While Travelling

Being from a country like Australia, we are lucky enough that most places have well-maintained footpaths and roads, therefore the use of a pram or stroller is an easy option when out and about with a baby or toddler. However, many countries are without this luxury for various reasons. This is just one of the benefits of babywearing while travelling.


When we were researching our trip to Vietnam last year, one point that popped up was to leave the pram at home as there simply weren’t the accessible footpaths we were used to and it would be more hindrance than help. This threw us a little as we were not the babywearing kind. Our daughter was already 12 months old and would be 14 months by the time we travelled. Where baby carriers even suitable for this age? Yep!

We shopped around and tried a few of the highly recommended carriers that were suitable for our daughter’s age and beyond. For us, the ErgoBaby Original carrier was the winner, as it was comfortable for both myself at 5’5′ and Simon who is over 6 foot. It took a little getting used to, but we were all set for our Vietnam holiday minus our pram. The other carrier we heard rave reviews about was the Manduca Carrier but it just didn’t suit us as well.

We also put our carrier to great use last year for our youngest daughter when travelling to Dubrovnik, Croatia when there are far too many stairs to consider navigating with a stroller!! These days I would choose babywearing over a pram for most international destinations, hands down!

Benefits of babywearing while travelling:

1. More Convenient Than Strollers

Through Europe it can be the case of cobblestone roads that are hard enough pulling a suitcase along let alone giving your child a jolting ride in a pram, while in many Asian countries, footpaths are given priority for motorbike parking and you hardly want to brave pushing a pram out into that crazy traffic that certain Asian destinations are known for. Strapping on your baby instead is far more convenient.

2. Keeps Them Close

There are benefits of babywearing also when it comes to crowds. Most people love babies. They love to look at them, touch them and just get right in there close. This happens a lot less when you have your baby against your chest. We found our daughter still got a lot of attention and hands coming in her direction while in her Ergo, however it was a lot less than if she had been in a front facing expose stroller. Being 14 months, it was not so bad either compared to people touching a young baby.

benefits of babywearing

3. Crowds

Again with the crowds. If you have ever been somewhere crazy busy, like a popular event or function where you have battled to push a pram or stroller through crowds, you will know right away the benefits of baby carriers. It is far easier to make your way through crowded areas when you are one with your little person.

4. Hands Free Travel

With babywearing, your baby or toddler is strapped to your chest or back, so you don’t have to worry about pushing a stroller while also lugging bags and travel accessories. Baby carriers help you to be hands free so you have less to juggle while in transit.

Babywearing benefits

5. Bonding

And while not directly related to travel, the benefits of babywearing are universal from a parent-child bonding perspective. In many international destinations, babywearing is a normal part of everyday life (just like co-sleeping). It helps babies to feel secure and safe while they are close, as well as keeping them snug if you are in a colder destination. Plus you can keep an eye on them, which is reassuring for every parent. Having a baby that feels safe certainly makes the transition of travel a lot easier also.

Ho Chi Minh City

We used our Ergo Carrier throughout our Vietnam holiday, from Saigon to DaNang, Hoi An to Hanoi. We took in turns since it was sweltering hot at times and we found it so easy, although carriers like an Ergo and similar usually need a second person to help strap you in compared to the wrap style babywearing options that are also popular.

Our carrier has already been useful several times since the arrival of our baby Violet now that we are happy babywearers. In fact both girls would drift off to sleep pretty quickly so it even means you don’t have to skip nap time while on the road, just another one of the benefits of babywearing while travelling.

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The Benefits of Babywearing While Travelling

Have you tried babywearing while travelling? Love it or loathe it?

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    1. They really are so comfy compared to other carriers. The newborn to toddler range is great too. Travel lifesaver… Or even out and about near home.

    1. Thanks Monique. When we were shopping around, it was funny how many mums walked past and said ‘Go the Ergo… We have one and love it’, just randomly in the shops as we tried them on.

  1. We love babywearing too and especially so when travelling! Your top 5 would match mine but I also love;

    1. Portability and airports; you can take your carrier through airports and onto planes – super easy and conveniently. I’ve walked many a plane isle with a little person asleep in a stretchy wrap!

    2. Babies and children can self regulate much more effectively in a carrier. When the market or museum or busy bustling city becomes too much they just snuggle in and shut it all out. It was also an awesome way of avoiding some of the (well meaning) touching our chubby, curly blonde haired baby was subjected to in Thailand – people are way less likely to get up close and invade an adults personal space!!

    3. Breastfeeding in public; some countries arent as embracing of public breastfeeding and feeding in a carrier takes away a bit of the awkwardness.

    4. Gives you a few more hours to sightsee; we have a fantastic toddler carrier (a Tula) that we take away with us to help make the inevitable ‘pick me ups’ or ‘my legs are tired’ from our little people who are two big for a pram, a little less bothersome!

    This is a great post!!

    1. Yes yes yes Elizabeth! Exactly. No idea how we would have lugged suitcases to checkin without a hands free child in airports. Although it’s surprising how many still try and touch.

      Thankfully breastfeeding was very well supported in Vietnam. I had so many local women ask me and very excited when I said I was. They said many westerners didn’t anymore. Interesting to hear their observations.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment.

  2. I found the Ergo was great for plane travel but my LO and I overheat in it quite quickly. We got ourselves a baby backpack carrier and the little guy LOVES it. We tried travelling to Bali with a cheap stroller but the LO was out of it before immigration. We used the backpack for the next trip and he stayed in it until the gate where we checked it in. I even use it now when I’m supermarket shopping. LOL. We get a few raised eyebrows. But at least he stays in it – not like the pram or the trolley.
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    1. The Ergo can be hot. I forgot that the first time I wore it with my new bub and we both got a bit overheated at an expo but she is very content otherwise. All that padding. But a comfy fit and no escaping like the stroller lol

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